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    Dress Obsessed: Flower Power

    GREETINGS EARTHLINGZ… I was excited to get this dress from Etsy that I had bookmarked a while ago, but when I tried it on I realized my hips were too TADOW HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW for it. BOO HOO. MUMMY’S CRYING. So I decided to try tucking it into this super old Betsey skirt …

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    Style Travel

    Dress Obsessed: Wino Edition

    Hey sexies. You know what I finally realized? I’ve become one of those “wine people.” WINE PEOPLE. Someone who would rather enjoy a nice glass of wine over any other kind of alcoholic beverage. And none of this 2 Buck Chuck eitha. Don’t roll your eyes at me! I AM 31 now and my days …

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    Movies Style

    Dress Obsessed: Murder House Edition

    ♥ Outfit details: vintage dress from Alameda Vintage on eBay, shoes from Urban Outfitters, my childhood bow, Target heart tights, mom’s vintage basket purse, mood ring from Playclothes,  belt from this MNG by Mango dress ♥ Thanksgiving weekend was RULL NICE. I spent quality time with family and friends, got to see The Muppets at …

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    Mutant Pride

    I felt this outfit photo needed some hearts since you loves 2 loves me and I loves X-Men. MIGHTY CASUAL…maybe casual to me just means no cleav.Who’s your fave mutant? I can’t choose so it’s always BEAST, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, punk rock Storm and Jubilee. I liked Psylocke a lot too. Bah, I can’t choose. X-men …

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    Style Travel

    I’m In Da Woods, Babys

    DAS RIGHT MI AMIGOS. I was straight chillin’ in the forest! I took a spiritual quest up to Big Sur with a couple of my friends to bond with Mama Nature (dat girl is CUHRAZY!), soak in some healing hot springs underneath a full moon and find me a lumberjack husband. It was seriously one …

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    I Am Becoming A Lady Now

    Do any of you have an item of clothing hanging in your closet that causes a twinkle in your eye every time you see it, even though you’ve had it for years? That’s how I feel about this mint “by the pool dress” that I’ve had since 2006. I like to wear it as much …