• Dress – Solvang, CA $5 make u holla
  • Betsey Johnson red leather Pollys
  • Betsey Johnson sunnies
  • pearl necklace Beijing Silk Market
  • Erin Fetherston for Target heart purse


Every time I wear this 80’s dress that I found in the wonderful town of Solvang, CA, I feel like those bitches from Heathers, except this time, sluttier.


Usually I wear it with or knee socks or tights to keep that country club-prudish bitch demeanor, but it was just too hot and I’m addicted to my Pollys, aka the most comfortable and sexy high heel ever. The dress also had shoulder pads originally, but in a fit of Italian rage I ripped them out and stuffed my bra with them. Just kidding…maybe.
Speaking of Heathers, I barely righ’ now read about this. I am so over you Hollywood. You and your lame remakes of everything sacred. WHORES!