Emi spotted this umbrella and called me over to peep it while we were shopping in Shinjuku. JAWDROP. Is that an umbrelly made with glamorous acrylic nails????? Simply amazing beyond words. Craft proj, anyone?


AAHH I love it!!!


That’s the one thing we didn’t get to do in Tokyo: get our nails did. We looked into it though, and found a salon that was open ’til 4am. UM YES 4AM I SAYS. That means that shit is still open after bars close in L.A. What kind of dreamland is this Tokyo??? We were planning on going (late after karaoke!) but time and liquor flew and it was pretty pricey anyway. We estimated it would probably cost about $200 to get a sick set of nails done at the venue.$200 for something that lasts only a week or two? HALE 2 THA NO. But then our friend informed us they use special materials and these ferosh Tokyo nails would last a month or longer. REALLY? Kinda crazy.

nails tokyo
Photo via La Carmina

Tokyo is the land of nail decor. You can find a smorgasbord of crazy nail decals and accessories anywhere you go. Naturally we stocked up, so you’ll be seeing what types of goodies we acquired in future blog posts!