Mad Crushin’ On Motherland And Giveaway!

Claudette Double Heart brooch by Motherland

So lately I’ve been super obsessed with wearing all things Motherland (as seen in this recent outfit post) and then found out that Melissa Aquino, the creator of Motherland, is obsessed with Jayne Mansfield just like yours truly. We are currently in the middle of a lengthy-email exchange about the secret and spooky places in LA (which coincidentally goes with the timing of this Hollywood Mysteries piece I wrote for Rookie) and I fear (hope) this email is never going to end and/or culminate in some sort of epic Hollywood Thelma and Louise-style adventure. Basically there’s a whole lotta obsession going on around these parts (what’s new.) Anyway, this is OBV a real down ass chica with AMAZING TASTE so of course I wanted to interrogate her and learn more about her jewelry! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end so you can win this super cute sequin double heart “Claudette” brooch!

What inspires your jewelry?

Los Angeles, kitschy/creepy artifacts hoarded in your grandparents’ basement since 1962, bright neons and tropical colors, and being a kid in the late 80s/early 90s. For example, I went on this recent mental tangent/inspiration bender remembering my hometown’s awesome drugstore: Hello Kitty and wax lips abound! Such a good place to spend your allowance.

Constellation bracelet by Motherland

Can you tell us about some of your favorite pieces?

The Constellation Bracelet is whimsical, when I wear it I feel like I’m 7 and playing dress-up/princess/wizard (what? some kids have weird imaginations). The Wendy Necklace is a permanent fave of mine because I am a cherry FANATIC. I’m also stoked about the Claudette Double Brooch coming to the shop, it’s my most complex design yet and really feels like my own. Plus, my first foray away from bracelets and necklaces! All in all I love to wear everything – usually each creation comes to fruition because I wanted a piece for myself.

If you could describe your style as the love child of any two people/things, who or what would they be?

I’d say my style of jewelry is a nice mix between Little Orphan Annie and Barbarella. In terms of my own personal style, I like to wear clothes that make me look like the love child of Divine and Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.

The talented lady behind Motherland, Melissa Aquino wearing the Wilma Necklace.

Who are some female artists, designers and otherwise that you admire?

It sounds silly, but I’m really into the female blog community that’s sort of shaped itself over 10+ years. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been watching the same faces for that long! I love that we all hang out on the internet and Instagram like freaks on glitter-coated PCP. There’s so much creativity out there and I love following and supporting that scene. Some recent favorites for jewelry are The Vamoose (Kathryn is OG and her pieces are incredibly timeless), Cities in Dust, and Boo + Boo Factory (how wild is her stuff?!) Other general favorites are The Loved One (duh), and SWANclothing – so unique. Also, in terms of visual artists, I am OBSESSED with everything Celia Rowlson-Hall touches. She is genius.

Is there a particular decade in history you feel a connection with?

All of them, really. Sometimes I have SPOOKY life feelings and swear I lived through the 50s/60s because I’ve spent entirely too much time pretending I did. Also, I’m really into the 90s, mostly because of the nostalgia factor. Life just seemed so much better then..and neon.

The Jeannie Necklace

What music are you currently listening to?

After years of burning myself out on My Bloody Valentine, I’m having a much-needed revival. Also, Leonard Cohen’s first album, Ty Segall, and Beat Happening because I’m ALWAYS listening to them.

What are your wardrobe staples?

I love interesting shoes because they can put together an otherwise-simple outfit (same goes for jewelry, my first and one true love of course). Also, I kind of hate jeans and typically wear grandma slacks or skirts.

Amazon Necklace

Is there anything you collect?

I have a pretty intense stuffed animal collection that will soon take over my boyfriend’s half of the room, probably. I really like stuffed animals and talk to them and stuff – I know it’s weird as hell but I have no intention of stopping. Also, I am one of those psychopaths who collects vintage poodle ephemera. I also want to start collecting vintage engraved/monogrammed jewelry with other people’s names on it, like “Merle” rings and “Betty Lou” lockets.

Your five current obsessions:

Eatpastry vegan cookie dough because you can make as little or as many cookies as you want, and eat the rest later! Plus, no eggs so I won’t die if I eat out of the container (it happens). Souvenir graphic tees from the 80s/90s with puffy screenprinting. Bolo ties. PINK. The golden pekingese I see walking in my neighborhood every day.

