Give Me A Quarter, I’ll Tell You Your Fortune

When wonderwoman photographer Lydia Hudgens was in LA last month along with her friend Rebecca, we met up for some girlytime and a lil’ photoshoot in Echo Park. The day before, we went thrifting and I found a pastel dress that was perfect for the shoot. I wanted to invoke some wacky fortune teller vibes, inspired by my three favorite sassy psychics in film: Renée Taylor in Love Is All There Is (perhaps I am the only one of us who has seen this movie) Judith Ivey in Hello Again (a Shelley Long masterpiece,) ending with a TOUCH of Zelda Rubenstein, but definitely more Madame Serena from Teen Witch rather than Tangina from Poltergeist. I basically wanted something long, 70′s-ish and topped off with lots of jewelz. Rebecca worked her magic and made my hair and makeup look unbelievable. I had so much fun with those ladies that I’m SUPER sad Lydia will be moving to the other side of the country! All of you lucky guys and gals in NYC are going to have a very lovely new neighbor soon. I have another set of photos from the shoot that I will post later, but in the meantime you can check out more of Lydia’s work on her FB page!

♥ Vintage lace robe given to me by Tiff
♥ Thrifted dress
♥ Melissa shoes


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So Addicted

♥ Levi’s jacket, vintage NKOTB shirt from Emi’s childhood, leopard mini skirt from Target, Kate Bush-themed tote from Fieldguided given to me by Melissa! There’s also a Wu-Tang pin on the jacket. This combo basically sums me up well IMHO. ♥

Well dudes & dudettes, two things. I’m obsessed with Spotify and the addiction to Instagram has finally reached your pal Rie. I remember months ago when Fast Five came out, I wanted to marathon the entire series and used Instagram for screencaps to bait any of my friends who were secret Fast and the Furious fans (at least five have revealed themselves.) I hadn’t really used it since because, A) my old-ass dinosaur iPhone would kick me out of the app every single time and B) It doesn’t email you notifications when people add you. I am used to relying on email alerts, hello. Then Rory and another friend told me they were surprised I didn’t use it more so I logged in and realized HEY THERE’S A PARTY GOING ON IN THERE. So here we are. The excitement I feel for Instagram is similar to my feelings for Flickr circa 2005-2006, which is a pretty big deal my friends.  But it really just gets me more excited for the new iPhone. Leyla and I are holding out for the iPhone 5 and will literally throw a party for the occasion. I have been holding off for so long!!!

♥ Some lil whole wheat naan pizzas I made (they look like pizza chanclas) and Mr. Shankly’s hungry eyes. Does he ever get full? His stomach is like a bottomless pit. ♥

So now let me tell you about my crush on Spotify. If you work in an office all day, a good music situation is vital to your sanity. Luckily I am not tortured by Muzak (does it even still exist??) or Kiss FM and get to listen to whatever I want. HOWEVER, this can backfire if you are not careful. For instance, if you have your iTunes set to shuffle and a clip of you singing E-40′s “U and Dat”  in autotune comes on it ain’t gonna be pretty. That happened to me three times in the past year. It’s like I keep pranking myself. :(

Anyway, I’ve ignored books, my Netflixing, my sleep, this blog, humans, food, the gym, all because I’ve been making playlists on Spotify and they are making me really emotional. But in a good, nostalgic, junior high sort of way. Some titles: “My Art Leboe Oldies Dedications” (romantic lowrider jams), Damn Girl (the ultimate late 90′s/00′s sistajams) I Was Born In The Wrong Era (Connie, Patsy, Brenda and the rest of the ladies who remind me there was a time when people actually knew how to sing) and then “I Love Every Version Of Sea of Love” which well, I’ve told you enough already.  Find me (agentlover) on there if you want to have a listen/cry/do the butterfly.

