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One Word Movie Review: Drive

Forgot to post this two weeks ago but I’m thinking better late than never. And I know it is an obvious word choice but it is what left my lips when the credits started to roll. FROM MY LIPS 2 GAWDZ EARS!!!!!

Drive has all the elements that satiate my HORN LEVELS. Ryan Gosling X Fast and The Furious…you know I loves my car movies. The leather gloves. Kavinsky on the soundtrack. Christina Hendricks with a bamboo earrin’ and a gold minx manicure. And then of course….ALL OF THE BLOODY VIOLENCE!!! Total p-no, my dudes. And there isn’t even a sex scene!

A final warning to anyone, male OR female who dares mimic “Driver” for Halloween with that Scorpion jacket…do not be surprised if a 5’2 Filitaliana girl dressed like a _______ (sorry costume is confidential) attempts to spontaneously dry hump you out of nowhere. You’ll only have yourself to blame.

September 29, 2011   14 Comments

Are You Trying To Kill Me, Rossella

First of all,

How dare you design the most perfect shoe AND matching purse in the world and think I, Marie Madeline Lodi, Esquire, will be able to go on living my life normally from this day forward!??!? Probs going to have to eat ramen for the next six months or so, but it’s going to be so worth it. I just saw my whole shoe life flash before my eyes. Legs spread for bread wearing them shoes, walking down the aisle with my husbs-to-be wearing them shoes, carrying my daughter, Maria Antonia Sabato Jr wearing them shoes, Gramma Rie napping in a rocking chair wearing them shoes. (The grass on the shoes are dead and brown in that flash forward btw but still look amazing.) Rossella, goddess that she is, basically created Sedmikrásky in the form of a shoe. WHAT KIND OF WIZARDRY IS THIS, MY GODMOTHER?

The whole Moschino Cheap and Chic Spring line was perfection. Look at all these sexy shoes and cute purses and STRAWBURRY garments. I felt like the dad from Strangers With Candy looking at this collection.

Carrot hat!

The one on the right reminds me of my fruit basket purse!


THE END. Still thinking about that shoe up there though.

Pics from and

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Jeremy Scott Spring 2012


Weetzie Bat x Alabama Worley x Earth Girls Are Easy.  I’M LUVIN’ DIS CRAZY. The only thing I really can’t get behind even as a joke are the Hot Topic circa ’99 flames (not pictured), but everything else would be perfect for the neon road trip movie I’m writing in my head. ESPECIALLY those platform saddle shoes! I know you’d expect me to talk shit but I think they’re kewt. God I love an 80′s pastel brights color scheme SO HARD. Way too fun.


September 15, 2011   9 Comments

Creepin’ With Lydia Hudgens

AHHH! Excuse my beauty, but I forgot to post this other set of photos Lydia Hudgens took of me creepin’ around a scary motel. These were taken the same time as we did this photo shoot. My hair and makeup was done by the lovely Rebecca Butz. The dress is H&M, the shoes are Jeff Camps, the bow is American Apparel, the purse was my grandmother’s and the Bitchface is all mine… Since this shoot, I’ve worn this dress a couple of times and I like how it looks a lot better without the pussybow (love that word) blouse underneath. Makes it look a lot less bulky bartacamos. What shall we call this look? A lil Dorothy of Wizard of Oz? Pollyanna? OR JUST YOUR FANTASY??? Let me know.

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I’m In Da Woods, Babys

DAS RIGHT MI AMIGOS. I was straight chillin’ in the forest! I took a spiritual quest up to Big Sur with a couple of my friends to bond with Mama Nature (dat girl is CUHRAZY!), soak in some healing hot springs underneath a full moon and find me a lumberjack husband. It was seriously one of the best trips ever. During the trip, one of my friends said it was the most romantic thing she had ever done for herself and I felt the same way. I’ve been feeling really positive and happy lately and going to Big Sur was kind of like a cherry on top/pat on the back/high five to it all. (A big LOVE AND THANKS BURRITO goes out to Elizabeth for being my Big Sur guide!)

This outfit is a total SHAM because as much as I like to joke, I really am no DIVA OF THE FOREST like Phyllis Nefler!!! After taking some shots, I quickly changed into my Paula Bunyan uniform. I just can’t lie to you babys.

