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Charlotte Olympia X Mac Tonight Collaboration

Basically obsessed with this Charlotte Olympia MOONFACE CLUTCH! Yas, it is about three car payments but a cholita like me can dream. I think a big reason why I like it is because it reminds me of a special man from my past.

MAC TONIGHT. For all of you youngs, Mac Tonight was a mascot for McDonald’s back in the 80s. He was RULL SMOOVE. McDonald’s is so 80s, you guys. I can’t believe people still eat it? Save for a work meeting hash brown here and there, I haven’t braved Mickey D’s since I drunkenly stumbled into one when I was in Tokyo a few years ago and got ye old ‘rhea. Boohoo. Still love me some MAC TONIGHT though.

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Sponsor Agent Lover For September!

HELLO FRIENDS! I have a few spots left for September! For those of you who run your own clothing shop, jewelry line, or if you have a new blog you’d like more people to check out, see my Small Business Ad Program! Contact me at marie[at] if you are interested and have any questions!

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Lazy Oaf AW12

HOW I LOVES ME SOME LAZY OAF!!! Their latest collection channels two different types of girls- the goth girl and the candy girl which is obv SPEAKING TO THIS EX-GRAVER ova here….My favorites are clearly the daisy jacket and daisy dress, the watermelon cardigan!, the genius sticker shirt and the color panel jacket. My birthday is in October in case you are wondering…anybody? Anybody? Check out more of Lazy Oaf AW12 here.

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Mad Crushin’ On Moxie Jane Vintage Interview and Giveaway

There are so many reasons why I heart Moxie Jane, but two that standout are how she was practically born with the cherished gift I like to call “thrifter’s luck” and is one of the biggest Prince fans I know! I chatted with this fun little lady about her style idols, obsessions and of course, Thee Purple One. Moxie is also giving away a $50 credit to her fabulous vintage shop! There are tons of cute dresses I’ve been eyeing in there so make sure to enter. Leave a comment at the end of this post and don’t forget to like her Facebook page and follow her on Bloglovin’! You can also get updates by signing up for the mailing list on her site. The giveaway is open to my international readers as well! Come back here on Friday to see if you’ve won! Good luck and enjoy my interrogation of Moxie below!

Moxie, you are one of the best thrifters I have ever seen! What are some of your favorite things you have ever thrifted?

Aww shux, Agent Lover, thanx girl! Some faves that come to mind are my powder pink 50s kitchen clock, and a few amazing powder puff jars, definitely my “Coffee Slut” mug and a vintage Miss Piggy one, the sealed box set of AbFab (yes! every episode!), some AMAZING white leather studded stiletto booties (that are in my Etsy shop now, actually-wish they fit ME, wahhhh)  And I also like to say that my Baby Blue, my pitbull, was the best thing I ever thrifted…

How did you start Moxie Jane Boutique?

My current brand, Moxie Jane, started as Star Gazer Jewels in 2006 in my Philadelphia, PA studio. I started making necklaces, re-mixing found, vintage, and upcycled elements into new pieces. It burst into bloom rather spontaneously after my pitbull Jaymz passed away from illness that summer. He lived a long and robust life after I fused him with years of love beams and homemade organic dog food. I had rescued him as a mangey street puppy eleven years earlier. I started making accessories to self soothe after his loss, and it started to become clear I was shifting into my purpose. I was guided to design! I started selling necklaces to friends and fams and neighbors and co-workers. They all stoked me up big time… telling me to sell my stuff, so I started doing trunk shows and the outdoor crafty market thing. I met some lovelies doing that, mostly ladies with amazing taste and connections who saw the Vision in my designs and loved looking hot in them! I also attended networking happy hours and went to as many business/arsty/creative-preneur parties around Philly wearing my pieces to self promote. In 2009, I  was invited to open a boutique in Northern Liberties (neighborhood in Philly) by a team of curators. A developer was building a re-appropriation of the Piazza in Rome. It all was built very fast…the condos and shoppes there are beautiful, industrial and modern, and some truly amaze members of the Philly art scene were stalked down and selected to lease the shoppes and gallery space there. I felt so honored to be included and it came exactly at a moment when I was manifesting what’s next for Moxie Jane?  When I opened, I was primarily making and selling my jewelry, but buying trips for vintage jewelry were expanding…I mean flea markets are a hotbed for wild hearts like mine to ramble among porcelain unicorns and bizarre old clown toys. Pretty soon I was getting back to the shoppe with 60s cowgirl boots, old perfume jars, 80s disco handbags and mint green jello molds! My thrifting addiction came into full effect. I was also realizing that vintage not only promotes personalized self-expression and major fashion appreciation from decades past, but also sustainability! Amazing threads and inspiring peoples, check. Higher purpose, check.  It has been a roller coaster since then, lots of ups and dips and swirls, but when you follow your Dreams it is truly amazing where they will take you. Last year I opened my Etsy shop and have continued blogging as well.