And before I leave you, Let us gaze at this screenshot from the best video ever made, (second only to the mariachi beluga serenade) the Stamos Cuddling video! So many people sent this to me. I love that so much, you guys. Of course I had to SAY SOMETHING TO MY BELOVED but alas, IGNORED AGAIN. Someday, someday…

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Milkmaid Braids and Pretty Collars

♥ Thrifted dress, We Love Colors knee socks, shoes from UrbanogRococo Nouveau “Madeline” Collarette, hair clip from Cutie Dynamite

When you are a Low Maintenance Girl That Looks High Maintenance like myself (more on that later) you have to try some new things once in awhile, even though they will annoyingly cause your beauty routine to require more time. I thought this outfit called for a hairstyle that was opposite of my usual cascading 70′s Cher locks (plus it was hot out and I didn’t want to put it in a lazy ponytail) so I decided to finally try what The Others call “Heidi braids” or “Milkmaid braids.” Of course I had my hesitations. Could I, Marie Madeline Lodi, with my natural Pocahontas-like weave pull off a hairstyle that is more  commonly seen adorning the crowns of delicate girltypes such as those found in the pages of Lula? I really wasn’t sold on the idea, but once I came across photos of my two favorites Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz wearing them, I felt I was given the green light. So I lit a candle, prepared my tresses and imagined Javier Bardem guiding my hands braid after braid. After a surprisingly quick effort, I reached SUCCESS!

I look so innocent and freckly here, don’t I? I’m going to practice so the hair tie is better hidden next time. The cute plaid clip is from Cutie Dynamite!

The amazing collar is from Rococo Nouveau, my friend Kristen’s line of collarettes! This one is called the “Madeline” so naturally I love it even more! Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming interview and giveaway from Rococo Nouveau!

I’m also wearing a new shade of red lipstick here! This one is Besame’s “Red Hot.” I usually only fux with MAC and Chanel but I want to branch out and experience some new reds. This one gets my TWO THUMBS UP.

Next time I will attempt to finally conquer Madonna’s Blonde Ambition ponytail. ARE YOU READY!?!? I’m going to have to prepare even more for that one, like soak my hair in virgin tears and play “Express Yourself” backwards.

June 30, 2011   15 Comments

AL Meets WL


Don’t worry, your ojos are not playing tricks on you. What you are seeing is not a mirage. Your favorite from the West Coast (DIS A-HOLE RIGHT HERE) and your favorite from the East Coast (WHITE LIGHTNING HERSELF!) finally met BANGS2BANGS!!!

This work of art you see here is a magical gif complete with supernatural floating trinkets made from a pic of Elizabeth and I shopping on Melrose. “We’re going to Melrose” (Amber from Clueless voice.) I think I’m going to be making more of these gifs so let me know if you have any requests. (Mariah, Staymoist, corn, etc. and etc.)

June 28, 2011   3 Comments

Take Me Up Take Me Down

GREETINGS EVERYBUDDY. This is just a simple outfit post from last weekend when I met up with Aurora at the Fairfax flea! I wore my favorite oldie but goodie “by the pool dress” with a bolero jacket that belonged to my mom in the 70′s and my lemon Pollys. I need more things in this mint green color…it’s my FAVE. Belt is from I Heart Ronson and Cloven Hoof beetle wing earrings.

Aurora is wearing a thrifted Kimchi and Blue dress, boots from Buffalo Exchange and leftover flowers from her wedding in her hair!


I saw this jacket from a distance and had to lurk it closer to puke. I can’t deal with anything made out of someone’s old jeans, YOU GUYS. I hate when people make tote bags and shit out of someone’s dirty old denim! WHYYYYY. NASTY. ::puh puh puh:: (that’s me spitting out of disgust)

My jaw dropped when I found out Aurora also painted this picture of YOURS TRULY! LIPS HAT AND EVERYTHING!! Thank you m’lady! Check out her blog and her work here. I love all the ladies she does!

P.S. SIDEBAR in case any of you missed Gala’s series on Body Pressure in Blogging, she asked bloggers and readers to contribute their thoughts and my two pesos can be read here! If you want to discuss more of that subject with me, feel free to in the comments! Perhaps I will write more about it later?


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Tie-Dyed And Mortified

Mary in LA!

The lovely Petra sent me these amazing pink and black tie-dye tights from her Pebelle line. Since interviewing Petra last year, we’ve kept in touch and she’s even started a blog for Pebelle! Take a look at it here. I love these tights! They take my tiger dress to a whole new level. I wore this ‘lil number when I met up with my sister from another mister, Mary Van Note, while she was in town last month performing some shows.

Mary in LA!

Working the boulevard with Mary and Emi. WACHOW

Mary in Heart Tart!


Mary in Heart Tart!

Mary in LA!

I can’t wait for Mary and Ben to come back to LA!! Serenading you guys Janet Jackson-style right now.

Mary in LA!

