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Truly Dazzling Decor

I love finding alternate posters and other kinds of merchandise for my favorite movies so I was stoked to come across this amazing Thai poster for Valley Girl, but saddened that I couldn’t find a gallery with other international VG posters. I wish there was a place on this WIDE WORLD WEB that had pictures of every kind of promotional merchandise for old movies, especially eighties ones. Imagine finding out there was a glass tumbler with Nic Cage’s face on it that someone’s cousin randomly won at a county fair? I guess a girl can dream… BTW do you notice how Deborah Foreman aka actual Julie from the movie is shown in the group of girl friends in the left corner, but, like we mentioned before, THE IMPOSTER is still front and center? EDIT: IMPORTANT UPDATE: I talked to Deborah Foreman, who played Julie, THEE Valley Girl herself and asked who this imposter was on the poster and was she annoyed that they messed up on something as big as this. She said the girl is the one who Nic Cage’s character had boned down with in the bathroom and she’s not sure why she’s not on the poster (in this Thai version you can see her in the cluster of girls on the left) but she wasn’t annoyed because she just rolls with things that are out of her control. HOW ZEN!!!!!

Lucky enough in this day and age, people can make their own tribute merchandise to put on the internet for us to gaze at. The totally cool one above is from 365 Lucky Days. Naturally it prompted me to search for more NIC CAGE ART….resulting in this Etsy treasure being found….

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Dress Obsessed: Murder House Edition

♥ Outfit details: vintage dress from Alameda Vintage on eBay, shoes from Urban Outfitters, my childhood bow, Target heart tights, mom’s vintage basket purse, mood ring from Playclothes,  belt from this MNG by Mango dress

Thanksgiving weekend was RULL NICE. I spent quality time with family and friends, got to see The Muppets at El Capitan, partook in Small Business Saturday and brunched like a king. Btw, to my fellow brunch enthusiasts, PLE see my good friend Vanessa’s blog for our Ladies Who Brunch adventures. She will be documenting our mission for the best in So Cal brunching! But the MOST exciting thing might have been when I went to….


If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you probably know how I’m preeetty obsessed with the show, American Horror Story. I can’t remember the last time a show has made me simultaneously feel scared, confused, hornee, angry, and constantly about to put my fist through the television! So when I found out the “Murder House” was actually in LA I immediately polished my lurk boots, grabbed my magnifying glass and went on the search! Funny enough, it’s right near my favorite Korean spa! The address is 1120 Westchester. Maybe we can do all do a meetup since being the freak I am, I WILL be visiting the house moreso in the future OBV…

Here is the house on the show…

And now here are 100 pictures of me in front of it through every kind of filter imaginable!!!

Okay one more with a tiny TATE photoshopped in..

HAHAHHA ahhhhhh I’m outta control!!!!

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Valley Girls Appreciation: Totally Tubular Valley Girl Books

Rose McGowan, Traci Lords and Shannen Doherty as Valley girls in Nowhere

We may not know the true origin of the “Valley girl” and who uttered the first “Gag me with a spoon,” but we do know that Frank Zappa wrote the song “Valley Girl” based on what his daughter Moon Unit Zappa overheard in the malls as a teenager during the early 80′s. Moon also provided the Valley girl monologue used in the tune…

Thanks to Natalie and Tanya for sharing these vids on Facebook!

With the success of the song, the allure of the “Valley girl” went nationwide. Soon enough EVERYONE wanted a piece of the action and these totally tubular Valley girl guide books were produced!

This collection first started when my friend Esther showed me her copy of Fer Shurr! How To Be A Valley Girl. I kind of became obsessed with it and bought a copy for myself and even my pal, thee Valley dude himself, Uncle Tnuc. I eventually found other books, The Valley Girls’ Guide To Life and How To Deprogram Your Valley Girl by Dr. Lillian Glass, who is a “prominent Beverly Hills speech pathologist.” Although the deprogramming book appears to be tongue-in-cheek, it looks like Dr. Lillian Glass is REAL and has a monthly  column for Cosmo. Obviously we STILL cannot trust her…

The books thoroughly discuss all of the Valley girl characteristics and topics: fashion, makeup, a glossary for Valspeak, dietary advice, types of Val dudes, and even ideas for license plates.

Compare the name lists in these two books…do any of you have a Valley Girl/Dude name? Obviously I do not since my name is always someone’s middle name or the name of an old lady OR a French whore.

Now I’m looking for THIS book so if any of you see it ple DO let me know


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Pygmy Picks!

As some of you know, my best friend in the whole wide world, Emi, owns a little gift shop in LA called Pygmy Hippo! She’s been getting loads of cute new items in lately so I wanted to share my favorites with you! I’ll be posting my “Pygmy Picks” every Saturday. If you’re ever in the area make sure to stop by and say hello! I might even be in there taking one of my Dressed Obsessed outfit photos! And for those of you who aren’t in LA, Pygmy Hippo also has an online shop where you can find all of these items!