 Let’s talk about our mangod, Prince. When did you start falling in love with Thee Purple One? 

It actually wasnt until the late 90s that I really woke up to how truly amazing Thee Purple One is. Virtuoso! Yes I liked Purple Rain and sang Raspberry Beret unusually often, but my deep, mad, true Love of Prince came in some sort of time release. I saw him live at the 930 Club in Washington DC one night in 1998  just jamming after hours. He was playing with Maceo Parker a lot at the time. Funk is a favorite music genre for me, and lets just say I truly felt the Prince funk like never before that night! Whoa. Then there is his range as an artist: he sings, AND is a guitar god AND plays keys, AND writes tons of Billboard-topping songs for lots of artists, AND dances, AND crosses musical genres like it’s nothing, AND plays violin and shit. How can you not be in awe? Some of his songs have romance in them that pierce my heart everytime like “17 Days,” “Pink Cashmere,” “She’s Always In My Hair,” and “Pop Life.” And to top it off is his intense Spirituality and fashion! Wow! He brought/brings Love and God into all of it.  Trailblazer, personal hero, superhuman.

If you could describe your style as the love child of any two people/things, who or what would they be?

Peter Max and Jayne Mansfield. 60s Psychedelic Op art by a Jewish guy whose Grandma probably was all, “My Grandson the artist,” fused with retro glamour and untamed sexuality. Lets mix in Cyndi Lauper in her prime for the occasional three-way too.

Who are some female artists, designers and otherwise that you admire?

Betsey Johnson! Wowza.She was a gateway for me. Tarina Tarantino too, I can’t tell you how many times I have read her story on her pretty website about how she started out and over some magical time, skyrocketed to what she is today. Those mamas sort of blew the walls and ceilings out for me! My mother, Karen, was a fashion designer, so I def  sponged style and design wisdom from conception, *lols.* I was always exposed to what was happening in Vogue or Bazaar magazines, even at a young age. My Mom was very mod and she had a subtle, smart style. She also made me and my brothers the cutest handmade kiddie clothes. We would ‘oooh and ahhh’ and appreciate couture and the artistry on the runways for sure. But when Cyndi Lauper and Madonna’s styles hit in the early 80s we were fascinated!  Mainstream fashion was very hot for not mainstream styles. And Vivienne Westwood dropped the New Wave bomb on fashion too. I really developed the Vision that Fashion is all encompassing, whether it’s avant garde, chanel, streetwear or recycled.  Lately I have been really appreciating Marijke Koger too.

What tunes are on repeat for you lately?

“Make that Move” – Shalimar
“Antolian Anagrams” – Turk Jerk (Tandy Love)
“Tommorrow Never Comes” – Elvis
“Like a Virgin” – Madonna
“Aquarius” – Boards Of Canada

Is there anything you collect specifically?

YES! Vintage Dice and Bakelite. Crystals, especially giant celestite clusters, lepiodlite, and other stones that align with indigo and purple chakras. Ceramic masks. Perfume. Postage stamps (geek!), 1950s boudoir and vanity decor, vintage dresses.

Your five current obsessions:

1. I’m going through a 70s gypsy phase…just Etsy-splurged on a wing-armed fortune teller vibin’ dress, some classic wooden clogs and an art nouveau pendant necklace. I also have my eye on a sweet crocheted frock!
2. Working the fall boots into the end of summer.
3. Jogging. I run really slow, but it’s freaking fantastic, it makes me feel so strong.
4. My lipstick lamp from Tarjay
5. “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!” Omg. not sure if I should promote or admit that, but can’t stop won’t stop.

What’s next in the world of Moxie Jane?

1. NEW Moxie Jane Jewelry!!!! I had been on hiatus…but finally am back in the studio, and they will start to debut in the Etsy shop in the next few weeks! I am so excited!  2. My first book! I KNOW! Crazy amazing! Stay Tuned…all updates go up on le blog and to my mailing list. 3. 1000 more vintage items in my Etsy shop.

UPDATE: THE WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN! Congrats to #9 Andi Rockz! Contact me at marie[at] to claim your prize!!

