two gold stars for me

  • motorcycle jacket and giant ring- Forever 21
  • dress – Jovovich Hawk for Target
  • nude tights – Target
  • gold boots that I sadly have to say are on their last legs ::CRYING::

Dear trusty Gold Bewts,

We been through a lot boo. I found you for ten doll hairs and purchased them as a “joke.” And much like many of my “jokes” I fell in love witchu…HARD. When I’d put you on, you’d turn me on. Make me feel like a wonder woman..like I had the world at my fingertips! I even loved you when you got stuck in my car door and I fell in front of Starbucks, rolled out onto the ground and a scary legs-loving hobo tried to help me get up. But these days you look more tore up than Amy Winehouse getting slapped by a bag of hot nickles. And now that you’ve taken up a new habit…it’s probably time to call our romance quits.


Love you forever,

Patrick McNee & Honor Blackman – “Kinky Boots”