I Would Look Really Cute In These Dresses: Kelsey Genna Edition

It had been a while since I first stumbled upon New Zealand designer Kelsey Genna’s beautiful Begoina dresses, so I was super duper excited to find out she recently came out with this new collection…especially since it’s always Valentine’s Day in my world. CLEARY I LOVE ALL OF THESE!

It’s hard to pick a favorite but this gorgeous rose-inspired take on my favorite “putana red lace look” is definitely the creme de la creme!!!! I immediately thought of the romantic mid-nineties classic, Bed of Roses, starring CHRISTIAN SLATER when I saw this dress. I’m sure all of you did too.

See more here.

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90′s Style Icons: Death Becomes Her

WELL. ::exhales:: The time has come to talk about our absolute favorite (and only??) Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn movie…Death Becomes Her! Meryl and Goldie play two bitter rivals who will stop at NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to one up the other!

First we meet Madeline (Meryl) who is a real DIVA of an actress starring in a shitty Broadway musical. Her longtime frenemy Helen, an aspiring writer, comes to one of her performances bringing her plastic surgeon fiancé Ernest (played by another one of my FOREVER HUNKS, Los BRUCIE WILLIS!) along with her. This was a HUGE mistake because once the words plastic and surgeon touched the incredibly vain and beauty-obsessed Madeline’s eardrums, she turned her HORN SIREN on up to full blast, eventually seducing Ernest, causing him to leave Helen and marry Madeline.

Many years later, we find out that this betrayal had turned Helen into an unhealthy, depressed and very obsessed CUCKOOLICIOUS who is committed to a psychiatric hospital. She fakes her way out by pretending to be cured but secretly vows to get her revenge on Madeline.

More years pass and we see that Madeline is still obsessed with looking GORGE N’ YOUNG, and Ernest is an alcoholic mortician. During one of her regular spa visits, she is given a mysterious business card of a woman who specializes in youth rejuvenation. Afterwards, she hears that her old pal Helen has become a successful writer and goes to her book party.

Surprisingly, Helen is looking like a lil’ hottie and Madeline is clearly SHOCKED AND JEALOUS.

She ends up visiting the woman whose name is on the business card she received at the spa…and THIS is where we meet the elusive Lisle Von Rhoman played by the most beautiful ISABELLA ROSELLINI!!!!


Lisle promises eternal youth to Madeline with her magic potion which is kept in a fancy Fabergé egg…

Madeline is like PLE RIGHT AWAY ::magic boobs scene::

Meanwhile, Helen is plotting to steal back Ernest and kill Madeline! Let’s talk about my favorite shot right here. Goldie Hawn, hair and makeup perfect, talking on the phone in front of an candle-lit altar wearing a Nike “Just Do It” shirt.

Always gots 2 give props to a spywear-type of outfit, complete with black beret, leather jacket and cateye shades.

She’s even chic as fuck with a rope around her!

Things start to go crazy as the two ladies fight, literally, to the death over los Ernesto! Either he must have been RULL GOOD in the sack or these ladies don’t give a shit about anything except beating the other at everything! (Most likely the latter.)

It becomes obvious that both of them paid a visit to the fountain of youth! These betches are OBV not taking care of their youthful bods. Lisle is going to be SO PISSED!

What a great duo Meryl and Goldie were. I could have watched a whole sequel about their two decapitated heads still arguing while rolling down stairs. Why couldn’t we get any more movies starring the two of them? Some Thelma and Louise-type of adventures? As we know, Meryl is still doing rull well. These days, Goldie is totally zen and doing good thangs in the world, but I’m still going to hope and pray for a reunion movie with the two of them someday!

