♥ I Heart Ronson dress c/o JCPenney, We Love Colors tights, Olsenboye boots c/o JCPenney, Clovenhoof beetle earrings, Still With You necklace ♥

This look is another one of my JCPenney finds: a dark grey floral dress from I Heart Ronson and the aforementioned $15 SECRET WEDGE boots. I chose to wear this outfit (on the hottest day of the GAWDDAMN month!!) to the Craig Ferguson show yesterday because John Waters was the guest.  It was perfect timing since my style post on John Waters characters went up on Rookie the day before. LOVIN’ U UNCLE JOHN

OPI sent me some shades from their New York Ballet Collection to try out. I love me some Barbie pink nails but I’ve been curious about trying a NEUTRAL for awhile. The grey shade is called My Pointe Exactly with a silvery glitter on the top called Pirouette My Whistle. ::side eye:: That second pun is especially OOC. I will ignore the names because the shades are cute. The collection comes out in April. BTW, I think I am going to do more beauty-related posts on here. Would you guys be into that? I JUST WANNA GIVE YOU A NICE VARIETY OF GOODIES LIKE A FANCY TABLE SPREAD AT A PARTY!!!!!