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Strange Magic

Rookie girls: Katherine, Olivia, Tara, Dylan, moi, and Hazel

I know this is considered OLD NEWZ in blog years and all, but I just wanted to share a few of my INTIMATE PHOTOS from last month when the Strange Magic installation was at Space 15 Twenty. For those of you who made it out to any of the cool shindigs (Clueless screening, Q&A with Mindy Kaling, seeing yours truly read out loud with some of the other writers, and closing prom night), I hope you had thee time of your life. I SURE DID and I only was able to make it to a couple of them (see: “olds” with day job.) It was pretty amazing to see what we have been working for the past year come to life in this kind of way, as well as finally meet my bosslady Tavi in person along with many of my other Rookie colleagues. The past year has been pretty WILD and extraordinary and I owe a lot of it to being a part of Rookie. I feel quite lucky. However, I shall save my Mariah Carey emotions for a few weeks from now, when I go to New York and meet even more of my Rookie sistas! I AM SO EXCITED AND I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT JESSIE SPANOOOOOO

The sweetest gal Jamie and me

Karlito and I being very dramatic

All the readers!

I really want this glittery vagina flower

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the installation was made to look like a teenage girl’s bedroom. What’s weird is that it basically looks like my adult one, complete with period-stained panties. JK. COCHINA!!!!!!! Whose idea was that? Tavi!?! Still dying over here.

And as per my mom’s request, a photo of me and the magical wizard of our lives, Tavi.

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Winona Forever

♥ Winona Forever shirt c/o Blood Is The New Black. H&M skirt, Target wedges ♥

Lately I’ve been wearing nothing but Blood Is The New Black shirts. They are crazy comfy, my dudes. And this Winona Forever shirt? Dyin’. Remember when Johnny Depp got this tattooed on him then when Winona and he broke up, he changed it to Wino Forever? Anyway, this was taken during my Palm Springs trip, when my bestie Shaun and I had dinner at Tinto, the tapas restaurant at The Saguaro. I highly recommend it. I’m dreaming of their homemade donuts with date jam, spiced honey, and date olive oil ice cream as we speak WHAT SHACHO MOUF I KNOW!!!!!! One thing though, make sure you eat din-din early. We ended up passing out sort of soon afterwards like asshole grandpas and I found my ass waking up every couple of hours due to horrifying, vivid, nightmares. I guess all them delicious meats n’ tings swimming around in your stomach during dreamland is NO BUENO. Go for a walk afterwards or something. LAWD

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August Small Business Shopping Guide

 Wednesday dress  and Super 90s Sunflower Romper

Shop! Bluesville USA
Instagram: @bluesvilleusa

Bluesville USA features super affordable vintage pieces handpicked from right here in So Cal! The Wednesday dress is great for these summer days then throw on a pair of tights with it when it starts to cool in the fall (I can’t believe we are almost at September!!) I am also adoring this totally Donna Martin Sunflower romper! If you are in the LA area this weekend check out Bluesville’s booths at Mega Merch and LA Lemon Back To School Sale on Saturday and at Space 15 Twenty on Sunday from 11am-4pm!

Paisley GoGo dress and Coral Pineapple Romper

Lollipop Swirl Dress and 80s Dance Uniform Dress

I am loving these two dresses from Moxie Jane Vintage. Look at the colors on that striped secretary dress and HALLOW, can’t you just see me and my jazz hands doing a kickline in the 80s Dance Uniform Dress? Stay tuned for my interview with Moxie herself next week!

Shop!: Moxie Jane Vintage
Blog: Moxie Jane
Twitter: @MoxieJane Moxie Jane Vintage

Lydia Deetz Framed Print and Doom Generation Framed Print

Los Angeles Magazine recently put Pygmy Hippo Shoppe on their “Best of L.A.” list and it’s no surprise especially since I can’t keep up with all the cool items they’ve been getting in lately. These two prints from Super Secret Pow Wow are OUTTA CONTROL. Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice? Doom Generation? ALL THE FAVES BOO! And check out these super cute candy-colored kitty cases for your iPhone. They sell out fast so get one quick!

Shop! Pygmy Hippo
Instagram: @pygmyhipposhoppe

Strawberry Kitty , Black Kitty , Minty Kitty 

Painters Muse Blouse and Banana Smoothie embroidered top

You’ve already met Kee Kee during our interview and giveaway for her shop Laurel and Hector Vintage, but have you seen these cute tops yet? I am digging the sleeves on that Painters Muse Blouse!  Since she’s out of the country on another magical vintage buying trip, anything you order will be shipped in mid-September. Kee Kee will still be updating the store during her travels so keep your eye on all her new finds!

