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Brunch Bunch

I had brunch at BLD with a bunch of LOVELY LADIES last weekend. It was followed by The Hunger Games which I loved even though I wanted more Gale, more Cinna, more blood n’ gore, more EVERYTHING. But I had a huge headache and was nauseous from sniffing some strong perfume beforehand and probs because of my purriod so I spent the entire duration of the film in complete hell. Sucks balls! I NEED A REWATCH! Anyway, the brunch gang included Vanessa, Emi, Samantha and Gabby! Everyone is so cute!

I wore: a top by Charlotte Ronson for JCPenney, Urban Outfitter shoes, We Love Colors tights, Rococonouveau collarette, and a vintage purse.

Where my Hunger Games fans at? Like they say…the movie is almost never as good as the book, but I thought the did a pretty good job for tweaking it to PG-13. So many people got beef with Peeta but I think he’s cute! And hunky Lenny Kravs with his gold eyeliner. DELIMSHIS. Thoughts?

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Mad Crushin’ On Francesca Lia Block


When I first discovered Francesca Lia Block’s work, I was fourteen- the age where I really started to discover my own personal style and interests…and began to worry a little bit less about being ‘weird.’ I remember I was in the school library when I randomly came across Weetzie Bat,  the first installment of FLB’s popular Dangerous Angels series, about a girl named Weetzie, her two gay best friends Duck and Dirk, and her Secret Agent Lover Man living in a dreamlike Shangri-LA. Its pages were filled with magical, glittering imagery, vivid characters and beautiful sentences that could be sung like songs: “He kissed me. A kiss about apple pie a la mode with the vanilla creaminess melting in the pie heat. A kiss about chocolate, when you haven’t eaten chocolate in a year. A kiss about palm trees speeding by, trailing pink clouds when you drive down the Strip sizzling with champagne. A kiss about spotlights fanning the sky and the swollen sea spilling like tears all over your legs.” This is what a daydreamin’, teenage girl wanted to read you know? Sitting in that library, I never could have imagined that years later this book would still have such an effect on me, to the point where the name of my blog was inspired by one of her characters. Without further ado, I present to you my interview with the wonderful Francesca Lia Block!

You recently collaborated with clothing company Wildfox Couture. Can you tell us more about that and how it came about?

I have always wanted to do a clothing line. When I was a little girl I salivated over European Vogue magazines and drew sketches for designs. I always play dress up with my characters in my books as well. Kim and Emily of Wildfox told me I had inspired them when they started their line and we became friends. They also sponsored our screenplay reading of Weetzie Bat at Book Soup in August 2010. We decided to do a mini collection, based on a short story I wrote for them online, about Ella, a pink-haired fairy girl, Cherie, a free-spirited French gypsy and a blond witch named Dahlia. I am so in love with these clothes. This is really a dream come true. I love Wildfox.

A friend of mine recently discovered old ‘zines from a Jayne Mansfield fan club that would meet in Hollywood in the 80′s. It reminded me of my favorite part of Weetzie Bat, with Vixanne’s coven of Jayne groupies. Being a fan of Jayne myself, I’ve always been curious- what inspired that particular scene in the book?

It was that fan club! My friend and I went to a meeting. It was strange, very cult-like. It inspired that part of Weetzie. I’m glad your friend found the zines because sometimes I think I hallucinated the whole thing!

Why do you think Weetzie has become an influential icon for girls over the years?

To be honest, I am surprised at how enduring she is. I guess because she is loving and sweet and vulnerable but also not afraid to be herself. Plus she has mad style sense. :) Weetzie <3s Wildfox.

If Weetzie was a teen girl in today’s social media-powered world, what would she be doing? Would she be a Tumblr punk? A fashion blogger?

She’d do it all but then she’d get mad and shut down the computer and make cookies and collages. Then she’d take pictures of them and post them and the cycle would begin again…

How do you stay positive when facing obstacles that are out of your control like what is going on with Bank of America and your home?

Taking care of my children really grounds me and keeps me sane. Also, the support of my friends, running, yoga, meditation and always writing!

You are such an inspirational role model to so many women, who are some ladies you admire?

Thank you! Many of them had tragic lives–Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Frida Kahlo. I admire that they produced so much beauty in spite of (or maybe because of?) the pain they suffered.

What are some of your current obsessions?

As of today? Cinna played by Lenny Kravitz in The Hunger Games, my Wildfox hoodie that says “Sleep Under the Stars” worn under a leather jacket, my pale pink Wildfox sweatshirt that says PUNK in black, white jeans, my silver Nike Air Force Ones, Iggy Pop’s high school yearbook photo, Butter non-toxic nail polish in gold glitter, changelings.
 Every day: my kids, my dog, my friends, my house, poetry, fiction, film, music, faeries.

Do you collect anything?

