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Psychedelic Candy



This dress was a birthday present to myself (ONE OF THE MANY…) and I fell even more in love with its psychedelic neon beauty in person. I wore it on a shopping trip to Daiso (more on that in a future post) and felt like I matched perfectly with the candy aisle. Speaking of, let’s go ahead and listen to one of my favorite old skool Foxy songs righ’ now.



Dress from Cosmic Circle on Etsy, alien ring from Paola Loves to Shop, Betsey Johnson purse.  ♥


October 24, 2014   5 Comments

Basic Betch


I have to admit, these days I can appreciate simplicity in things that I wear. Don’t worry, I ain’t gettin’ SOFT ON YA, but I’ve definitely learned how to appreciate a basic tee. I’m sure working in basics in my day job has contributed to that. This past year I’ve acquired a decent amount of crop tees, which are perfect for wearing under pinafore dresses. I am loving this leopard print one from Swell.

Outfit deetz: leopard crop top c/o Swell, Asos dress, Modcloth tights and shoes.

April 26, 2014   2 Comments

Saturday I’m In Love


AHHHHH I’m totally in love with this ruffled sleeve dress from Kate Spade Saturday. I have fantasies of styling it in all three colors, three different ways.  SO CUTE. I haven’t gotten anything from the line yet but I been droolin’ ova here!

February 13, 2014   No Comments

Bandolier You Are All I Ever Dreamed Of


Have you ever heard the sweet sound that is leather rubbing against… pleather? That sensual, aural combo was today’s soundtrack as I drove all over the city getting my taxes done, eating tacos, and being a first-time visitor to the magical weave store where my friend Lenora bought me a single fake braid (can’t wait ’til that makes an appearance on here.) In tow was my most prized accessory as of late, an iPhone case from Bandolier, AKA, something I have dreamed about my whole (iPhone) life.


Bandolier makes beautiful leather cases that attach to a decorative, cross-body length strap, so you can wear your iPhone like a purse. There are two slots on the backside of the case that holds cash and cards, perfect for the low-maintenance type of occasion where you wouldn’t want to carry a regular bag, like grabbing a Slurpee at 7-Eleven or going to see a show. Bandolier has gold and silver chains, as well as leather straps of various colors. They make them for both the 5 and 4 series, in case you are like me and running on the even number iPhone cycle! When does 6 come out anyway? Hoping that version will finally have a built in flat iron…




Outfit deetz: Misfits tee by Iron Fist Clothing, skirt c/o of Coconinno, shoes from Macys, vintage jacket,  Anna Gold iPhone case c/o Bandolier.

February 11, 2014   6 Comments

Excuse Me


LAWD MY LEGS ARE SO WHITE!!!!!!!!! Take me to Kokomo so I can tan these alabaster gams. Somebody! Anybody! Anyway, here I am. I had some good thrifting luck recently and came across this super cute polyester blouse. Do you likes? UGH how’s everyone’s new year been so far? Super horny I hope. You know mine is. I recently moved into my own ‘lil apartment. Yes, the bathroom is pink. I’ll post pictures once I get more of my kitsch on the walls and it doesn’t look like the messy ass bachelorette pad as it does right now. You guys, I haven’t even unpacked my makeup yet. Life changes, y’allz.



I can’t wait for my hair to grow. I don’t regret the great Chop Off of Summer 2013, but let’s face it World, this girl was BORN 4 LONG LUXURIOUS LOX. I definitely will tread more carefully in the future and won’t let my hair get too long to where it starts to catch on fire and strangle me like in the past.

Thrifted vintage blouse, H&M Skirt, We Love Colors socks, Modcloth shoes.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.52.08 PM


I did a fun interview with Mouthy recently and I also wrote some special ‘tings for Rookie’s Vision theme last month that my fellow brujitas and brujitos might enjoy. Once is about making your own magick happen and the other is a guide to crystals. Read if you dare. Now I shall make some tea and watch Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead. UNTIL NEXT TIME MON CHI CHIS…

February 6, 2014   1 Comment

Cher Horowitz’ Bad-Girl Friend


Modcloth top, Marilyn Monroe @ Macy’s skirt, Modcloth tights, Macy’s booties

I’m not one to plan a seasonal “Style Direction” with a serious face, but I definitely wanted to bring my autumnal black wardrobe to a new level. My vision was “Goth Cheerleader,” but so far it’s been “Dark Schoolgirl segueing into some real 90s vibes.” I am pretty happy that my fall uniform has basically consisted of a-line skirts, suspender tights, and crop tops. YOU KNOW, JUST DA BASICS.

