Have you ever decided to watch a movie based on a font? I have. And that movie was Girly aka Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly. A MOUTHFUL, I KNOW. No wonder they shortened it! Take a look at that flowery pink font and try and say it’s not a siren call to my girlish instincts. I’ve seen this movie around peripherally, as Netflix loves to recommend me movies about evil girls in pretty dresses (aside from strong black woman movies or demented foreign flicks.)

Girly is a 1970 British horror film about a murderous family, focused on the pretty blonde Faux-lita known as Girly. With her Lisbon sister-esque locks, Girly only looks innocent, but don’t be fooled by that angelic face, this bitch is MAJOR TROUBLE! YA BETTA RUN!

Girly and her brother, Sonny, like to pretend they are schoolchildren and play pranks on unsuspecting older men. The men are lured back home where they are expected to “play The Game.” If they choose not to partake in whatever activity Girly and her family have planned for them, the menz will soon meet an UNKIND CONSEQUENCE.

Naturally, Girly’s Peter Pan-collared dresses, knee socks and frilly button-ups speak to my style. I’m really into her color combinations, especially the brown and I ALMOST NEVA fux wit no dookie brown. I especially love the navy and brown combo you can see in the photo below. Does anyone get Rachel Antonoff and Dear Creature vibes here?

I need this skirt and white blouse! Complete with axe of course.

The real diva is of the house is Mumsy. Dressed up all fancy just to knit a scarf in her rocking chair! Now that is a true style icon right there.

Here’s a photo for the all the girls who like dudes in bowties. I’m with you, but then again, I love all men in everything.

The Ultimate Lurker: Nanny!

While on the hunt for my birthday dress (which is this Sunday as you already know I’m sure) I came across this PERFECT Girly pinafore on ASOS. So cute!