One of the shows that Mary performed at while in LA was called Mortified, where people read embarrassing excerpts from their old diaries.  At the one we went to, one of the dudes read letters that he wrote to none other than Mr. Belvedere! The kid who played Wesley was also a special guest! My bro and I were huge fans of Mr. Bellybutton so that was a REAL TREAT. That above is Mary’s diary, which she read from after unlocking with a special key. Naturally the whole thing got me thinking about the old Dear Diary feature I had on here when I first started this blog. I have been meaning to start that up again, although my junior high-era Pochacco diary might be too embarrassing to share on here since it’s all about how boy crazy I was. With my luck, I would post an excerpt from it which is basically a logbook of obsessively-detailed crushes and the one boy who kicked my legs under my desk because “they were hairier than his” will most likely find it and send me a penus pic or something. WHICH, btw, is suuuch a 2007 move, Anthony Weiner (YOU AMATEUR)

It also got me thinking about one of my favorite games I like to play called “What Were Marie and Emi Doing At This Age?” where we basically compare the vast differences in our childhoods (i.e., me being raised Catholic versus she being raised atheist; me catching butterflies and playing Skip-It while she was hobknobbin’ with CHRISTIAN SLATER and chasing DURAN DURAN AROUND TOWN! TWEEN JEALOUSY STILL EXISTS FU EMI). This game also includes the comparison of our Sanrio diaries. When we first read some of the entries side by side, we were dead on the floor because it’s like “Yep, we are still pretty much the same as we were back then.”

My diary is the blue Hello Kitty one. (GOODY TWO SHOEZ) and hers is the Keroppi one below it.

I want JUSTICE!!

vera is a bitch

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To All The Ladies In The Place With Style And Grace

♥ I Heart Ronson for JCPenney dress, Betsey Johnson Pollys ♥

Hiiiiiiiiiii. I know I haven’t blogged in one million and twenty-five years and how AUDACIOUS of me to come moonwalking in here like I own the place. You have every right to be mad at me. Roll your eyes, toss your hair, turn your nose up at me!!! It’s fine. Just know that I am looking at you with my Precious Moments eyes and am TRULY SORRY YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND AM FOREVER YOUR GIRL PAULA ABDUL STYLE PLEASE FORGIVE!!!

Anyway, let’s kiss and makeup already because during those million years (see last month) my favorite ginger-headed goddess from across the pond, Loulou, came to visit! We got to spend quality time together AND with my magical HOROSCOPE COMPUTER. This weird contraption, that yes, computes your fortune according to your star sign, was made all the way back in 1979. The first time I saw it was at the flea market but the lady wanted $40 bones so forget chu and ‘ello, Ebay!


This thing is craylarious. First, you can only choose dates that are before 1988 so obviously none of our horoscopes are ‘accurate’ since we all up in 2011. But it makes up for that with a charmingly nerdy 80′s computer-type of sound that emits while calculating the fortune. I will definitely have to record a video of it in action so you can experience this with me. I was doing fortunes via Twitter a while back but perhaps we can do a call-in psychic hotline and I can be Miss Cleo for a day!

Look at this gorge lady!

Scorpio & Libra power

Methinks I should have purchased this portrait of myself…

thats me

Remember when I wanted to write about how much I loved BRUNCH but thought no one would care? But maybe I still will just to spite you ALLLLL! ::Roseanne cackle::


And finally let me leave you with this,

Spicy Biebz

topped off with a little of this…

May 12, 2011   14 Comments

Little Red Riding Hoodrat

lil red riding hoodrat

♥red and black capelet from, AA skirt, cheapo sunglasses, JC Penney boots♥

This is what I wore to the flea market the other weekend. Hey you guys? When fall comes around again can you PLEASE remind me to be on the lurq for a solid red capelet? Because I realized that’s the type of garment I need in life to pay homage to Wendy the Good Little Witch without having to wear a scary floor length red cloak.

Wendy the Witch

I did happen to score a Wendy tumbler at the flea! FINALLY! I’d always see them at the antique shop and tell myself I was going to start collecting but never did…UNTIL NOW. I also got a yellow petal head scarf that I may have the perfect dress to pair it with.

Let’s just end this brief post with my new (to me) favorite Doll-E song. Whenever I hear this song I imagine myself slow-dancing with the A.C. Slater-dimpled cholo who makes my breakfast burritos. DON’T BE JEALOUS!

Let’s just take another one to go. OMG I LOVE DOLL-E GIRL!!

April 5, 2011   5 Comments

Love Letters To My Outfits From The Past Few Weeks

Melissa and Mike's Bday

Dear Pizza-Lovin’ Flower Child: Some men may react to this look with renaissance fair jokes, but who cares when there’s PIZZA!!!

