Forgot to post this two weeks ago but I’m thinking better late than never. And I know it is an obvious word choice but it is what left my lips when the credits started to roll. FROM MY LIPS 2 GAWDZ EARS!!!!!

Drive has all the elements that satiate my HORN LEVELS. Ryan Gosling X Fast and The Furious…you know I loves my car movies. The leather gloves. Kavinsky on the soundtrack. Christina Hendricks with a bamboo earrin’ and a gold minx manicure. And then of course….ALL OF THE BLOODY VIOLENCE!!! Total p-no, my dudes. And there isn’t even a sex scene!

A final warning to anyone, male OR female who dares mimic “Driver” for Halloween with that Scorpion jacket…do not be surprised if a 5’2 Filitaliana girl dressed like a _______ (sorry costume is confidential) attempts to spontaneously dry hump you out of nowhere. You’ll only have yourself to blame.