Does dust count? No, seriously, I guess cute shoes that don’t hurt, although I don’t mean to, Wildfox T-shirts, little goddess statues.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

Yes. The white horse I mention in ECHO. That really happened to me after my dad died. There was another incident with a note from my dad that literally blew into my hands in the desert years after his death. I slept in a haunted house once.

Do you think you will ever write an autobiography about your magical life?

I would like to ,yes, if there is ever interest?

Since you are an LA native I’d love to know – What are some of your favorite lesser-known places in LA?

I have an app on here that tells you everything!

Can you tell us a bit about what you are working on right now?

Well, Pink Smog the Weetzie prequel and Love Magick, an e-book anthology I edited just came out. I am awaiting the arrival of my adult psychological faerie thriller The Elementals from St. Martin’s Press in October and working on Love In The Time of Global Warming, an apocalyptic Odyssey with a female lead.

♥ ♥ ♥

Keep up with Francesca Lia Block on her website, her blog and help support the efforts to save her home at Save Francesca’s Faerie Cottage.

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March Small Business Shopping Guide

1. Berry Sweet bra 2. Kandi Land bra

Facebook: House of Kandies
Instagram: @houseofkandies

House of Kandies makes the CUTEST intimates and accessories. They also specialize in custom creations like the adorable bow below. I am especially in love with their strawberry bra. SO SWEET! Check out their shop for more and don’t be shy to shoot them a message if you have an idea for a custom piece in mind!

Custom made bow by House of Kandies

1. Sweethearts Candy necklace “Sassy”Bow Charm necklace bubblegum pink 2. Duro Decal Diner Madness 2

Shop! Buckaroo Bear
Discount code: enter SPRINGCLEAN2012 at checkout for 10% off

Buckaroo Bear has tons of charming handmade items and unique vintage finds! My favorites are her handmade conversation heart necklaces and these fun vintage decals that would look great on a kitchen wall! I am also a huge handkerchief junkie so I can do a lot of damage in this shop. So many to choose from!

3. Vintage 1940s Ivory Daisy earrings 4.1950s Girl Raking Leaves Handkerchief

1. Debbie Deb necklace 2. Where The Wild Things Are ring

Shop!: Gabriel Hounds Jewelry
Twitter: @xoGabrielHounds

Um, YES that nameplate necklace has a Debbie Deb reference and that is just one of the many reasons why I love Gabriel Hounds! There are tons of pretty new pieces in the shop like this vintage gold bracelet and these art-nouveau crystal earrings. Take a peek and spoil yourself for once!

3. Stretchy Vintage Gold Tone bracelet 4. Art Nouveau-Style Crystal earrings

1. Vintage Spring Clover dress 2. 70s Fruit Punch Floral dress

Shop!: Moxie Jane Vintage
Blog: Moxie Jane
Twitter: @MoxieJane

Moxie Jane Vintage, you seriously never cease to amaze me with your vintage goodies! THE CLOVER DRESS!! THE PSYCHEDELIC FRUIT PUNCH DRESS!! AND THE CRAZY RAINBOW ZIGZAG SWEATER!!!!! I’m in heaven!

3. Rainbow Zigzag Poncho sweater 4. Vintage Southwest Tribal Pattern dress

1. Golden Pizza necklace 2. Golden Button necklace 3. Golden Birthday Cake necklace

Shop! Pygmy Hippo
Twitter: @pygmyhipposhop

Do I even have to say anything about Pygmy Hippo Shoppe’s new  GOLD PIZZA NECKLACE?! Please just buy one so we can be twins already. AND THEN we can plan to both eat a slice while wearing our necklaces at the same time. All I want is to be CLOSE2U…

1. Cutie Cat Eye Sparkling Black glasses 2. Cavegirl Baby Bone Glitter Clip

Shop! Cutie Dynamite

I love Cutie Dynamite’s bedazzled cateye sunnies so much and I have been WAITING for this glitter bone barrette to come out ever since I saw it on Instagram. I’m totally going to have to work a Pebbles look soon with one of these! What color to get??

1. Phantom Peter Pan collar 2. Jazzi Shirt collar

Blog: Loulou Loves You Tumblr
Twitter: @louloulovesyou

The lovely Loulou Loves You has two cute new collars in her shop! I can’t decide which one I love more…. naturally my goth tendencies have me reaching for the Phantom Peter Pan Collar, but The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle in me wants the gold Jazzi Shirt Collar. I’m going to have to get both!

1. Vintage 60s Mod Psychedelic dress 2.  Vintage 60s Polkadot Pinup dress

Shop! Alameda Vintage
Blog: The Alameda Vintage Blog
Twitter: @alamedavintage

Alameda Vintage is once again blowing me away with their new stock of dresses! It was hard to choose my favorites, but this 60s mod dress is KILLIN’ ME! And I’ve been low on polkadots dresses lately, so this baby blue number is definitely calling my name! They have tons of gorgeous clothing up right now, so look for some things to add to your Spring wardrobe!

