Let’s Talk Lavender

When I saw this dress on Pixie Market my eyes bulged out of my head like a cartoon (be careful! I almost puked at that clip!) IT IS GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS. The kimono sleeves, the accordion pleats and of course the lilac color! Then I started thinking about how my closet needs more lavender love…

Like this coat from Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2011 collection.

and this sweet dress from Modcloth. You know me and corazon buttons…

And these chunky clodhoppers also from the Philosophy runway show.

And of course these Louboutin sexual weapons.

And lastly, this gum tastes like a gramma’s sweater but the packaging is the cutest!


1 La Marbles { 08.24.11 at 11:41 am }

lavender nails rule pretty hard too.

2 Natalie { 08.24.11 at 11:42 am }

very dianne wiest in edward scissorhands

3 Ashe Mischief { 08.24.11 at 11:49 am }

OMG BOO! I was thinking about cake hats, and then your lovely pink wig, so I went in to get a pastel pink curly wig BUT GOT A LONG WAVY LAVENDER WIG INSTEAD.


4 Poochie { 08.24.11 at 11:53 am }

I’m in lavender today too, including nails. I love the ModCloth dress but I was totally smitten by the whole Philosophy show.

5 melina bee { 08.24.11 at 11:57 am }

lavender is one of my favorite colors, despite my love/hate relationship with purple. I actually really like those gums, even though they are actually violet flavor. Also, I think people with the sorta olive-y undertones in your (and mine) skin look radiant in this color

6 Afef { 08.24.11 at 12:50 pm }

Mmmm lavenderrr :3 i’m so much in love with the dress from mod cloth (those heart buttons are just the right finishing touch to it!)!

7 christina { 08.24.11 at 1:51 pm }

I felt the exact same way looking at that Pixie Market dress…dying over the boots she’s wearing, too.

8 Eli { 08.24.11 at 4:02 pm }

Oooh this color would look awesome on you, with red lips! I may be mistaken, but given your previous post, you may be falling for pastels!

9 vonnie { 08.24.11 at 5:40 pm }

oh how i’d love that first dress and the loubies….yes, life would be swelllllll with them in it!

10 becky { 08.25.11 at 5:30 am }

yeah really liking lavender. it looks pretty hot on everyone!

11 Karlito { 08.27.11 at 9:49 am }

How can we forget about the late Luella’s spring 2009 collection featuring all of the lavender and lil hearts our hearts could ever ask for?!

12 marie { 08.31.11 at 10:26 pm }

I agree!!! It’s been awhile! Maybe that shall be my next manicure…

13 marie { 08.31.11 at 10:26 pm }

!!!!!!!!! love her

14 marie { 08.31.11 at 10:26 pm }

lavender on the brainz!!! I hope we see more of that wig!

15 marie { 08.31.11 at 10:27 pm }


16 marie { 08.31.11 at 10:29 pm }

I have only one true lavender dress. Need more STAT.

17 josh { 10.20.11 at 4:39 pm }

I love lavender because it reminds me of my grandma.

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