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On The Search For The Perfect Retro Bathing Suit: Part 3



LADIES!! It’s that time of the year again… MY ANNUAL! And by that, I mean my annual retro bathing suit hunt! If you are one of the many homegirls trying to find that special vintage swimsuit for the upcoming Sean Kingston season, you’ve come to the right place! I have lurked up and down and all around to find the cutest suits so hopefully I can be of service. BTW, have you come to terms with the fact that I will always correlate summer/piña coladas/sunbathing/tropical/desert getaways with the sweet melodies of Sean Kingston’s music?! Just be lucky you don’t have to hang out with me in the real life where “Take You There” sneaks up in a Blondie mix while we are driving or I regularly greet you with a “Wata Gwan!”

ANYWAY, let’s get down to business already. As you can see our style icon this year is none other than ANNETTE FUNICELLO! When I was a mini-Rie-Rie, I LOVED the Beach Party movies of the 60’s with Frankie and Annette. Especially Back to the Beach! Annette is just so charming and fun…and not to mention, brunette! Trying to mix things up from the blonde babes I chose the past couple of years. Sidenote: I need this record of hers right away!!!


Alright, enough with these sidetracks of life! Let’s get to the suits!


One new thing I noticed on my hunt this year was that there was quite an amount of patterned suits. From flowers to tiki, and plaid to polkadots, we have a good variety of prints to choose from. I adore this Esther Williams Lotus Garden suit from Dillinger Ink. The bright colors just pop against the black. Imagine a giant-rimmed sunhat and HUGE sunglasses with that. FABULOUS. If you want to get those summer hunks to see spots, the Jantzen Vamp Blue Polka Dot Suit is especially darling because it has that eyelet trim on the bust. You can get that at Popina Swimwear.


Every year I have to find the best nautical suit! I kept seeing the cute ones from last year until I found this adorable one by What Katie Did on Mio Destino. The details are sharp, the cut looks flattering, and it also comes in a two-piece! I love how it really looks uniformy. I would serve some sailors more than just refreshing drinks in that lil’ numba. WINK. HALLOW FLEET WEEK.


Turquoise is my all-time favorite choice for a solid color bathing suit. It’s a shade that can look great on almost everybody! This Venetian Blondes Turquoise Blue suit by Broad Minded Clothing is beautiful. From Babygirl Boutique.

animal instinct

Animal prints are another classic choice. Get your leopard on with this 50s Leopard L’amore halter style bathing suit from Lolita Girl Clothing. If you remember, that is where I had found my #1 leopard print choice for last year’s search! This L’amore suit is actually a two-piece. The zebra style is hot too! It’s an Esther Williams one-piece that you can find over at Dillinger Ink.


Red and white, candy cane stripes are my top choice for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! This is the Double Cutie Retro two-piece swimsuit from Lady K available at Get Go Retro. I am in LOVE!!!


The classic Esther Williams swimsuit also comes in a nice blue belbets color. I love me some blue belbets. It’s so classy and swank. No wonder they styled it with those gloves! You can have a tea party by the pool in that suit! Available at Mod Cloth.


Oooh la la! Now you can look like a walking vintage Barbie!! You better have the right kind of boob game to sport this lil’ number but if you can pull it off without looking like the mayor of Sagtown….MORE POWER TO YOU MY SEXY SISTA! This shit is CUTE!!! Heads will turn FO SHO. From Get Go Retro.

Tell me what you think of these! ALSO: No flip flops allowed when you wear these if possible. I want to see you in a sexy wedge or a practical, by-the-pool high heel. If you are on the beach I think a nice cork-heeled wedge will do. Am I going to have to do a separate footwear post for this? You tell me. Actually scratch that, I WILL ’cause I don’t know if I trust you…And don’t even try to trick me with some sort of compromise. Meaning: NO PLATFORM FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Sorry if I’m being harsh but this is for your own good. OK. Now, let’s do the twist:

Oh look, I made you this mini-mix too! It gets me even more in ~the mood.~ Tell me if you like it! I’ll be back with the shoe post tomorrow. DON’T MOVE.

♥ Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums ♥
♥ When I’m With You – Best Coast ♥
♥ Swim – Surfer Blood ♥
♥ When I’m Gone – Vivian Girls ♥
♥ Feel It All Around – Washed Out ♥
♥ So Bored – Wavves ♥

Beach Blanket Bingo by agentlover


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