80’s faux fur coat – gift from Emi,Tracy Feith for Target dress, pink and white flocked Docs, sunglasses from wild planet


This is my casual and comfortable outfit of choice for a Sunday spent dog-walking, thrifting and avocado sangwich-eating. I’m attempting to get out of my winter wear which consists of black, black and black, motorcycle jackets and suede boots. Because it’s still chilly and a little rainy, I can’t forgo the tights just yet, but I’m vowing to get all my spring gear out now to help coax the warm weather out of hiding. It’s time to get femme up in here. My winter butch phase must be put on PAUSE!!! Sorry if that is upsetting, but here’s a picture of me wearing a motorcycle helmet to turn you on in the meantime.


In addition to changing up my wardrobe to welcome SPRING, I must also trade my dark winter music for some sweet spring-y tunes. Sorry Danzig, you have gotsta go. I will miss you my Dark Master, but it’s about that time of the season to increase my intake of Blondie, Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura. And a LOT of yeye and 60’s girl groups. Expect a good spring mix soon! And after that…a Freestyle Summer sequel! LUV EWE.

I’ve been listening to this song over and over. You recognize it from Wu-Tang? So good but so sad. It’s ok if you cry. I will hold chu.

Wendy Rene – After Laughter (Comes Tears)