Dress Obsessed

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    OMG I Really Do Heart Ronson

    ♥ I Heart Ronson chainlink cardigan and belt, thrifted floral babydoll, texting gloves courtesy of Fred Flare, Cloven Hoof seahorse necklace, JC Penney bewts ♥ I think my #1 shopping surprise of 2010 has been my love for I HEART RONSON, Charlotte Ronson’s diffusion line for our fave department store, PENNEY’S. WOO CHAR! I have …

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    Pizza Pizza

    Lookit dis booty. OKRRR. This is my H&M tiger dress from last year’s trip to NYC. I don’t think I’ve blogged about it before even though I have worn it a lot. It’s one of those pieces that you can throw on when you’re hungover or have to go for a quick Chick Fil-A run. …

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    Mi Vida Loca Style

    Pills and Thrills and Daffodils

    HEY REMEMBER ME? It’s Marie, the shy and quiet ethnic girl sitting behind you in blog class. I know it’s been awhile (two weeks aka six months in internet years) since we’ve passed notes about our crushes, but I’m back and EXTREMELY pleased to introduce the month of October aka Ragetober aka Marielloween aka Spooks …

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    Overcast Days Never Turned Me On

    ♥ Zac Posen for Target Tiger Print Sailor Dress, Betsey Pollys, Cloven Hoof earrings ♥ I really like this 80’s sherbet tiger dress from the Zac Posen for Target line. It puts me in a happy mood even though we’ve been stuck in January-esque weather in SoCal. Asshole weather. I’M SO OVER YOU BETCH. NEJUAY, …

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    Shooting Love In Your Direction

    ♥ Levis jacket, Betsey Johnson skirt, floral Doc Martens bewts ♥ HAAAAYYYYY! I love all the feedback and retweets and general LUV you guys are giving me on the Bangs post. Some of you have been asking me to do that article for over a year. LONG TIME COMING, but I feel happy to have …

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    Let’s Go Crazy

    Helloooo boos! It’s just another picture of yours truly being ADORABLE!!!! JUST KIDDING (o)(o) ♥ thrifted dress, Olsenboye bewts, my fave moto jacket ♥ I found this floral babydoll during a thrift session last weekend. It had Hulk status shoulder pads but I took them out so let me know if you need to stuff …