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I Love The Louniverse

There’s been a lot of nice happenings in the Louniverse lately. Well, that’s pretty much all the time, but particularly lace bikinis and collars from outer space!!!

Hearts shooting out of my ojos for you, Loulou!!!

ALSO! She and Laetitia started a podcast called Babetime Radio where they talk about…BABES! LOVE IT! Listen here! And ladies, if you ever need some of my comments on any fine hunk specimens, you know where to find me.

August 31, 2011   3 Comments

Let’s Talk Lavender

When I saw this dress on Pixie Market my eyes bulged out of my head like a cartoon (be careful! I almost puked at that clip!) IT IS GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS. The kimono sleeves, the accordion pleats and of course the lilac color! Then I started thinking about how my closet needs more lavender love…

Like this coat from Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2011 collection.

and this sweet dress from Modcloth. You know me and corazon buttons…

And these chunky clodhoppers also from the Philosophy runway show.

And of course these Louboutin sexual weapons.

And lastly, this gum tastes like a gramma’s sweater but the packaging is the cutest!

August 24, 2011   17 Comments

I Am Becoming A Lady Now

Do any of you have an item of clothing hanging in your closet that causes a twinkle in your eye every time you see it, even though you’ve had it for years? That’s how I feel about this mint “by the pool dress” that I’ve had since 2006. I like to wear it as much as I can in the summer (obviously since I wore it just a few posts ago.) What’s really cool is when you figure out a different way to wear it and trick people into thinking you got a brand new dress, which is what I did the other day when I hung out with my friends. Believes me, those muthas were tricked! I threw it together with a bunch of other random items I pulled out from my closet including a cream lace blouse, floppy hat, and my mom’s wicker basket purse. You know, sometimes I feel like I come up with my best outfits when it’s last minute and without much thinking. Perhaps I fall into some sort of hypnotized state and the spirit of Hollywood Montrose from Mannequin takes over and gets to work. I also like how I put this lace top over it to make it “classy and demure” but my knockers of life were displayed anyway. Even though my boobs aren’t that humongous (36C) sometimes I feel like they purposely rebel against me and break through my blouses like Koolaid Man busting through the wall. WHOA! I guess all this boob talk ended up contradicting the title of this post! I’m sorry everyone. I guess it’s just nature’s way…

August 22, 2011   14 Comments

Winner Of The Rococonouveau Contest!

Congrats Christina, Here is your gif

Many congrats to Christina for being the winner of the Rococonouveau contest! You are now the proud owner of a Marie Madeline Collarette AND since we will be twinsies, as a surprise bonus prize…you and I will be touring the world as a sexy new ventriloquist act!!! I hope you have a sturdy lap for my buttocks since I shall be the dummy.

Email me at marie[at] with your shipping address to claim your prize! THIS BEAUT RIGHT HERE:

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest and don’t forget, Kristen from Rococonouveau is offering all PALS OF AL (das yew bew) free domestic shipping with each order until next Friday, August 26th! Just enter the code AGENTLVRS.

August 19, 2011   3 Comments

Give Me A Quarter, I’ll Tell You Your Fortune

When wonderwoman photographer Lydia Hudgens was in LA last month along with her friend Rebecca, we met up for some girlytime and a lil’ photoshoot in Echo Park. The day before, we went thrifting and I found a pastel dress that was perfect for the shoot. I wanted to invoke some wacky fortune teller vibes, inspired by my three favorite sassy psychics in film: Renée Taylor in Love Is All There Is (perhaps I am the only one of us who has seen this movie) Judith Ivey in Hello Again (a Shelley Long masterpiece,) ending with a TOUCH of Zelda Rubenstein, but definitely more Madame Serena from Teen Witch rather than Tangina from Poltergeist. I basically wanted something long, 70′s-ish and topped off with lots of jewelz. Rebecca worked her magic and made my hair and makeup look unbelievable. I had so much fun with those ladies that I’m SUPER sad Lydia will be moving to the other side of the country! All of you lucky guys and gals in NYC are going to have a very lovely new neighbor soon. I have another set of photos from the shoot that I will post later, but in the meantime you can check out more of Lydia’s work on her FB page!

♥ Vintage lace robe given to me by Tiff
♥ Thrifted dress
♥ Melissa shoes


August 17, 2011   21 Comments

Mad Crushin’ On Rococonouveau and Giveaway!

If you’re looking for a reason to admire the lovely lady known as Kristen Adam, you better enjoy writing lists. If it’s her background in design to her expert pie-baking, or making lion head hats to making music with her band, This Can’t End Well, Kristen has an artillery of talent that seems endless. When I found out she was going to start making and selling accessories, I was more than excited to see what she had in store. Her love of vintage fashion was the basis for Rococonouveau, a shop where you can find beautiful detachable collars that Kristen calls “Collarettes.” You might remember this outfit post when I wore one of her gorgeous “Madeline” pieces.

Read more about Kristen’s inspirations and style icons and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end!

How did you come up with the idea to start making your Collarettes?

