My Halloween Past

So let’s talk about my Halloween track record. My most memorable childhood Halloween costume was probably the time I dressed as a UNICORN in the fifth grade. Like many little girls, I collected everything that was a unicorn, which is inarguably one of the most BEAUTIFUL mythical creatures, as you know dis…Anyway, for Halloween I decided to wear an all-white outfit, and my dad constructed a horn for me out of styrofoam and white fabric, much like this little lady’s on the left (except a low-grade version):

I was excited to go to school that morning to show off my fancy and magical outfit. The teacher held a costume contest and had us stand in front of the class so everyone could vote. When it came to my turn to speak, the Student-of-the-Month-every-month, extremely shy girl that I was, nervously stated my costume and watched the very few supporters of my low-budget getup raise their hands. Then came the girl next to me, flaunting a short velvet dress, feather boa and makeup. What was SHE supposed to be? “A hooker.” What the?! I don’t think little Marie knew exactly what a hooker did back in those days. I was pretty innocent, but I did watch Pretty Woman. Well, the bitch goddamn WON. Won the costume contest!! I hate kids.

NEXT, in junior high, my bff and I decided to be Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (RIP) and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from popular hip-hop group TLC…

GAH! I know right. I can’t believe I even posted that shit all over the worldwide web for all to LOL at. The Halloween adoration for my favorite R&B singers continued into high school when my friends and I (all girls) decided to dress like Boyz II Men and go trick-or-treating and serenade candy givers with a ‘lil “End of the Road” when they opened their doors. I think I was the bass singer and carried an actual cane if memory serves correctly. I also remember my brother telling me my choice in costume that year would leave me “very confused” when I got older. He was correct.

After high school and in the recent years I have done my fair share of sexy costumes, which is pretty boring when you’re like me and dress in whorish costume 364 days out of the year anyway. So last year I was Alma from Santa Sangre.


That has been my favorite so far. I guess because everyone was all “WTF ARE YOU?” And we know I love mimes.

So what will I be this year? I thought of bringing back the tradition of dressing as my favorite R&B or hip-hop artist. These contenders sprung to mind…


What about you sexies? Any good Halloweeners memories? What are you planning on dressing up as this year?


1 Vidalia { 10.28.08 at 11:02 pm }

Off the top of my head I’ve been….
Wednesday Adams (didn’t really have to do much for that one in elementary school)
A Princess
Diana, Goddess of the Hunt – (2nd Grade when I was obsessed with D’Aulaures Book of Mythology)
A Mexican Indian
A Gypsy
A Flapper
Made In Taiwan (It made sense on shrooms)
Vice (shrooms again)
That dancing bee from the “No Rain” video
Milli Vanilli (Fab…)
White Trash
The Tooth Fairy
Boozy, drunken pillpopping 70′s housewife (everyone thought i was Courtney Love)
A Mermaid (not the best idea for mobile fun)
Pris from Bladerunner
Oh yeah….and a giant Spoon that said Arkansas when I was on shrooms and opened up a dictionary vowing to be whatever my finger randomly picked …which landed on SOUVENIR.

2 Vixel { 10.29.08 at 2:10 am }

Sadly I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything more ambitious than generic goth / witch type thing, but this year will hopefully be different (providing I have enough time to get ready!)

3 Ashe Mischief { 10.29.08 at 4:28 am }

I’ve been wanting to be a unicorn for Halloween or Mardi Gras for a few years now!

In the past I’m usually just in more of a club costume as opposed to a character… last year I was a “Pony Girl” from the Circus (you know, the sparkly one who stands on horses backs), and I went as Alice for Mardi Gras (then “Ghetto Alice” for Halloween one year).

4 hillary { 10.29.08 at 5:56 am }

miss matilda here.
I think you should go as a nun.

5 Shaun { 10.29.08 at 9:20 am }

i can’t believe that lil’ hooker story. she probably grew up to be one and must be real awesome at it.

6 star { 10.29.08 at 10:56 am }

dude, you as lil’ kim = pure magic.

7 Freya { 10.29.08 at 11:15 am }

Ahaha, in my childhood I have been:

Ariel (Little Mermaid of course)
Fivel (from An American Tale)
Godzilla (I think that was my favorite)

And in recent years I’ve been:

zombie playboy bunny
queen of hearts

And I plan on being Salvador Dali at work on Friday, and a bird’s nest (hoorah for big dresses and hair) that night.

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9 amanda lee { 10.29.08 at 12:52 pm }

You inspired me. . . I totally wrote a whole post about this on my blog. :-)

My list: roller disco queen (sans skates), actual Roller Girl, Margot Tenenbaum, genie/Princess Jasmine thingy, Bloody Mary.

10 marie { 10.29.08 at 1:02 pm }

@Vidalia – WUTTT HAHAHA I love all these shrooms-influenced costumes. Made in Taiwan? Photosynthesis? Where are these pics?!

@Vixel – You still got some time! Do it!

@Ashe – Do a unicorn plz!!! ooh I like pony girl…

@Hilary – I was a nun two years ago! Sister Virginia O’ Whora in fact…

@Star – I KNOW RIGHT? Shoot..I just need some self-tanner

@Freya – Salvador Dali and a bird’s nest sounds grand!!!!

11 Ms Constantine { 10.29.08 at 1:16 pm }

We don’t do halloween much in NZ, but when I was younger and in love with the spice girls a group of us dressed as our fav spice girl. I was Mel B. eeek.

You MUST do lil Kim!

12 marie { 10.30.08 at 9:00 am }

@amanda lee- yay! i’m coming over to comment right now!

@ms constantine – OMG scary spice!! I remember my favorites were Baby and Ginger…remember how they would always twist their ankles because of those platform shoes?

13 Ms Constantine { 11.02.08 at 7:39 pm }

O man…I totally meant Mel C.
Whata dork.

I really wanted to be Sporty Spice!

14 polytrixx { 10.27.09 at 5:11 pm }

Hehe funny this is what I am going to be this year… I was just browsing for pics of Alma and came by your blogg.. nice job on the head dress. I will share pics of mine when I am completely done.

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