1. 1940s Cropped Letterman Sweater 2. 1950s/60s Light Blue Daisies dress

Shop!: Mary Van Note
Blog: Mary Van Note
Twitter: @maryvannotes

Mary Van Note has so many cute new things in her vintage shop! OBVIOUSLY I adore the 1940s “M” Letterman Sweater, so any of you Michelles, Moniques and Margots better get it before I do! My 90s Drew daisy obsesh is turned up to ten right now so the detail on this dress quickly caught my eye. Mary really has the best taste ever, so don’t forget to check out her shop for more!

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Goin’ Loco

My hard drive died and I lost almost everything. Merc retro datchu? While I try to regain composure, ple enjoy these photos of a recent Doritos Locos tacos tasting.

Being a taco connoisseur, I had to share with you my final notes:

  • Goes well with Riesling.
  • Because of the Locos’ strong fake nacho cheese taste, cannot eat three in a row like one does with regular tacos.
  • Do not attempt the night before doing a photoshoot.

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I Would Look Really Cute In These Dresses: Kelsey Genna Edition

It had been a while since I first stumbled upon New Zealand designer Kelsey Genna’s beautiful Begoina dresses, so I was super duper excited to find out she recently came out with this new collection…especially since it’s always Valentine’s Day in my world. CLEARY I LOVE ALL OF THESE!

It’s hard to pick a favorite but this gorgeous rose-inspired take on my favorite “putana red lace look” is definitely the creme de la creme!!!! I immediately thought of the romantic mid-nineties classic, Bed of Roses, starring CHRISTIAN SLATER when I saw this dress. I’m sure all of you did too.

See more here.

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90′s Style Icons: Death Becomes Her

WELL. ::exhales:: The time has come to talk about our absolute favorite (and only??) Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn movie…Death Becomes Her! Meryl and Goldie play two bitter rivals who will stop at NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to one up the other!

First we meet Madeline (Meryl) who is a real DIVA of an actress starring in a shitty Broadway musical. Her longtime frenemy Helen, an aspiring writer, comes to one of her performances bringing her plastic surgeon fiancé Ernest (played by another one of my FOREVER HUNKS, Los BRUCIE WILLIS!) along with her. This was a HUGE mistake because once the words plastic and surgeon touched the incredibly vain and beauty-obsessed Madeline’s eardrums, she turned her HORN SIREN on up to full blast, eventually seducing Ernest, causing him to leave Helen and marry Madeline.

Many years later, we find out that this betrayal had turned Helen into an unhealthy, depressed and very obsessed CUCKOOLICIOUS who is committed to a psychiatric hospital. She fakes her way out by pretending to be cured but secretly vows to get her revenge on Madeline.

More years pass and we see that Madeline is still obsessed with looking GORGE N’ YOUNG, and Ernest is an alcoholic mortician. During one of her regular spa visits, she is given a mysterious business card of a woman who specializes in youth rejuvenation. Afterwards, she hears that her old pal Helen has become a successful writer and goes to her book party.

Surprisingly, Helen is looking like a lil’ hottie and Madeline is clearly SHOCKED AND JEALOUS.

She ends up visiting the woman whose name is on the business card she received at the spa…and THIS is where we meet the elusive Lisle Von Rhoman played by the most beautiful ISABELLA ROSELLINI!!!!


Lisle promises eternal youth to Madeline with her magic potion which is kept in a fancy Fabergé egg…

Madeline is like PLE RIGHT AWAY ::magic boobs scene::

Meanwhile, Helen is plotting to steal back Ernest and kill Madeline! Let’s talk about my favorite shot right here. Goldie Hawn, hair and makeup perfect, talking on the phone in front of an candle-lit altar wearing a Nike “Just Do It” shirt.

Always gots 2 give props to a spywear-type of outfit, complete with black beret, leather jacket and cateye shades.

She’s even chic as fuck with a rope around her!

Things start to go crazy as the two ladies fight, literally, to the death over los Ernesto! Either he must have been RULL GOOD in the sack or these ladies don’t give a shit about anything except beating the other at everything! (Most likely the latter.)

It becomes obvious that both of them paid a visit to the fountain of youth! These betches are OBV not taking care of their youthful bods. Lisle is going to be SO PISSED!

What a great duo Meryl and Goldie were. I could have watched a whole sequel about their two decapitated heads still arguing while rolling down stairs. Why couldn’t we get any more movies starring the two of them? Some Thelma and Louise-type of adventures? As we know, Meryl is still doing rull well. These days, Goldie is totally zen and doing good thangs in the world, but I’m still going to hope and pray for a reunion movie with the two of them someday!

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