Easter was lovely, relaxing, and we had perfectly warm weather. I spent the earlier part of the day making vampire cupcakes while Edith Piaf played in the background. Baking while listening to her has to be one of the most calming combinations next to drinking champagne in a hot tub.

cake like neck

I got the idea for the cupcakes from this wonderful lil’ blog and wanted to try it out on the second best day to celebrate the undead, Easter! Afterwards, I headed over to the bff’s for steak, mimosas and Monster Squad to complete the celebration. It seems I associate Easter with monsters remembering I made a monster-themed Easter basket for an ex bf a couple years ago. Perhaps this is some sort of subconscious tradition!

Let’s laugh at this embarrassing fifth grade diary entry from the time I was obsessed with Monster Squad:

A few tips regarding vampires

Oh, Monster Squad, you’re right up there with The Goonies for me.

Monster Squad

It’s interesting watching kids movies from the 80’s and comparing them to the ones now. Back then, they got away with twelve-year olds spewing profanity, ogling tits and even some violence under a sweet PG-13 rating. These days people make such a big deal out of everything. Kids are hearing and seeing worse on the playground and the internet anyway! People are so stupid. I want to get into a time machine and become preggo back then so my kid can grow up on John Hughes movies and learn how to breakdance. Hmm, maybe I just want to give birth to a breakdancing version of myself. Anyway, I digress.

Let’s take a look at some scenes from the movie that you will most likely never see on kid-friendly films today.

Shit you won't see in kid movies nowadays

Kids with guns! A dad lighting up a cig in his house in front of his son! And Rudy’s smoking a cigarette too. BTW, Ryan Lambert is still one hot mutha. This part is still badass years later and you know it:

Straight Gangsta

Straight gangsta. There was also profanity o’ plenty from the kids in this movie that you will surely never see nowadays. Imagine Harry Potter saying something like “Fuck off, Malfoy.” Sigh. I’m so nostalgic lately.