What’s next in the world of Motherland?

I have a permanent case of star fever, so there will be lots more star items to come. Also, I’ll be branching out and trying my hand at making rings and a few bolo ties because they’re awesome. Lastly, I’ve been trying to create the ultimate-and-not-boring/cliche fruit charm bracelet for about 6 months now…one day it will be perfect!

And now for the giveaway! Motherland is giving away a Claudette Double Brooch to one lucky AL reader! Just leave a comment and if you want tell us about your favorite old Hollyweird tale and you will be entered to win! The contest is open to US readers only. I will choose the lucky winner on Friday! Good luck muchachas and muchachos!

UPDATE!! I have chosen a winner via! The Claudette brooch goes to LUCKY NUMBA 6- ASHLEY!! WOO HOOO! U GO GLEN COCO. Email me at marie[at] to claim your prize!


1 Josh { 06.26.12 at 10:23 am }

One time I was walking on Franklin and Shia LaBeouf was just standing there with one shoe on his foot and the other on his hand and he kept telling all passers-by that he stepped in gum and he needed help. I got a close up of the shoe and there was no gum but only his phone number. I took a picture of it with my mind so I could call him later, which I did. Later on that night we sat closely on the rooftop of the old Union Bank building downtown spitting on cars and dropping pennies.

2 birdie { 06.26.12 at 12:46 pm }

It’s not MY Hollyweird story, but my gran and gramps met at the Hollywood Palladium in the late 40′s.

He was a naval captain and he could dance (he’d danced as an extra in a Shirley Temple movie!), and when he saw my gran at the club he told his sailor pals, “I’m going to marry that girl.”

That night, he asked her to dance and my gran was super impressed. They definitely did get married and the rest is history.

3 Sheena She { 06.26.12 at 1:52 pm }

The weirdest Hollywood story……wait for it…..I’ve never been to Hollywood. EEEEEEEEEK!

4 marie { 06.26.12 at 1:54 pm }

haha let me make it clear that I mean weird old celebrity stories!

5 Stephanie Hubbardd { 06.26.12 at 2:23 pm }

Apparently Errol Flynn had a sex dungeon and was super into S+M, along with swashbuckling. That has to be my favourite dirty little secret of Hollywood

6 Ashley { 06.26.12 at 2:36 pm }

I only went to hollywood once and went on a bus tour with my parents and brother. We saw allegedly saw the outside of Harrison Ford’s house haha.

7 Ashley { 06.26.12 at 2:37 pm }

I only went to hollywood once and went on a bus tour with my parents and brother. We saw allegedly saw the outside of Harrison Ford’s house haha. Oh and Im in the UK at the moment but will totally send this off to one of my American friends and pay for more postage AKA SO CUTE MUST HAVE

8 Ingrid Henny { 06.26.12 at 2:41 pm }

I love the clip where Judy Garland stands up for her gay fans. It’s kind of amazing.

9 Morgan { 06.26.12 at 2:54 pm }

It doesn’t technically count as ‘Hollywood’ but all of the weird numerology stuff behind jimi hendrix and john lennons deaths are pretty freaky!

10 Emily { 06.26.12 at 3:03 pm }

I was once walking around in my home city of Philly, and some Hollyweird directors had decided to shoot some sniper scenes for an action movie with Colin Farrell as said sniper. I didn’t know this was going on and just saw someone with a huge gun on the top of a building and it really scared the crap out of me!

11 Maribel { 06.26.12 at 3:40 pm }

my favorite weird celebrity story is the angelina jolie and billy bob situation where they kept vials of blood around their necks and knives under their pillows! >_<

12 Dani { 06.26.12 at 6:00 pm }

Jean Harlow’s husband was thought to of shot himself stark naked because he was impotent (studio release) turns out it was a crazy ex lady friend. tsk. tsk.

13 Justine { 06.26.12 at 6:26 pm }

The Susan Cabot murder is one of the absolute weirdest Hollywood murders I have ever read about. Of course there is also the whole was Thelma Todd murder…Jean Seberg crazy mysteriouso sad death (she most likely killed herself but still, no one really knows for sure) and the mother load of fascinating morbidness: The Tate/ La Bianca murders…too many to choose from over in Hollywierdland.