Okay maybe I’m a tiny bit like Phyllis but also like Miss Troop Beverly Hills herself, I soon became one with the earth and a true Wilderness Girl. PS. Next time I go to the forest I WILL be in a beautiful khaki cape with gold trim!

♥ Vintage dress from Polkadots and Moonbeams, KimChi Blue shoes, knee socks in Hunter Green courtesy of We Love Colors

Look at this asshole walking around the woods in wedges. So glad a bear didn’t come out and chase me or I woulda been in trouble!

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Instant AL

♥ Clockwise from top left: my favorite show right now, WILFRED, chorizo crepe at Local, made a mini babycake hat, hot cup of Staymoist ♥

Since I LOVES Instagrammin’ so much, I decided to pick my faves from each month and post ‘em up on here for everyone to lurk…these are from August!

My cassingles collection!

♥ My winning prize and new boyfriends at the fair, sangwiches from INK SACK , I wanted to live in this pink gingerbread house at the fair, new bangs comb from Tokyo ♥

Virgo laptop versus Libra blogger laptop

Vanessa’s chosen tote bag, I wear my heart on my shoes, cute new cross-stitch at Pygmy Hippo, My pal Mike and I and the bow I wear on everything ♥

Find me @agentlover on Instagram!

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Beauty Review: Pink Hana Flat Iron

When Misikko sent me the pink Hana Professional Flat Iron to review, I was excited since I’d been wanting a new one forever. A good flat iron is important, especially if you have really long horse hair like I do. My hair got real weird these past couple of years. It was always very straight, until about three years ago when I noticed it started drying wavy. And as much as I love a natural curl and half-hoped I would finally wake up with Julia Roberts’ circa Pretty Woman wild locks of life, I was scared that this was not a blessing but the aftermath of years of bleaching and dyeing coming to surface. Then I figured it was one of those ‘getting older’ things, like how my taste buds completely changed and now I really loves me some spicy food. Can you pass the Tapatío? Anyway, remember how I told you I was a Low Maintenance Girl Who Looks High Maintenance? My daily hair ritual is a good example of that. I don’t like spending a ton of time on my hair mostly because, well I got shit to do. But the Hana is FAST. I usually just put some Moroccan Oil in it to help with the frizz then just go to town straightening it. I probably spend five minutes max on doing my hair. So as you can see, I’m pretty much in love.

And yes, that shirt says “Hair Lodi” on it if you were wondering. Not sure why, not sure how, but it do. Thanks to my bro for giving me that shirt!

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I Bind You Ryan Gosling, I Bind You From Making Us All Horn

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I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Rookie, the site for teen girls edited by my second favorite stylish teen, Tavi, (first one is THE BIEBZ. I’m sawre Tavi but I can’t deny his charm any longer) launched this past Monday. If you’ve been sleeping for the past few days, you’ve got some stuff to catch up on. REAL GOOD STUFF. From Lesley Arfin’s advice column on the woes and throes of love (and sex) to a cute post on STICKERS (as you know I am an avid sticker collector so that speaks to me) to a fantastic list of things to do when you’re stressed out and feeling DITD (down in the dumps), a well thought-out piece on ‘girl hate’ by Tavi herself and a guide to high school from a bunch of cool people like JACK BLACK, Zooey Deschanel, Dan Savage, Joss Whedon and a plethora of others!

AND…. yours truly is writing for it too! Had to keep that on the low low for a while but now I can shout it out from the rooftops! I’ll be mostly writing about fashion, beauty and movies, and I’m also the Beauty and Style Advice Columnist. So if you or your little sister have a beauty or fashion-related question, send it to beautyandstyle [at]! For information on other submission-related stuff, go here.

At first I was a little nervous about writing for Rookie. Will this crazy mutha be able to connect with the teens of the world??! Then I remembered I am basically the same as I was in high school, except my hair is longer and my boobs are bigger, and maybe I don’t let things fuck with me as much as I did back then (or five years ago, or a year ago, or six months ago.) And then I remembered this quote from Brigitte Bardot that was the reassuring cherry on top: “I am 30, but there are things about me that are still 15.”

So hopefully I will do a good job.

Anyway, I hope you guys love it as much as I do! Everyone involved is the jam and I’m really excited to be a part of it.

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Dear Scientists Of The World

Dear Scientists of the World,

If you can make a pill small enough to prevent people from getting pregs, why can’t you dudez make multivitamins that small too?

Your friend,


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