Shop!: Laurel and Hector Vintage
Instagram: @keekeeflamingo

Clockwise left to right: Lydia braLouniverse collarLola Heart knickers and Lola collar

Blog: Loulou Loves You Tumblr
Twitter: @louloulovesyou

Big News//Sad News: After five years, Loulou Loves You will be ending sales on all lingerie and accessories (aside from her gorgeous flower headbands) after this month to make way for exciting new projects! Loulou is giving 30% off for her farewell sale so make sure to grab one of her beautiful collars, bras and knickers before they are gone forever! Hand me a Kleenex or five hundred!

90s Clueless / Drew Daisies Dress , 60s Sheer Negligee1940s Striped Playsuit

Shop!: Mary Van Note
Blog: Mary Van Note 

My favorite vintage maven + funny lady Mary Van Note is at it again with her great finds! Pretty much dying over everything that’s in her shop right now, especially this 90s Daisy Dress, 60s negligee, and striped playsuit. Take a peek to see what else she has for you!

Sparkle Team Glitter Badges and Velvet Kewpie Hair Bow Clip 

It’s always exciting to see what’s going on at Cutie Dynamite! Check out these Sparkle Team Glitter Badges and these KEWPIE CLIPS! Dying over here!!

Shop! Cutie Dynamite

Custom Lyric Nameplate Necklace

I’m still loving these lyric necklaces over at Gabriel Hounds! The Smiths’ “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” just came on my internet radio station…is it a sign?

Shop!: Gabriel Hounds Jewelry
Twitter: @xoGabrielHounds


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Poolside At The Saguaro

Romper from H&M, leopard wedges from Target,  UO sunnies, Betsey Johnson purse

Last week I went to Palm Springs for a little vacation and to work on my tan…FINALLY. People usually run from Palm Springs during the triple digit weather but you know this B likes to live dangerously.  I had big plans to do some vintage treasure hunting but ended up staying by the pool most of the time with a drink in hand and Motley Crue’s The Dirt in my lap. I’ve had that book for over a year and finally found the perfect setting to read it. It’s SO trashy and amazing. Right now I’m at the part where Nikki Sixx marries Donna D’Errico so it’s funny to see what that cuckoolicious is up to now. Anyway, who could blame me for doing some serious maxin’ and relaxin’ especially since I was staying at The Saguaro, which just opened up at the beginning of this year. Once I saw pictures of this technicolor paradise, I knew it was the one for Rie Rie. It was like staying inside of a RAINBOW!

View from our room

Always got to have serious neon nails when I go to Palm Springs. Yes that is a Babysitter’s Club pin. The burger was given to me and Tavi by the always cool Karlito at one of the Rookie Strange Magic events. I’ll post about those fun times soon too. I PROMISE BABYS.

More on my trip in future posts!

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House of Maryanne Fall Lookbook And Giveaway

Photos by Laura Bamford

Since coming across House of Maryanne on Facebook a few months ago, I have been heavily sighing at almost every single one of their dresses. Maryanne Bridges has immaculate taste and a keen eye when it comes to curating one-of-a-kind vintage pieces for her Australia-based shop. Now that their fall lookbook, True Prep, is here and filled with pretty pleats, dainty blouses, and amazing cloaks, I’ve found myself looking forward to tights and beret season. Coming from me, the true LUVA of summatime, that really MEANS something! And since I love to spoil you around here, House of Maryanne is giving away a $50 voucher to one of you stylish reader hotties. All you have to do is like their page on Facebook, and leave a comment on this post! You can also sign up for their mailing list here! EDIT: The winner will be announced on Tuesday!

On the inspiration for True Prep:  ”Coming out of the Melbourne Winter, we found that we had cocooned ourselves in layers of ponchos, hooded duffles and Indian blankets for months without end. The northern Hemisphere had likewise spent the summer with their midriffs out and long legs basking in the sun. We felt like we wanted to mark the change in seasons. This Trans-seasonal period calls for a tailored silhouette. IT works for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere – that perfect time when fashion aligns for a short period and the whole world can dress as one. The uniform for this year, has to be True Prep. Cute knee socks, plaid pleated skirts, semi-sheer button downs and primary coloured well-cut cardigans. A pallet of tomato, mustard, navy and cream – Classic. The perfect way to transition through the mild weather and well into the coming extreme winter/ summer.”

**UPDATE: I have just chosen the winner via and it is #5 KENNEDY! Please email me at!**

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