Here’s my dream weird outfit.


Joyrich UFO Jacket, Billy Bob tee by Blood is the New Black, Shellys London platforms, and a cheerleading skirt.

I miss the era of Billy Bob and Angelina. It was truly nuts then: the “vials of blood,” the sex in limos before awards events, and finally, the infamous dragon tattoo. I lived for that shit. That was around the height of my own Angelina obsession. At least we can pay homage to that time in all of our lives by wearing that tee…


November 20, 2013   3 Comments

Two Blondes, One Brunette



This is from the summer when I first got my hair cut. FOURTEEN INCHES OFF. Yes, I have the hair and will be sending it off to Locks of Love unless someone steals my luscious strands and makes them into a six-pack of merkins for their friends. The holidays ARE nigh, after all.

The top and skirt are both from the Marilyn Monroe collection at Macy’s. Since then, I’ve managed to add about six or seven pieces from that collection to my wardrobe, including an American flag halter and this red bandana dress that is now on sale. THAT COLLECTION IS LEGIT IMHO.


Yes, I realize the irony in posting a photo of Jayne Mansfield’s cenotaph when I’m talkin’ about Marilyn Monroe! Too bad Jayne’s celebrity wasn’t big enough to warrant a post-mortem collection at Macy’s. Can you imagine all the pink? All the hearts?? She was the best.


October 23, 2013   3 Comments

Pink Lady


It’s meeeeee! Your old buddy, ol’ pal. MARIE RIE!!!!! Put down that chancla.…I’m back from my hiatus! Just want to ease on in here with a little outfit post if you don’t mind.  The nice peeps at Members Only sent me this lil’ pink number to prance around in. Obviously I was going to love it. I feel like a PINK LADY! Also, my dad has worn nothing but Members Only jackets me whole life so I run RULL DEEP NOSTALGIA for this brand. AND… remember Mouth’s (Corey Feldman) amazing ensemble from The Goonies? At the time, I was too young and too eighties status to appreciate his fly style, but now I pretty much GO BANANAZ over the fact that he wore a PURPLE RAIN shirt and a grey Members Only jacket. BEST DRESSED GOONIE FOR REAL.



When I put this outfit together, my mood increased about 75% and entered into high level vibrations. I don’t know about y’alls, but there is something about a pink n’ purple color combination that makes me feel like a CANDY ANGEL. Then with these ice creams tights?? I’m in love (with me.)




I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!! These bombers are thee perfect summer jacket IMHO.


June 13, 2013   13 Comments

Just A Couple Of Freaks

♥ Outfit deetz: vintage dress given to me for my b-day by Sam ♥ , F21 leopard jacket, tights c/o We Love Colors 

DOST MINE EYES DECEIVE ME?!? ::drops to knees and slowly crawls to you like a sexy baby tiger:: You guys, my assholeness went up to an 11 these past few months while I got a new job and moved, but here I am, The One That Got Away. ALMOST, ALMOST! JK

Anyway it’s a whole new year and we have a whole lot of loving to do. To warm your cookies down there, here’s some shots of me and the lovely baybayshia Christina when we went shopping and burger grubbin’ last weekend. After hitting up Fairfax flea, we stopped by this cray store called Freak City, which Elizabeth told me about the other day.  This shit gave me some serious raver flashbacks, which I think I can finally handle after thirteen years, but it was pretty awesome. I left with a lace cardigan and a shirt with zebras on it.

Christina’s outfit deetz: Marc Jacobs jacket, vintage top, skirt, and shoes.




I love this place. Can’t wait to go back and get some Rhythm Nation earrings!




Thanks for the pics, Christina!

January 11, 2013   6 Comments

B.A.I.T. Footwear Giveaway!

Shirt from Beacon’s Closet, skirt from H&M, tights c/o We Love Colors, Patricia shoes c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear, sunglasses from

The lovely peeps at B.A.I.T. Footwear sent me a pair of Patricia shoes from their new fall collection! How cute are these?? GOOD NEWZ 4 U: they are also giving a pair to one of my readerboos! WE CAN BE TWINZIES! All you have to do is leave a comment! Extra entries are given if you follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@baitfootwear) ! Just make sure to specify below. Winner gets a pair of Patricias in the color of your choice: purple, black, or brown! The contest is open to U.S. and Canadian readers only. I will choose a the lucky duck on Friday! GOOD LUCK SISTAS!

EDIT UPDATE: DANI U ARE DA WINNA!!! Congrats on your new pair of shoesies! Email me at to claim your prize!

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