I usually never set foot in a Bebe since all that comes to mind are those baby tees emblazoned with the goddamn word “Bebe,” that were so overdone you could find mockups everywhere from the Beijing Silk Market to the 99 cent store. And when I do venture to the mall to get my fix of trendy clothing, I go straight to Forever 21 where I can spend twenty dollars on something as opposed to eighty. But I just found out Tara Subkoff designed a line for Bebe and it looks so pretty I just might bite my tongue and check it out in person.


The line, which is Bebe’s first collaboration with a guest designer, has all of my favorite fashion key ingredients: red, white, black, ruffles, and hearts, all with a 1940’s pinup vibe. Tara, did you make this for me? You know I had a tiny crush on you in All Over Me so long ago. Ha!

tara subkoff for bebe


tara heart purse

The heart trend is in full effect lately and I am stoked and stroked. There is a black patent leather heart purse at H&M I will murder for. MURDER. Let’s take a look at that, shall we?

heart purse

Speaking of, [hearts, not murder], I have been using my gigantic Erin Fetherston for Target asshole of a purse lately and while it comfortably holds all of my day-to-day goodies, I keep knocking into people with it! Does anyone else have that problem or is it just clumsy ol’ me?