Blogging has been a bit scarce this past month or so but I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for Rookie so ple takes a lurk over there if you feel so inclined. I have my regular teen advice column and film style posts, a fun 80′s hair taxonomy and even a piece about growing up biracial.  I’m also working on a couple of upcoming kewl tings of my own so please light a candle to Beyonce to help me get it all done gracefully and without a Mariah Carey exhaustion-induced episode (again.) Anyhoo, I’ve also been scraping up any extra cash flow to stock up on Betsey now that the shops are in liquidation. This hooded cardi was one of the goodies I managed to grab. It reminds me of an imitation Cross Colours hoodie I had in the seventh grade. Hmm, first fake Docs, then Birkenstocks…lawd I had a lot of knockoffs in seventh grade. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

♥ cardigan: Betsey Johnson
♥ dress: H&M
♥ belt and tights: Target
♥ sunglasses: Girlprops

I’m glad I did this pose while wearing my cardigan since Soapwalla gave me a rash. I had to go back to YE OLDE Secret deodorant. Pray 4 Me, Pray 4 My Pits. Anyone?

I’ve also done a couple of interviews lately! The first was with the cool muthas at Worn Fashion Journal (there was also an accompanying photoshoot with the muy talented Lisa Kannakko. I’ll be talking more about the shoot in an upcoming post!) and the second was with Karina Dresses! (Hope you like my idea of a perfect day.)

Love you always, Rie Rie


1 Isabella { 05.24.12 at 4:43 pm }

Such a cute cardi!! Want, want. Love you lots on Rookie!! <3

2 Mrs D { 05.25.12 at 4:48 am }

It’s good to be busy with the right kind of stuff :)
Lovely sunnies and cardi!

3 vagiunta { 05.27.12 at 3:48 pm }

I got a rash too! But it showed up like a week after I started using and fell in love. :(

4 marie { 05.29.12 at 4:34 pm }

I am SO SAD I was allergic to it! It really worked! Now I am back to Secret :(

5 marie { 05.29.12 at 4:34 pm }

Thank you so much Isabella!! I appreciate that! <3

6 marie { 05.29.12 at 4:35 pm }

True!! Thank you! Sadly I broke those sunnies today but luckily they are only $5 :)

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