One of the things we had to do in Tokyo was go to the Meguro Parasite Museum! It’s free and you get to look at jars filled with parasites and things that make you go vom.


[outfit details]

  • Forever 21 dress
  • Sequined bow headband I made out of a clown bowtie BLOL (this was before we could get bow headbands EVERYWHERE gotta get creative baby)
  • chinese mary janes
  • marc jacobs white heart watch

30 foot long tapeworm

The white tape I am holding is supposed to represent the THIRTY FOOT DAS RIGHT I SAYS 30 FOOT LONG TAPEWORM THAT WAS FOUND IN A MAN’S STOMACH THAT IS IN THE GLASS BEHIND ME. VOM VOMITOUS VOM VOMITZ! 🙁 And no, they didn’t tell us HOW he got that anaconda up in there unfortch. Or maybe it’s better that we don’t know.

Nathan and the anaconda

nate with 30 ft long tapeworm

Look at this adorable…WTF IS THAT?!


More things to make you lose your lunch. Sawre! You know I love to gross you out as much as turn you on.




parasitic crustacea


Emi, Mina and Bob (who is the creator of Afro Samurai!) and Nate!




neat bookz

Alright..enough of that. Let me treat you to some PURIKURA! If you are unaware of the joy that is purikura, it’s basically fun Japanese photobooth machines with crazy backgrounds and decorations that you customize yourself.

Me and Emi!


In a scene for my Purikura horror movie where I crawl out like the girl in Ringu



Me ! Purikura

hip hip hooray

And a ridiculous video of me in action! I am Lady Gigglez status.  EMBARRASS… but that’s because TOKYO and everything about it brought me so much joy. Sigh. I LOVE U ALWAYS FOREVER.

Afterwards we had more fun times in Harajuku!