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Who Ordered Pizza?


Happy Halloween!!!

Love your favorite hot slice

Costume deetz: pizza skirt made by my bew Emi, necklace made from miniature dollhouse props found on eBay, pizza bow headband made from two fake pizza slices but I’m pretty sure these are dog toys (from eBay also) felt pizza slice made by me using this HILARIOUS pattern Emi made me the night before I left for SF since I wanted MORE pizza on the top last minute (see below), makeshift DiGiornos clutch made last minute by the origami hands of my bew Melinda! I originally wanted to make a messenger bag type purse out of a regular pizza box but this ended up being perfect for the night!

Here’s a close up of the accessories!

And here is the DIAGRAM Emi made me. This is one of the many reasons why I love her. Whenever I dream something up, she helps makes it into reality…and even makes me a gawtdamn diagram to take to the craft store. KILLIN ME BEW

Did you dress up? Show me a pic!!

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Valley Girls Appreciation Week: Night Of The Comet

Hello class. Today we are discussing Night of the Comet, a post-apocalyptic comedy about two Valley Girl sisters who have to figure out just what the fucks to do when a comet wipes out most of human existence, turning them into either menstrual-colored dust or…. ZOMBIES! AHHH!!

Luckily the Sisters Belmont are not airheads, but strong, kick-ass muthas who learned to defend themselves and use firearms from their military dad. Isn’t Regina (played by Catherine Mary Stewart) hawt in that Kelly LeBrock-sort of way?

This is her sassy lil’ cheerleading sister, Samantha.

WHOA! Look at who we have here….none other than Tommy from VALLEY GIRL! That scuzzbucket! He plays Regina’s boyfriend, who she’s boning down with when the comet strikes…which is why she doesn’t get exposed to its death glow. SEX SAVES THE DAY (my motto)

Funny enough, that isn’t the only Valley Girl reference in the movie. Because of my superhuman hawk-like eyes, I spotted a Valley Girl poster on the wall as well as Sam holding a VG record in the scene below! I SEE WHAT YOU DOIN’ HERE

After a round of bitchslapping between Sam and her evil stepmother, Sam falls asleep while hiding out in a shed, saving her from becoming period dust as well.

Have I ever told you how I hate taking naps? Especially in the afternoon? The reason is because I usually wake up disoriented with a sad and looming feeling, like the apocalypse happened while I was asleep and now I am RIDING SOLO like Regina and Sam.

Not only are they alone and on the search for other survivors, but now they have to defend themselves against ZOMBIES! I hate zombies you guys, ESPECIALLY the ones that can run after you!  Don’t get it twisted, I’m still scared of those slow-motion zombies too…(p.s. I need to catch up on the new Walking Dead!)

In a scene similar to Dawn of the Dead‘s, the sisters eventually make their way to a deserted mall and go on a shopping spree, trying on clothes and makeup while dancing to some “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” SHOPPING SPREE IN A DESERTED MALL….EVERY GIRL’S DREAM. I enjoy movies about peeps being stuck in a mall. Someday I will write a movie for us about being stuck in a Target overnight.

Predictably, the girls run into trouble once again…but they be some badasses and find their way out until the next predicament…

LOVIN’ YOU REG AND SAM! PS… If you have Netflix Instant, it is available to watch here!

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And Now The Winner…..


Dudetties, I have been lagging so much. FORGIVE MEEEEEEEE. I get sick as hell this time every year.  SO MEAN! Should I just get a flu shot like The Others do? Anyhoo, here is a vintage 70′s dress I recently won on eBay from Fancy Cat Vintage with some of my We Love Colors Solid Color knee highs in brown. I feel a Jan Brady vibe here, how bout chu? I’ll kill you Marcia!!!!!!

Now to the important part….Using, I drew a winner for the Valley Girls/We Love Colors contest and it is lucky #42: ALI OF SPINNER’S END! Congrats Ali! Email me witchur info and what color knee socks and tights you want ASAPS! And to everyone else, thank you for entering! There will be more contests coming up! LOVE YOU ALL!


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Valley Girls Week Kickoff & Totally Awesome Giveaway!

My favorite VG on the right: EG Daily!

If you’ve hung out around in the Agent Lover lair for awhile, you may have noticed how much I love valley girls and anything related to them. So this week is….ALL ABOUT VALLEY GIRLS!  That means we will be talking about valley girl-themed movies, favorite famous VG’s and other totally tubular stuff! In the meantime, why not take a trip back  to my posts on my fave movies, Valley Girl (duh) and Earth Girls Are Easy, as well as my interview with singer Josie Cotton from Valley Girl!

I have to say it always pissed me off that the poster for Valley Girl did NOT have the real girl Deborah Foreman on it! Who was this imposter??

But that’s not all dudes and dudettes… we are kickin’ this thang off with a totally awesome giveaway! The winner will receive Valley Girl on DVD (although I’m sure ALL OF YOU have it already!) and I’ve also paired up with We Love Colors to give away a couple of my favorite items: 2 pairs of their knee socks and 2 pairs of their Nylon/Lycra Microfiber Tights ( Styles #1053 or #1008) ! All you have to do is leave a comment below and I’ll pick the winner on Friday! Gag me with a spoon you muthas!

EDIT: I ended up getting really sick this past week so we will resume VGW on Monday! I will keep comments open until Sunday night and I’ll choose the winner on Monday. Sorry for the delay everyone!

