Sharmila Tagore

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    1. I LOVE THIS DRESS! Sadly I don’t know what the hale it is. I think it’s a couple years old though. OMG VINTAGE! jk (let me know when you are tired of that joke because I am not) 2. Summertime equals SNOW CONES! 3.  I AM CRAZY ABOUT THIS BAG FROM LATICO LEATHERS AHHH!! …

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    Winged Eyeliner Idol: Sharmila Tagore

    Years ago, I watched a movie called An Evening in Paris (no not that snoozefest) at someone’s birthday party where by the end of the night, I found myself at the Spearmint Rhino getting a lapdance by a sexy Persian stripper who finaled with a naked somersault onto my face (IMPRESSIVE)! But what I remembered …