sailor girl

I’m backed up (SICK) on blog posts (the yooj) so I’m slooowly going to be rolling them out…taking them off my drafts one by one, like a striptease. We can pretend they are going through “post-post-production”. It’s depressing to look at these pictures from a brunch party we had at my friend Leyla’s a few weeks ago because the weather has gone completely to shit since then and I have traded in my dear Polly’s and bare legs for tights, boots and scarves. I guess that isn’t bad style-wise, but you know how I hate “winter.” Unlike all of you with your “I LOVE the raaain!” tweets. I’m so S.A.D.! I got this sailor dress made for my birthday a couple years ago but opted for something else that night because it didn’t have “enough cleavage.” What an A-hole. It does however, make a perfect dress for weekend brunches, bbq’s and flea market days.


What’s also funny about these pictures is I am pretending to like bikes. When I was eight and hopped onto my lavender pegasus bicycle, the seat was loose, spun off and almost impaled my you-know-what. That terrifying memory is etched in my brain and gives me the shivers like a bad one night stand. I also hate how they are so tall. Or maybe I’m just too short. I feel like if I get on one, my face will get all catatonic and I will just fall to the side and stay there. The only thing that can solve this fear is a gold lowrider bicycle from the swapmeet.

ple dew

Back to brunch party, it’s nice, although somewhat of a shock to see friends you might usually only see during nighttime activities. Now you find yourself staring at them in the sun while exposing your freckles and pores to each other. Only brunch with those you feel REALLY comfortable with FYI.

Leyla and some of our spread that we forgot to take pictures of…

leyla by mike



and gents…


and a fanny pack


This post is to be continued because I’m going to go in-depth about how much I love BRUNCH, BRUNCHING, and all thing BRUNCH-related. I know you do too. Have a happy Friday! I love you!

+ Missy E – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)