I didn’t watch any of the Oscars. I did look at some of the red carpet coverage and I can’t even begin to deal with : Beyonce; the fact that my tired azn eyes thought Tilda Swinton was Macauley C. circa Home Alone; Kate Winslet’s (yes I love her but..) plastic Ken doll helmet head, Miley Cyrus wearing something that would looks amazing on an older, classier woman but just made her look like a buck-toothed lampshade, UM IF I WAS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S GIRLFRIEND, I would at least wash and comb my hair after he f*&$ed me all night! Okay I am just shit-talking. Why am I all bitter, Oscars afterparty of one? The only person I care about is my crush Marion Cotillard. Remember when I got all obsessed with her? Last year she was so fine in that mermaid dress. She still is so breathtaking, sigh. Also, the more you see delicious ~EDWARD~ Rob Pat don’t you just KNOW how dirty he probably is? He has Whore Eyes. And this Whore Eyes right here can tell another Whore Eyes from a mile away.  I am crazy. Should I Joan Rivers up in this bitch? Do I need to become a celebrity gossip columnist? I mean I did read The National Enquirer along with my Berenstein Bears books…

Anyway, let’s talk about me and my weekend. I went to a mutha fuckin’ Danzig concert. WHAT?! I know…I thought the same thing. “WTF is this bitch Marie doing at a Danzig show?!” You know…I just go where the wind carries me and that wind sometimes screams in my ear… “MOTHER, do you wanna bang heads with me?”


Going to concerts like that…los metals…is funny because heavy metal slash hardcore music scares the shit out of me and makes me HORN at the same time. Much like scary movies and driving down the freeway grades. Here are my friends molesting the tour bus.


Woo rock n’ rawl!


Sunday I went to the flea market in Hollyhood with Tiff and scored some cute dresses and jewelry, before proceeding to the Museum of Death for an evening of the macabre. A few blocks away celebrities were making their way down the red carpet while we looked at gruesome crime scene photos and serial killers’ letters. What a nice way to celebrate Oscars Sunday!

If you own a pair of superhero gold cowboy bootz and magically know another person who owns gold cowboy bootz, you will only come to the realization that the Universe is on your side.

Lookit dem bootz

I think you can call my look “Squaredancing Whore.” Usually I am “Goth Lolita” or “Amish Wednesday Addams” but I am mixing things up for the Oh Nine. Can you dig?

team gold bootz power pose

I wanted this dress so bad. It reminded me of Santa Sangredo you know why?

my dream dress

How cute!

666 Carol

Museum of Death is so awesome if you can stomach it. Also, I LOVE turtles and I LOVE two-headed animals!

Museum of Death

I leave you with some of Danzig’s “She Rides” and a whole lotta 80’s Ass to stare at to start your workweek off with a bang. Sway with me you guys, sway your 80’s ass with me to the sweet tune of Mr. Glen Danzig….