I love finding alternate posters and other kinds of merchandise for my favorite movies so I was stoked to come across this amazing Thai poster for Valley Girl, but saddened that I couldn’t find a gallery with other international VG posters. I wish there was a place on this WIDE WORLD WEB that had pictures of every kind of promotional merchandise for old movies, especially eighties ones. Imagine finding out there was a glass tumbler with Nic Cage’s face on it that someone’s cousin randomly won at a county fair? I guess a girl can dream… BTW do you notice how Deborah Foreman aka actual Julie from the movie is shown in the group of girl friends in the left corner, but, like we mentioned before, THE IMPOSTER is still front and center? EDIT: IMPORTANT UPDATE: I talked to Deborah Foreman, who played Julie, THEE Valley Girl herself and asked who this imposter was on the poster and was she annoyed that they messed up on something as big as this. She said the girl is the one who Nic Cage’s character had boned down with in the bathroom and she’s not sure why she’s not on the poster (in this Thai version you can see her in the cluster of girls on the left) but she wasn’t annoyed because she just rolls with things that are out of her control. HOW ZEN!!!!!

Lucky enough in this day and age, people can make their own tribute merchandise to put on the internet for us to gaze at. The totally cool one above is from 365 Lucky Days. Naturally it prompted me to search for more NIC CAGE ART….resulting in this Etsy treasure being found….