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I always look forward to what THEE GODDESS Rossella Jardini has in store for us each season, especially for Moschino Cheap and Chic. Their 2010 Fall collection was centered around the different types of women who would visit a hotel, to promote the beautiful Maison Moschino which recently opened this month in Milan. I don’t know about you but when I arrive at my own four-star resort destination (Motel 6), my top is already halfway off, my tights are ripped and I have the inevitable red lipstick-smeared clownface, so I can only DREAM of looking this classy. Aiiii! JUST PLAYINGS MOM.

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I usually don’t go for cat-eared types of things..reminds me of Hot Topic hoodies from 2001, but THIS kind of look is too cute for words…(even if that big jungle neck bush scares me, but just a tad.)

moschino cheap and chic fall 2010
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moschino cheap and chic fall 2010
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I obviously love french maid anything and everything!!!

oui oui
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These were actually looks from the Pre-Fall collection. I love this multi-tiered ruffle coat!

gimme dat coat



Now onto the Maison Moschino!!! Each room was based on a fairy tale, so the decor took on the highest level of whimsy possible. Before I’d fall asleep in this gorgeous velvet (belbet) bed, I’d try to jump inside of that dress and do some sort of Lily Tomlin,“Edith Ann”-style skit for you…

Ballgown Room Maison Moschino
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Lay me down on a bed of roses! Would you choose Christian Slater or Jon Bon Jovi? Take your pick ple and report back to me.

bed of roses
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I want to go to the sweet room! Should I make a Cake Hat chandelier?

Maison Moschino Chandelier Sweet Room
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Maison Moschino Dessert Cushions
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Susie Bubble was invited to visit the hotel during Milan Fashion Week and she has some great photos including this one of the heart-shaped door lock…

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Okay if you know me well you know I am fainting over that. I want everything like this, Tia Rossella. HEART-SHAPE MY LIFE. I’ll take a heart-shaped lightbulb, heart-shaped toilet seat, heart-shaped Q-tip, heart-shaped bottle of water and some heart-shaped contact lenses so you can literally see the hearts flying out of my eyes. It’s those cute little details that always make me swoon over Moschino. Check out Susie’s post for more photos of the tour she took at Maison Moschino.