Dressed In All Black Like The Omen

I went to Santa Barbara a couple of weeks ago and this is the outfit I wore, which made me realize that I haven’t done any black outfit posts on here in a long time! IRL though…I am always going back to my GOTHIC ROOTZ. I love wearing head to toe black, ESPECIALLY putana lace as you know. I’m sure I’ll also eventually start wearing a mantilla like Diane Pernet. The year before I started AL, my uniform was a simple black dress ALWAYS with some cleavage and often a touch of color, like a red belt or bright tights. I still like that look a lot but when it comes to documentation, it seems I got into the habit of only taking pics of my more colorful Kinderwhore outfits. Will you allow me to goth it out on here more often?!?

All of this beautiful black lace I am shrouded in are pieces from some rando chola stores + Urban Outfitter wedges + an old H&M purse.

It’s only been about two weeks or so since this picture was taken, but now my hair seems to have resisted participation in milkmaid braids. I gotta face the facts, friends. It’s just too goddamn long. I feel like my hair is a separate entity now and trying to get rid of me! It even caught a flame and started to singe when I was trying to cook some vegetables once! (Gotta keep an emergency scrunchie in the kitchen for this reason alone, ladies. OMG in my mind just now I imagined my hair turning into a noose like on the poster for April Fool’s Day! Scary! ANYWAY, THE RACE IS FINISHED. For those of you WTF’ing, I had decided to let my hair grow and grow and grow, similar to how some menz do with their beards. I wanted to get my hair to the same length as my mom’s was in the 70′s and I have indeed reached that goal. Now it is time to cut off a couple of inches and maybe thin it out or add layers so it doesn’t feel so heavy. As long as I can cover my bare breasts with it so we can have a picture of me like Daryl Hannah on Splash, then that’s all that really matters to all of us anyway…


1 vanessa { 02.09.12 at 9:26 am }

I am forever jealous of your hair, even though our weaves could be cousins. I have finally accepted the fact that I need long layers in my hair at all times to avoid a) looking like Cousin Itt, and b) taking 45 minutes to blow-dry my hair.

2 liz { 02.09.12 at 9:42 am }

always love your writing, so entertaining! love the black and lace, rock the goth look girl!

3 Dinah { 02.09.12 at 11:10 am }

PLZ GOTH IT OUT as much as you want. Makes me feel like less of a color reject for still wearing all black, all the time. ;)

4 Bookish.Spazz { 02.09.12 at 2:09 pm }

Goth it out all you want! The only reason I don’t wear lace is because I have a funky tan line gradient— but you look totes awesome in it.

I’m trying to grow my hair out BUT IT’S TAKING FOREVER.

5 Danielle { 02.09.12 at 2:41 pm }

Um yes, I will allow it. You look super smokin’! Pretty much all I wear is black, so I certainly like to see your all-black ensembles. But of course you look fab in anything, lady!

6 Vonnie (socialitedreams) { 02.09.12 at 6:22 pm }

oh la la, can’t wait for the splash pic recreation :D

7 Drew { 02.09.12 at 8:31 pm }

I say all black goth-out day is at least a once-a-week thing, especially when you goth it as good as this.

8 Mary { 02.10.12 at 3:05 pm }

I’m totally cracking up at the Splash reference. You look beautiful BTW.

9 Ms. Smart { 02.11.12 at 3:48 pm }

looking good black valentine

10 Michelle { 02.11.12 at 4:15 pm }

If you wanna goth out, GOTH OUT! You really can’t go wrong with all black. Love the post title too!

I’m growing my hair out and it just got long enough to make proper milkmaid braids so that is obviously some kind of important measurement tool!


11 Monique Catalina { 02.12.12 at 11:34 am }

Perfect outfit. This outfit is perfect.

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