14 Jamie { 06.26.12 at 7:10 pm }

I can’t really think of any weird old celebrity stories that I’m into. I’ve always been really into Charlie Manson, though. That man is a freak but damn he made some beautiful music….sigh!!

15 Darcy { 06.26.12 at 7:46 pm }

Ahh ! Melissa’s stuff is always so good. Been eying the double brooch since she posted sneak peeks on Twitter.

Turns out my great grandmother was good pals with Amelia Earhart. My Gran was a tough cookie & a little rough around the edges so I can only imagine how she was in the 50s paling around with such a babe.

16 Emily Lisl { 06.26.12 at 9:30 pm }

sadly i’ve never been to hollywood either (or hollyweird that is), but i once had a dream that i somehow got involved in bette midler’s vegas show. i was in it, bette was in it, and so was a young bettie page. i danced around and sang and they were so FAB. i was of course, far less fab. but it was such a lovely time. there was even a submarine involved in the dream? unfortunately that’s all i remember as it is hard for me to remember my dreams.
ahhhhh good times. so Hollyweird!

17 Paige { 06.26.12 at 10:25 pm }

I love the idea of the Marilyn Monroe haunted mirror at the Roosevelt, but I’ve never seen it! My friend and I tried to sneak to the upper floors once but they’ve got that place locked down, man. It’s supposedly on the lower levels now!

18 Roma { 06.27.12 at 5:45 am }

I think the whole idea of how John Travolta and his family are Scientologists is just plane bizarre. Celebrity cult stories are the weirdest for sure.

19 Melissa { 06.27.12 at 5:58 pm }

AHHHHHH CREEPY. I believe it.

20 Melissa { 06.27.12 at 5:59 pm }

Agreed! I drove up to the spot where they killed Sharon once. It was SOOO spooky. I sort of regret going!

21 Melissa { 06.27.12 at 6:00 pm }

what?! does it move around?

22 Melissa { 06.27.12 at 6:01 pm }


23 jenna { 06.28.12 at 12:53 pm }

I don’t have to many old Hollywood stories. But my grandmother would tell me that at one of the bars her and my grandpa frequented in their youth, Jackie Gleason was a bartender. Also my bfs grandma when she was a girl somehow acquired frank sinatras phone number. When

24 Naomi { 06.28.12 at 3:56 pm }

No Hollyweird tale to tell, but I love the brooch!!!

25 Elle { 06.28.12 at 4:36 pm }

The Charlie Manson one is my favorite. My dad knows him; I guess he met him during the trial, or something, and my dad was a young prosecutor then, and apparently now C-Manson is so cray cray he thinks my dad is the guy that prosecuted against him.

Besides that, I just can’t get over how Sharon Tate died. And I love the Joan Didion essay about Linda Kasabian’s trial, especially the part about how she had to buy her the dress she wore on trial with weird political specifications.

Personally the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me in LA is going to the La Brea tarpits and learning that dire wolves were actually real (and not just Game of Thrones fantasy animals).

26 Psychedelic Orange Popsicle — { 06.28.12 at 5:02 pm }

[...] I wore it with Betsey Pollys, my Modcloth seashell purse, and a HUGE disco ball ring that I picked up at one of my favorite cholita shops. This thing is so bananas, everybody best knows not to mess wit me! OKRRR. I also wore my Motherland Amazon necklace! Don’t forget you have one more day to enter the giveaway! [...]

27 mary { 06.28.12 at 7:18 pm }

I love that constellation bracelet. Great stuff!
weird hollywood story… well I heard Will and Jada Smith are like into group sex like Eyes Wide Shut kinda stuff. EEEEEWWWWWW OR OHHH YEAHHHH I DON’T KNOW

28 Nathanb { 06.28.12 at 7:48 pm }

This story isn’t super old Hollywood it’s more aging Hollywood but here it go’s

These 2 guys were talking about what they should do for their friends birthday so one guy said lets go to danzigs house, knock on the door and ask him to make us some pancakes . They get drunk go to his house and he tells them to fuck off!

29 Cara { 06.28.12 at 8:44 pm }

I wish I had a really freaking good story but all I can think of is that I heard that Grace Kelly was a bit of a slut and that she slept with Judy Garland’s man and she hella flipped out about it. Then again it’s more gossip than it is a freaky Hollywood story.