♥ Winona Forever shirt c/o Blood Is The New Black. H&M skirt, Target wedges ♥

Lately I’ve been wearing nothing but Blood Is The New Black shirts. They are crazy comfy, my dudes. And this Winona Forever shirt? Dyin’. Remember when Johnny Depp got this tattooed on him then when Winona and he broke up, he changed it to Wino Forever? Anyway, this was taken during my Palm Springs trip, when my bestie Shaun and I had dinner at Tinto, the tapas restaurant at The Saguaro. I highly recommend it. I’m dreaming of their homemade donuts with date jam, spiced honey, and date olive oil ice cream as we speak WHAT SHACHO MOUF I KNOW!!!!!! One thing though, make sure you eat din-din early. We ended up passing out sort of soon afterwards like asshole grandpas and I found my ass waking up every couple of hours due to horrifying, vivid, nightmares. I guess all them delicious meats n’ tings swimming around in your stomach during dreamland is NO BUENO. Go for a walk afterwards or something. LAWD