cruel intentions1


Remember Kathryn’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) secret rosary coke holder on Cruel Intentions? Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted one, except I don’t fux with cocaine! So what would I keep inside of it instead?

photo 2

A random trip to the spice store where I came across some black truffle salt inspired me….

photo 3

DAS RIGHT…I put TRUFFLE SALT in my stash rosary necklace !! ¬†I purchased it from where else? CruelIntensionsNecklace.com.

photo 1

Now I can have a TASTE OF LUXURY (my nickname for truffle salt) anytime I want. I broke it out at last night’s Pizza Club meeting and it was a success. I sprinkled it upon my comrade’s mushroom slice instantly turning it into RICH PIZZA.