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My Sweater And Me

And here is your PRECIOSA in yet another sartorial delight from I Heart Ronson for JCPenney. A BEAUTIFUL coral and taupe textured sweater. I’m wearing it over a dress from H&M, Girlprops sunglasses and an unintended matching purse from Urban Outfitters. I think I naturally gravitates towards coral my boos. This photo DOES not do it justice unfortunately but PLE TRUST IN THIS SWEATER. So far I have worn it ~only~ three times this week. In fact, I am wearing it right now over a sleeveless floral dress, with black tights and brown platform wedges as I sip on a glass of white wine. OBSESSHIA ADDAMS OVA HERE. I got it a little bigger so it could hang loose and fall off my left shoulder like Jennifer Beals à la Flashdance. Unfortch it’s sold out online so we can’t be twins but I think at this rate I’m going to have to get the yellow and grey one as well! (not joking)

FTC disclosure: I was given a gift card to shop from the very nice people at JCPenney and das how I got this sweater!

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Shabby Apple Giveaway! – Closed

Black Lace Shirt, Red Lace Dress, White and Blue Polka Dot Dress, L’Or Belle Gold Silk Satin Dress

GREETINGS SWEET THANGS. It is time for another giveaway! This time I’ve paired up with Shabby Apple, an online clothing boutique that specializes in women’s dresses. Shabby Apple is pretty awesome for other reasons aside from their never-ending supply of garments for the Dress Obsessed like moi. They also have a strong girl power philosophy and donate a portion of their proceeds to charities that benefit women and children. There are tons of dresses so it was hard to decide what to give away! I ended up choosing the Overboard dress because of its cute blue and white gingham pattern and it has the same name as our favorite Kurt and Goldie movie!

To enter the giveaway, like the Shabby Apple page on Facebook and leave a comment on this post letting me know how you would wear the Overboard dress! It is open to those in the United States only. Giveaway ends this Thursday at midnight and a winner will be picked Friday morning. GOOD LUCK SISTABOOS!

~~EDIT: THE WINNER IS #18! CONGRATULATIONS NINA THE SLACKMISTRESS!!!! email me at marie@agentlover.com with your info!~~

In addition to the free goodiez, Shabby Apple is offering 10% off to all AL readers! Just use the code: agentlover10off. Discount code is good for thirty days!

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Juicy Fruit

It was Emi’s FRUITY THIRTY! We put on our best tropical attire and Carmen Miranda’d out to celebrate the life and times of one especiale birthday girl.

I wore a dress from ASOS with Polly heels, rocked a banana earring from Girlprops in one ear and a gold pineapple stud from H&M in the other. I also made myself a lil’ fruit headpiece.

MISS FRUITACIA HERSELF!!!!! Rocking a vintage fruit-print maxi and a headpiece she made!


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Sponsor Agent Lover For March!

HEY YOU GUYZ! February is just about over which means I am accepting sponsors for March! For those of you who run your own businesses whether it’s a clothing shop, jewelry line, or a new blog you’d like more people to check out, see my Small Business Ad Program! Contact me at marie[at]agentlover.com if you are interested and have any questions!

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Grey Matter

♥ I Heart Ronson dress c/o JCPenney, We Love Colors tights, Olsenboye boots c/o JCPenney, Clovenhoof beetle earrings, Still With You necklace ♥

This look is another one of my JCPenney finds: a dark grey floral dress from I Heart Ronson and the aforementioned $15 SECRET WEDGE boots. I chose to wear this outfit (on the hottest day of the GAWDDAMN month!!) to the Craig Ferguson show yesterday because John Waters was the guest.  It was perfect timing since my style post on John Waters characters went up on Rookie the day before. LOVIN’ U UNCLE JOHN

OPI sent me some shades from their New York Ballet Collection to try out. I love me some Barbie pink nails but I’ve been curious about trying a NEUTRAL for awhile. The grey shade is called My Pointe Exactly with a silvery glitter on the top called Pirouette My Whistle. ::side eye:: That second pun is especially OOC. I will ignore the names because the shades are cute. The collection comes out in April. BTW, I think I am going to do more beauty-related posts on here. Would you guys be into that? I JUST WANNA GIVE YOU A NICE VARIETY OF GOODIES LIKE A FANCY TABLE SPREAD AT A PARTY!!!!!