Okay the first minute I saw this Man Eating Tiger Pillow  I knew it was definitely going on the list. How hilarious is this?? Let’s have a closer look….

Isn’t that BRILLIANT?!!? The hippo pillow is just as awesome.

I love LOVE these Felt Forrest Animal Brooches so much that I had to try them on my new pepaw slash Marilyn Whirlwind Northern Exposure sweater…

And for all of you Golden Girls fans (which is basically all of us AND our moms, right?) Do I even have to say anything about why we all need the I Heart The Golden Girls Zine & Post Card ?!?!

And finally, Nostalgia organic soaps and hand lotions! Notice the sweet names too!

You can now also follow Pygmy Hippo Shoppe on Tumblr and Pinterest! (check out her BEAUTIFUL Pinterest…it puts mine to shame!)

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Winner for Dylan’s Candy Bar for Wrapt by JCPenney Giveaway!

Let’s all give a sweet congratulations to Erica of I Bleed Pink for winning the Dylan’s Candy Bar contest! And DOUBLE CONGRATS because she also just got married! Yay!!! Erica, you and your boo can enjoy the Dylan’s candy tower together! Email me at marie [at] with your address!

And thank you to everyone who entered the contest! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming giveaways in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. You know I loves to spoil you!

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Advertise Your Small Business On Agent Lover!

Lately I’ve been getting more and more inquiries about ad sponsorship from people who run their own independent shops, so I decided to set up a Small Business Ad Program here on AL! I wanted to figure out some sort of way for my sistaboos and brothaboos who have a clothing shop, a jewelry company, or a brand new blog to get more people to know about it!

Ads can be a great way to gain exposure and traffic and my rates are very cheap! Only $24 a month (which breaks down to only $6 doll hairs a week!) for a 180 x 75 ad located on the right sidebar. I will also promote your business on Twitter and Facebook, and do a monthly roundup of my SBAPs on their very own post!

And if you are interested in purchasing more than a month at a time, I offer discounts!

With the craziness of the holidays here, we should all try our best to buy from independent businesses, and since Small Business Saturday is tomorrow, November 26th, I figured I should get the ball rolling today! I also think it’s great to shop small businesses not only during the holiday season, but as often as we can! For example, instead of going to the Olive Garden (I know you loves dem breadsticks, okayyy) grab dinner at your local mom and pop Italian restaurant! Even a simple gesture like that can make a big difference.

If you are interested in participating and want more information, email me at marie[at]!


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Valley Girls Appreciation: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (The Movie)

THAT’S RIGHT GUYS…I have NOT bailed on my Valley Girls Appreciation “Week” for one second. Without being all “La Excuses,” (my new chola name) sometimes I take a lot longer on movie posts because I like to freshly screencap everything myself. CALL ME OLD FASHIONED, but this is why my friends get pissed at me for not watching their golden scroll of “Marie you better watch this or else!” Netflix movies right away. It’s basically because I am screencapping deep into the night for us! I’m sorry I’m not morally corrupt like the rest of the godforesaken Internet and use any old photo that floats my way! Ok, I know sometimes we have to but that is my last resort, PAPA ROACH! Anyway…BACK to the matter at hand…..

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: THE MOVIE…

I know we all loves to loves the TV show but that and the film were obviously two totally different things. Nobody ever talks about the movie so Rie-Rie has gots to. I can’t help it if my heart has a special place for the OG film starring Kristy Swanson and one COY LUTHER PERRY, and yes that is the real-life, government name of Dylan “Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know” McKay!

Buffy was a shallow, teenage Valley Girl who spent her time shopping at the mall with her friends and engaging in cheersex with her basketball jock boyfriend…that is until Merrick, played by DONALD SUTHERLAND, declares her to be a Chosen One!!! A SLAYER!

First Buffy is like BITCH, PLE until she begins putting pieces of the puzzle together…her big hairy mole, her erotic vampire dreams…and  starts to think this old mang isn’t trying to pull a fast one on her!

Could it be true? Am I the only hope for the imminent war between us and the undead? YA BEST BELIEVE IT MY DAUGHTER….

Buffy soon starts to train for her role as Slayer! Let me just tell you all something right now. It really bums me out that Merrick is probably never going to come to my door and be like, “Marie, those two moles on your nostrils are a sign that you are a Chosen One. YOU ARE THE SLAYER!!!” and throw a corn on the cob at me which I will catch in between my teeth with cutthroat precision. Real life totally sucks, man. I’m going to have to turn this BS into lemonade and just pretend I am the Slayer during training sessions at my gym. Perhaps that will help me get through those MISERABLE planks.

Good thing she’s learning to fight because David Arquette is HUNGRY 4 BLUD. Pee Wee Herman is in this as a vampire too!

