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    Bloomers and Bowners

    H&M top Tracy Feith for Target bloomers F21 big bowner! watch out now old tights and heels Tried my new Tracy Feith for Target bloomers. This is the first time I’m not Dressed Obsessed on here! I felt like a chorus girl slash candy pusher in these lil’ shawts. Inspired by a lil bit of …

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    Music Style

    Your Slip Is Showing

    I wanna wear slips and Docs. Like when I was sixteen and thought the sex scene in Mad Love was “really erotic.” I’ve been daydreaming of these. They remind me of my favorite place in the world. I want them in a 14 hole though. Is it real or just a fantasy? Let me know. …

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    Creepy Crawlies and Big Earrings

    Last weekend I went to the Annual Bug Fair at the L.A. Natural History Museum! The last time I attended the fair was in 2006 where I even ate crickets and columbian ants insect chef prepared by an insect chef . SICK! They were not delicious btw. I heard they even had tarantula tempura this …

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    Links à la Mode : The IFB Weekly Roundup

    Wardrobe Workout Edited by Dramatis Personae Welcome to another wonderful round up of Links a La Mode! This week we have a wonderful selection of posts to help refine, define, and challenge your wardrobe.  From Agent Lover and Style Symmetry, we’ve got the spectrum covered when it comes to hosting and attending Clothing Swaps.  Clutch22 …

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    Style Videoblogging

    Happy 200th Blog Post!

    I can’t believe I’ve written 200 blogs! Is that right? Is that math correct? ME?! Talkin’ that much gibberish to you guys in two hundred different instances?! Well… I guess that’s not too hard to believe. All those years spent…being a shy, soft-spoken, unicorn-collecting, Fred Savage love letter-writing misfit in my youth…all those bottled up …

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    Tracy Feith For Target

    Did any of you check out the Tracy Feith for Target collection this weekend? I’d have to say the collection was not bad overall. There were a few things that were a lot prettier in person and on than I had expected, and there were also some that looked better from faaaar away (MONET) when …