bw ouija

I love October! Rocktober… RAGETOBER. Not only is it my birthday month (October 16, set your alarms) but it is also the most wonderful time of the yeeeear…HALLOWEEN! I LOVE A GOOD SPOOK!! All year round of course but especially during Spooky Awareness Month.

  • jacket – Forever 21
  • old Topless CA t-shirt
  • grandma’s “M” scarf
  • Target skirt and belt
  • RIP my green and white heels that I got for $5
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, ring and bangles from a street vendor and accessory store in NYC

Can I tell you how The Shaun thought it was a nice idea to parade around in my high heels until he stretched out and broke them!!? I had to go out wearing Nicki’s FLATS after that. You know, for a 5 foot nuthin’ like myself, if I have to put on plain black flats (NO OFFENSE) after wearing some sexy four inch heels I suddenly feel defeminized and depreshia. To make matters worse, I was sober. I couldn’t even drink my high heel sorrows away! No more playing dress-up for you Shaun-Nay-Nay!


Also in NYC, I got these SICK Virgin Mary earrings. I bought a bunch of pairs for all the ladies, but I should have bought a backup pair for myself since I lost one earring at the bar! Again, I was not even drunk to justify getting all sloppy like this.

hail mary earring


Do any of you like playing the Ouija board? I was really into ‘communicating with the dead’ when I was younger and have a few interesting stories about the Ouija…but shit is scary bo! Don’t want to F around with that kind of stuff too much. Especially because I ALWAYS think of that movie Witchboard starring a pre-“Here I Go Again” Tawny Kitaen.



Tell me your scary stories! They are one of my favorite things in the world! Also ple tell me which scary movies you plan on watching this month. Don’t forget you have to take one per day just like a multivitamin! Last year I watched a lot of Argento, Rollin and of course Nicki’s and my favorite: ALICE SWEET ALICE. Be prepared as I will probably have a lot of horror movie-related posts up this month!