Buffy and Pike are one of my all-time favorite movie couples. They are similar to Randy and Julie in Valley Girl because Pike is from the punk rock side of the tracks and Buffy is Miss Popular. But they have an undeniable chemistry, and soon fall in matching-plaids love…

Yes Luke I still love you and your washboard forehead abs!

Buffy’s friends are such assholes, but I’m seriously into these 90′s fashions. I need all three of these above outfits. And that daisy top (most likely bodysuit) …BETSEY JOHNSON DATCHU??? Can anyone confirm? Sure looks like it.

Into the rainbow plaid blazer on the right….

Also really into that huge flower brooch/denim vest combo on Buffy!

And then there was Buffy’s prom dress: a white halter gown (worn with boots!) which kind of looked like a wedding cake topper until later when it was ripped shorter and worn underneath Pike’s leather jacket. I remember seeing that combo for the first time and being BLOWN AWAY. This spontaneous juxtaposition in her outfit was so EYE-OPENING for me back then. I mean I was eleven and barely learning how to put together an outfit so this was like “WHAT! A FRILLY DRESS AND A MOTORCYCLE JACKET!” Maybe that’s why I wore a fancy princess dress and Docs to my own prom years later. Maybe that’s why I still really like that kind of look today. EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS BECAUSE OF A MOVIE WE KNOW THIS

This part with the goths just KILTS ME DED each time….

One time I went into the bathroom at the Northridge mall and kicked all the doors open like this because I was all germaphobe and it was disgusting. I didn’t know there was a couple of cholitas in there and one of them was threatening me outside of my stall when I was taking a pee. I pretended I didn’t speak English and she left…

If you haven’t watched this original work of art, do so ASAPINGTON. It seriously has the best Valley girl-esque lines ever so LISTEN CAREFULLY then out of the blue tweet me, like “All I wanna do is graduate from high school, move to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die. Now, that may not sound too exciting to a stonehead like you, but I think it’s swell. And then you come along and, and tell me I’m a member of the hairy mole club so you can throw things at me? I don’t THINK so!”

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Dylan’s Candy Bar for WRAPT by JCPenney Giveaway!

JCPenney recently sent me a gift card to shop for something sweet in promotion with WRAPT, their super cute gift boutique that just launched in time for the holidays! As many of you know, I’m obsessed with Charlotte Ronson’s line for them, I Heart Ronson, so I was excited to be FORCED to go shopping and check out what was new. As expected, I ended up buying a few Ronson items (including an amazing grampa cardigan that I’ve been wearing a lot lately)  I also ended up finding found this pretty MNG by Mango dress that has a bunch of fruits on it! HOW SWEET IT IS!

♥ Dress: MNG by Mango for JCPenney, shoes: Urban OG, earrings: JCPenney,  tights: We Love Colors, bracelets: H&M ♥

Here’s a closeup of the print!

The “sweet theme” for my outfit is a ‘lil wink at the Dylan’s Candy Bar collection they have at WRAPT. I absolutely love the design of Dylan’s Candy Bar and there are so many cute things to choose from! AND DRUM ROLL PLZ… a Dylan’s Candy Bar Mini Sweet Treats Tower is going to be given away to one of you lucky readerboos! Just leave a comment letting me know about what you think about my outfit, OR telling me what your favorite candy is, OR EVEN BETTER, a top ten list of why you love me (JK YOU MUTHAS) and you will be entered to win! Last chance to enter will be this Thursday and I will choose a winner on Friday! Good luck, my sweet toofs!

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Agent Lover Loves

GREAT NEWS EVERYBODY!, a British fashion retailer that carries both women and men’s clothing, is now available to the United States! Now we can allllll SHOP TIL’ WE DROP! I immediately put my lurker shades on to peruse the goods for some lovely items to add to my Chrismukkah Wish List. May I share some of them witchu!?

They have loads of great coats so it was tough to narrow down, but I think it’s about time I get a new leopard print coat to keep me warm! After all, NYE is just around the corner again and you know that’s when I always want to wear a furry coat and heels like Christina Ricci’s character in 200 Cigarettes! The orange jacket with the bow is adorable and you know how strong my feelings are about lace….and it’s in a powder blue!


♥ 1. South Alexa Coat 2. Iron Fist Alley Cat Faux Leopard Coat 3. South Short Sleeve Bow Jacket   4. South Lace Dress

I’m especially crazy over these accessories! The Marc by Marc Jacobs lip print sunglasses are DROOL-WORTHY and I must have those wedges! And these purses! Look at that tiny gold bow on the black one! AHHH! (Pee Wee Herman voice)

♥ 1. Nica Whipstitch Detail Satchel 2. Love Label Seymour Peep Toe Wedges 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lip Print Sunglasses 4. Yumi Envelope Clutch Bag

Since offers cute clothing and accessories in a variety of options and sizes, you can find something for yourself, your sista, your momma AND your baby daddy’s momma and get 20% off! All you gotta do is sign up below to receive the discount! Happy Shopping!

*FTC Disclosure: I received compensation for this sponsored post by the very nice people at*

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