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    Bruja Icons: Bell, Book and Candle

    It’s time for another BRUJA STYLE ICON! This time I screencapped the late 50’s movie Bell, Book and Candle. It stars Kim Novak as a classy bruja living in New York City who falls in love with her (regular human) neighbor played by Jimmy Stewart. The costume design in the movie naturally won an Academy …

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    Interviews Style

    Mad Crushin’ On Elsa Billgren

    I fell in love with the amazing Elsa Billgren a few months ago when my bff Emi came across her blog on Elle Sweden. Need Help Dressing is filled with beautiful photos that peek into Elsa’s whimsical life in Stockholm with her friends. I love seeing the pictures she takes of delishis food and her …

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    Mermaids & Spring Mix

    GREETINGS….Remember our favorite Cher movie that starts with an “M” from the 80’s? No, not Mask or Moonstruck, but Mermaids, set in the early ’60’s, starring sexy single mom Rachel Flax played by Cher, her prude daughter (Winona Ryder) and a little Christina Ricci! This film resonated with a baby Rie-Rie back then and it …

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    Yes and Yes on Dolly Parton

    When the lovely Sarah Von from Yes and Yes asked if I was interested in doing a post swap, I was beyond flattered. I mean, swapping posts is pretty serious. It’s kind of like spitting on your palms and swearing an oath like two kids on a baseball field.  We are basically sisters now, Sarah.  …

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    The Holy Trinity Of Nasty Girls

    In the early to mid 80’s, there were plenty of female performers with sass and sexiness. Debbie Harry quickly comes to mind, as well as Pat Benatar, Madonna and other obvious choices. But there were also girl groups who were hanging out on the other side of the tracks, singing about dirty things, and having …

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    Happy Birthday Cuchi Cuchi!

    It’s Charo’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Moquiere de les Esperades Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Najosa Rasten! Remember when she gave me a high-five? Hearts flyin’ outta my ojos! Love you Charo! It’s only natural to reprise the video that is the cure to any bad day, that puts a …