♥ failed Legend of Billie Jean viewing/ pizza party outfit: Loulou Loves Lou flower headband, pink lace dress from Le Monde, Rodarte for Target tights, JCPenney boots ♥

SF March 2011

Dear Red Hat Society Reject: You might have left your heart (and Star) in San Francisco but you still have two on your feet so make sure nobody steps on your toes!

♥ SF trip outfit: red jacket – gift, vintage dress, $5 sunnies, AMAZING black tights courtesy of We Love Colors (more on them soon!), old flats that I dazzled up with some SEQUIN HEARTS WACHOW NOW ♥ ♥

Emi's Birthday Party

Dear Red Shoe Diaries: Ahh…I see another pair of red shoes to add to your Hans Christan Andersen obsession. On the Shoe Pyramid/Triangle, these would be pretty high up, but please, be careful…this is definitely Spice Girl ankle twisting territory you are in.

♥ Celebrating my bff’s b-day partytime outfit: Cutie Dynamite heart clip, old lace top, the AMAZING black tights c/o We Love Colors again, floral dress from another chola shop, old heart belt! shoes from aka my new obsession ♥


Dear Princess Of Prints: Ever since someone once told you “Only you could get away with that outfit” when you decided wearing giant raver jeans and a patent leather backless halter top (DON’T BE SCARED EVERYONE) was a good idea in 1999, that sentence has remained in your mind to this day…so of course you wouldn’t think twice about mixing a little floral with a little polka dot. And didn’t you say this was your casual rainy day outfit?

♥ My rainy day-slumber party-M.A.S.H. playing-outfit: Levi’s jacket, thrifted dress, lace top from local cholita store, lavender polka dot tights c/o We Love Colors, boots from TJ Maxx. ♥

March 28, 2011   9 Comments

Dear John Waters, I Want To Get Drunk With You Already

john waters show outfit

♥ 80′s faux fur coat, Built By Wendy for Target dress, peach socks courtesy of We Love Colors, Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Lulu’s, F21 belt, Lips hat made by Emi for my xmas present last year ♥

john waters show outfit

This is what I wore to John Waters’ “This Filthy World Goes Hollywood” show the other night! Firstly, I just have to say John Waters is a goddamn machine. He is NONSTOP hilarity with his stories! I could throw on a snuggie and listen to him talk for hours! I don’t think I saw him even take a sip of water to clear his throat. How the?! Mr. Waters, seriously let’s just knock back a few dranks and talk shit about everything in the world because this is RIDICULOUS! Secondly, let’s talk about this dress for a minute. Yes, I said Built By Wendy for Target in my outfit notes above. Um…WHAT?! I know. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? This dress is not part of some Built By Wendy for Target collection nor was it available in stores. It was featured in Target’s Red Hot shop a few days before Valentine’s day which means nobody would have been able to even get it in time for Valentine’s. I snatched it up on a day when it was 20% off and free shipping. It was red with little orange hearts, I HAD TO! But where were the press releases? Why didn’t anyone know about this? WHY WERE YOU HIDING THIS FROM US. Another strange thing is there were no price tags on the dress, just a sewn tag that says Built By Wendy. WHAT IN TARNASHIA IS GOING ON YOU GUYS.

john waters show outfit

Anytime I can wear my lips hat is a good time indeed. The show was at UCLA so I can’t expect a parade of fashion, just Uggs and sweats I GUESS. Why are people so boring? Couldn’t someone have dressed up like Divine or made a hat that looked like a literal piece of shit as an ode to Pink Flamingos? I guess it’s going to have to be me next time sporting that fake dook. OMG! With little flies on wires buzzing around it! Imagine! Back to my anger, seriously why don’t people dress up? We are all going to die at some point so you might as well wear a crazy hat, you assholes.

john waters show outfit


john waters show outfit

I got these vintage Japanese opera glasses for Emi and I since we were up in the balcony and besides being cute, they were actually very useful! I was able to spot host Matthew Gray Gubler’s moustache homage to JW from up above! I also fell in love that night with Elvis Perkins, who was the opening musical act. He sounds like Jeff Mangum and is Anthony Perkins’ (yes from Psycho) son. I am ashamed I never knew about him before, but even though I try to know everything that is going on  at all times, some days I listen to too much 90′s Mariah and miss out on gems such as this mang. Ple dew:

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