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    Movies Outfits Style

    Brunch Bunch

    I had brunch at BLD with a bunch of LOVELY LADIES last weekend. It was followed by The Hunger Games which I loved even though I wanted more Gale, more Cinna, more blood n’ gore, more EVERYTHING. But I had a huge headache and was nauseous from sniffing some strong perfume beforehand and probs because …

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    March Small Business Shopping Guide

    1. Berry Sweet bra 2. Kandi Land bra Shop! Twitter:@houseofkandies Facebook: House of Kandies Instagram: @houseofkandies House of Kandies makes the CUTEST intimates and accessories. They also specialize in custom creations like the adorable bow below. I am especially in love with their strawberry bra. SO SWEET! Check out their shop for more and …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Goin’ Loco

    My hard drive died and I lost almost everything. Merc retro datchu? While I try to regain composure, ple enjoy these photos of a recent Doritos Locos tacos tasting. Being a taco connoisseur, I had to share with you my final notes: Goes well with Riesling. Because of the Locos’ strong fake nacho cheese taste, …