February 24, 2012   5 Comments

All Eyes On Moschino Cheap and Chic Fall 2012

I loved Moschino Cheap and Chic’s makeup-inspired collection for Fall 2012 but it was the print on this dress in particular that really caught my eye (NPI). Doesn’t it remind you of a certain scene in Mad Love with our dear Saint Drew?

They’re for our protection!

I’m such a fucking purist when it comes to screencapping that I got pics off youtube first and wasn’t satisfied so I went to Best Buy, Fry’s and Blockbuster and NONE of them had Mad Love on DVD! How dare these retailers not have this fine film in stock. Now that I finally have it in my hands (Netflix) it’s only practical to do my usual breakdown like I did with Wishful Thinking. I also just replaced the shitty YouTube screencaps in that post with higher quality ones (along with a loads more new ones of Drew’s cute outfits!) Sigh. If only I was this obsessive with important shit like math I would have finished college.

February 22, 2012   1 Comment

Dress Obsessed: Pretty In Pink

As you know, I loves to loves me some ‘PENNEYS so when I was invited to check out their new customer experience and do some shopping I was pretty stoked. I wear a lot of Charlotte Ronson’s I Heart Ronson line and ALSO get a lot of my workout clothes there (including my favorite pink Adidas jacket.) This weekend I put on my shopping chanclas and lurked the new changes. In the past, JCPenney was famous for their constant one-day sales, special coupons and discounted signage. This month they introduced Fair and Square Pricing, a new sales structure where no coupons are needed and items are already set at their low, fair price. Right away, I noticed that the absence of discounted signage made everything look more neat and clean. VERY VISUALLY PLEASING. After picking out some items from my favorite Ronson-wear and MNG by Mango to try on, I checked out the shoes section and was happy to find these very Korkease-esque platform sandals at $30, HOW COULD I RESIST? I also found a great pair of black boots with a SECRET wedge for only $15. NOT BAD!

So here is my first outfit made up of JCP finds! You know I can’t deny a pink floral! The dress ($15!) is from Mary Kate and Ashley’s Olsenboye line. You might remember they made the Clarissa Explains It All boots that I wore ALL THEE TIME. BTW has anyone seen the movie Beastly where MK is a GOTHIC TEEN WITCH? It’s been sort of an inside joke slash prank  for Emi and I for the past two years and I bought her the DVD for Valentine’s day. Can’t wait to finally watch this EDGY VERJ of Beauty and Beast (~~tale as old as time~~) I actually wore this outfit to the LA Zine Fair which was RULL COOL and I will talk about in another post(s) since I bought like $60 worth of zines.

Dress: Olsenboye for JcPenney, shoes: JCPenney, vintage coat, knee socks: Target, various jewelry from various places (chola stores), nail polish: Milani’s One Coat Glitter in Twinkle.

Why is my mood ring always black? I feel like Vada Sultenfuss.

FTC disclosure: I was given a gift card to shop from the very nice people at JCPenney.

February 21, 2012   14 Comments

2nd Annual Lady Boner Valentines For Your Boos: Brooch Edition

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MY FRIENDS!!!!!! And Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! SO, I decided to whip up a lil craftin’ video last minute to show you how to make some special valentines for your sistaboos! Like last year, these are Ladyboner-themed, except this time we are making prize ribbon brooches!

Because each of these hunks are definitely a prize to our eyes and thighs! Enjoy!

Something I forgot to mention: use the glitter pens LAST. Them shits are so messy I was getting it all over the place. SO NOY.

As for my outfit, these are just some old thangs I put together real quick. Like I said before, my hair is being all “SEVEN DAYS” lately so I try to wear it up as much as I can. Don’t I look so sweet? ::bats eyelashes:: The bow is American Apparel, vintage skirt from the Fairfax flea market, heart wedges from Amiclub and an old top that I added white heart buttons to. I believe I got the necklace from Maker Faire a few years ago. Also, my nail polish is High Speed Fast Dry in Hot Pink Frenzy and Jewel FX in Hot Pink both by Milani!

Have a great Love Day everyone!

February 14, 2012   18 Comments