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October Movie Style Icon: Girly

Have you ever decided to watch a movie based on a font? I have. And that movie was Girly aka Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly. A MOUTHFUL, I KNOW. No wonder they shortened it! Take a look at that flowery pink font and try and say it’s not a siren call to my girlish instincts. I’ve seen this movie around peripherally, as Netflix loves to recommend me movies about evil girls in pretty dresses (aside from strong black woman movies or demented foreign flicks.)

Girly is a 1970 British horror film about a murderous family, focused on the pretty blonde Faux-lita known as Girly. With her Lisbon sister-esque locks, Girly only looks innocent, but don’t be fooled by that angelic face, this bitch is MAJOR TROUBLE! YA BETTA RUN!

Girly and her brother, Sonny, like to pretend they are schoolchildren and play pranks on unsuspecting older men. The men are lured back home where they are expected to “play The Game.” If they choose not to partake in whatever activity Girly and her family have planned for them, the menz will soon meet an UNKIND CONSEQUENCE.

Naturally, Girly’s Peter Pan-collared dresses, knee socks and frilly button-ups speak to my style. I’m really into her color combinations, especially the brown and I ALMOST NEVA fux wit no dookie brown. I especially love the navy and brown combo you can see in the photo below. Does anyone get Rachel Antonoff and Dear Creature vibes here?

I need this skirt and white blouse! Complete with axe of course.

The real diva is of the house is Mumsy. Dressed up all fancy just to knit a scarf in her rocking chair! Now that is a true style icon right there.

Here’s a photo for the all the girls who like dudes in bowties. I’m with you, but then again, I love all men in everything.

The Ultimate Lurker: Nanny!

While on the hunt for my birthday dress (which is this Sunday as you already know I’m sure) I came across this PERFECT Girly pinafore on ASOS. So cute!

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Mutant Pride

I felt this outfit photo needed some hearts since you loves 2 loves me and I loves X-Men. MIGHTY CASUAL…maybe casual to me just means no cleav.Who’s your fave mutant? I can’t choose so it’s always BEAST, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, punk rock Storm and Jubilee. I liked Psylocke a lot too. Bah, I can’t choose.

X-men shirt//I Heart Ronson skirt, Target knee socks, Urban outfitters purse//H&M sunnies//shoes from UrbanOG

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Instant AL

Continuing with my new tradition, here are my Instagrams from September! This pic was from the Gradient Nail Tutorial I did for Rookie, and in case you missed it, here’s the post I did on Mean Girl Movie Style.

♥ Both me and my buttocks miss moonbathing naked under the Big Sur sky…at least I can gaze at these photos and look forward to my return. ♥

♥ I still have my unicorn sheets from when I was 8! ♥

♥ On the way to Big Sur, we stopped for lunch at my spiritual place, Madonna Inn; stocking up (~NPI – NO PUN INTENDED~) for fall with tights from We Love Colors! ♥

I will consider this my accidental art piece: Deep Thoughts And A Big Banana. Also a good name for a p-no somewhere, I’m sure.

♥ Ain’t nuthing like a fresh cup of Hunkules to jumpstart my morning; Can you believe I got these John Staymoist stickers made in 2005? I truly am a ride or die chick for you Stamos!; I’m pretty sure poliopoliopolio is my brother from anotha mutha. He sent me this New Mutants pin!; when I stocked up on candy to review for Rookie I saw this CORN SODA. You guys can all buy me a bottle for my birthday next week thnx ♥

♥ Trader Joe’s is on some serious TOSCANO CHEESE GAME right now. This one is dipped in syrah. I thought the typical nailsdid pose would be great to show off my block o’ heaven as well. ♥

♥ Mr. Shankly’s cabeza looks crazy cartoon-y huge next to Mason’s!; my friends had a balls-themed BBQ. Cochinos. Super delishis though.; the Tom Kha soup at Nakkara is my fave. Especially because it comes in this urinal-looking thang.; Levon and I playing with Leyla’s iPad! It was my first time touching one.. OMG. ♥

On that note, I would also like to say RIP to Steve Jobs. I have a special thanks for the man that invented the iPhone WHICH also helped rid me of the weird driving anxiety I had for YEARS. Sorry 2 B so dramatic sounding my boos, but it’s true! Once I got an iPhone and used that Google Maps GPS app…LAWD MY LIFE DUN CHANGED!! No sense of direction + constantly driving on the freeways of southern Cal = panic attacks for Rie Rie. I’ll never forget that Steve! And on THAT note, I ordered the iPhone 4s today! You have no idea how stoked I am. I have had this dinosaur 3G for more than three years! She and I have been through so much…but I like my phones like I like my cars like I like my women…FAST. Cannot waaaaaaiiiiit.

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Me, Myself, And My One Pair Of Jeans

I jokingly said I would post this as an outfit photo for the blog, then my bff said I really should. This was me hiking around Big Sur, looking MIGHTY CASUAL. Most of you have only known me as a Dress Obsessed girl, but the reality is I once bought a pair of jeans just to see how it felt…and ended up in them quite a lot, so now I actually have TWO!  I realized if I’m wearing jeans, I don’t dress them up in my usual fancyways. I always want to look like Mikey from The Goonies (double denim) or Wayne from Wayne’s World (black tee and Converse), with a touch of Ponyboy Curtis. Is it so wrong if I want to go from extreme femme to ladybutch?!??!

Anyway, I’m kind of interested in trying those Levi’s Curve ID. Thoughts? Anyone? Don’t worry, I’m not going to be wearing jeans all the time on here. Don’t want to get everyone EVEN MORE horny. This IS a Dress Obsessed way of life after all. Plus, like I said, I only dress like those three dudes so my outfit posts would get totally boring after a while I’m sure….

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