After experiencing a chilly San Francisco weekend and now the current southern California ‘May Grey’, I am looking forward to having me a little desert getaway in a few weeks, lounging by the pool with a margarita in one hand and a penis colada in the other. All I need is a new bathing suit! When I visualize the perfect glamorous poolside look, I immediately think of Marilyn Monroe in her classy one-piece swimsuits.


Since vintage swimwear is crazy hot this season, finding the perfect replica retro swimsuit is a piece of cake. The only thing difficult is deciding which one to get!

Retro Suits

1. I ain’t got nothing but love for a classic gingham print, but this Delia’s black and white suit doesn’t do it for me. Perhaps if it was a smaller checkered pattern it would be better. I think it looks too busy, almost like a Magic Eye bathing suit.

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this red n’ white hearts one, also from Delia’s, but HATE the cut. First of all, it doesn’t have that vintage bottom, and secondly I don’t like the side cutout on it even if it reminds of a Betty and Veronica comic I used to read where Betty had a job as a swimsuit model and was on the beach every day in a new suit. She even had one with a side cutout like that. Veronica was so jealouz. Anyway, Delias, why have you forsaken me!?

3. Pinup Girl Clothing has some great bathing suits. If you like leopard print, this one will look perfect with some red wedges. Hello, Rawr.

4. Daddyo’s Clothing carries a couple of pieces from Stop Staring, including this adorable baby blue and white polkadot one. I love the eyelet detail on it!

5. I apologize in advance for putting that ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini’ song in your head. It’s in mine too so don’t worry, we can suffer together. At least it’s not Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” stuck in there. AAAH! Anyway, this Lux suit is very cute. It’s not a bikini, but a lot of fun nonetheless. Urban Outfitters has even more one-pieces, including tons of retro-style ones to look at here.

6. Being a sailor’s daughter, the nautical look will never get old to me, so I naturally love this Rock Steady navy blue anchor bathing suit. My only problem is I don’t think I would like those tan lines too much. Yikes.

I told you trying to decide on a swimsuit was tough! My indecisive Libran mind now has a fashion headache. Someone make me a martini, extra dirty, STAT!