Well it’s true. I’m nostalgic for early 90’s-era Slutacious Madonna. I remember often watching Truth or Dare after school. All those great scenes…the water bottle fellatio, Warren Beatty?!?!, the high braided ponytail..


I loved her so much back then.

madonna 8madonna meisel

There’s also that Marie Antoinette-inspired Vogue performance on MTV… GAWD!! That shit seriously fucked me up for life. It makes me so emotional!!

vogue madonna

Can you imagine going to the Blonde Ambition tour or Girlie Show back then? There is also her acting career in the 90’s to talk about. I liked her in Dick Tracy and always wore my red “Breathless Mahoney” nightgown. And how badly do you want to watch A League of Their Own right now?!

“Take a Bow” gave me a major ladybone for that bullfighter. And I loved her style in this video. Cocktail hat with netting covering her face, long opera gloves…I think this will be my fall look. Leather gloves and rosaries….again. Why not?

take a bow
take a bow

Winged eyeliner!

take a bow

Smeared lipstick.

take a bow


madonna 6

madonna 7

One of the things I’ve always wanted was that damn Sex book.


You know all I want to do is post the super scandalous photos from the book…but I’ll be PG in case The Others are watching.

sugardaddi sxbook

This one is great though. (NSFW-merkin status) and this one is very NSFW – Click if you are alone, over 18 and into punk rockers, spiked leather jackets and.. fainting HELLOOOOW ::rubs eyes:: Here’s my #1 favorite for obvious reasons:


Meisel and Sex pics are from o.c.i.n and

Like a prayer,