I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands this year since I was given the gift of funemployment, so I’ve been trying to make the most of it by filling up my life with various art projects. Sewing has been one of my favorite hobbies for as long as I can remember, and when I looked around my house I realized I had tons of fabric remnants from altering vintage dresses over the years. So! I set out to find a way to use it all up. I started out making ascots, which I wore all over the place and everyone seemed to love. Feeling utterly fabulous from all the compliments motivated me to keep on creating new pieces. I started digging through my collected sewing treasure and found a leopard skin collar taken from a vintage coat that a friend had gifted me some time ago. I had put it away waiting to have that stroke of genius on the perfect use for it. As soon as I saw it again I had the idea of simply sewing a ribbon on it and just wearing it on its own. Then I realized, hey! I could draw up a pattern like this and make these out of anything. So I did! Thus the Collarette was born.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’ve always felt a connection to things of the past: vintage and period fashions, early 20th century classic film, vintage erotica & pinup photography, art deco architecture, art nouveau textiles & jewelry, and the gilded splendor of the Rococo era. The goal in all my work is to merge the essence of these core inspirations with the modernity of the 21st century. Thereby preserving the beauty of these bygone styles in a way that is relevant to today’s aesthetics. Hence, the name rococonouveau!

I look at lots of vintage fashion illustrations and magazines for ideas. I’ve picked up a couple of priceless vintage sewing books just lying on the sidewalks of SF. You find a lot of treasures that way around here. Just getting out and hunting for fabric is also a huge inspiration. I’ll find things on the hunt and come up with ideas that I would never think of while holed up in my crafting cave and looking at books.

What other artists, clothing designers or otherwise, do you admire?

One of my all-time favorites is the early 20th century French fashion illustrator George Barbier. I could look at his illustrations and find new inspiration every day! I’m also an admirer of the art of Erté, Aubrey Beardsley, Tamara de Lempicka, Toulouse Lautrec, and most recently Josef Frank and Nell Brinkley.

It’s funny, not a lot of my fashion inspiration comes from actual fashion designers. It’s more of a melange of influences from music, art, film, and my lovely surroundings here in San Francisco. I recently also really enjoyed watching RuPaul’s Drag Race! Endless inspiration from all those fabulous queens.

Who are your style icons?

The Ziegfeld girls.

If you could describe your personal style as the love child of two people, who would they be?

Prince and Daphne from Scooby Doo.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Currently: my army green vintage uniform skirt, taupe houndstooth professor blazer, Malcolm X-style prescription glasses, nude pumps or brown oxford pumps, backseam stockings or over-the-knee socks, a good red lipstick, and a fancy headscarf for bedhead days – I really want to make that “grandma chic” headscarf/turban the next big thing.

What are some movies that speak the vibe of Rococonouveau?

Blade Runner, Metropolis, Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!, Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, Dangerous Liaisons, Gilda, pretty much anything starring Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly, and for some strange reason I’m really inspired by The Shining. I think I just really fell in love with the Overlook Hotel and the idea of all those fancy ghosts from the 1930′s partying down in that delicious gold deco ballroom for all eternity. Basically it’s all about being fun, adventurous, fancy, romantic, mysterious, and having a little extra lady sass thrown in for good measure.

Your five most recent obsessions?

Nell Brinkley cartoons, RuPaul’s Drag Race, “grandma chic” headscarves/turbans, over-the-knee socks, baking the perfect mini cupcake.

Do you collect anything?

Other than way too many clothes/shoes to fit in my tiny apartment? I’m starting to wonder at what point of closet overflow I need to admit that I have a problem…

I’ve always held a certain fondness for tea pots and cute tea sets. This last year I’ve been trying to collect various musical instruments and then figuring out how to play them in interesting ways, some of them toy instruments. However these days all I can think about collecting is vintage fabrics.

What’s next for Rococonouveau?

I’m inspired all the time to design Collarettes in different shapes and styles, but my big plan is to eventually start designing and screen printing my own textiles to make them with using mostly repurposed materials. Also, thanks to my new obsession with Nell Brinkley I have been cooking up a couple stellar ideas for some new vintage-style accessories. So stay tuned!


AND NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY! Rococonouveau is giving one of my readers (PALS OF AL) the same Madeline Collarette that I wore…which she named after me! Just leave a comment below describing the outfit that you’d wear with the Marie Madeline Collarette by Thursday, August 18th at midnight!  The winner will be chosen at random on Friday August 19. Additional entries given for tweeting about the contest on Twitter (just @ me @agentlover), and for posting on Facebook. All you have to do is “like” Rococo Nouveau and Agent Lover and link (again with @) to our pages on there! In addition to the contest, she is offering free domestic shipping when you place an order with her shop until August 26th. Just use the code AGENTLVRS upon checkout!

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So Addicted

♥ Levi’s jacket, vintage NKOTB shirt from Emi’s childhood, leopard mini skirt from Target, Kate Bush-themed tote from Fieldguided given to me by Melissa! There’s also a Wu-Tang pin on the jacket. This combo basically sums me up well IMHO. ♥

Well dudes & dudettes, two things. I’m obsessed with Spotify and the addiction to Instagram has finally reached your pal Rie. I remember months ago when Fast Five came out, I wanted to marathon the entire series and used Instagram for screencaps to bait any of my friends who were secret Fast and the Furious fans (at least five have revealed themselves.) I hadn’t really used it since because, A) my old-ass dinosaur iPhone would kick me out of the app every single time and B) It doesn’t email you notifications when people add you. I am used to relying on email alerts, hello. Then Rory and another friend told me they were surprised I didn’t use it more so I logged in and realized HEY THERE’S A PARTY GOING ON IN THERE. So here we are. The excitement I feel for Instagram is similar to my feelings for Flickr circa 2005-2006, which is a pretty big deal my friends.  But it really just gets me more excited for the new iPhone. Leyla and I are holding out for the iPhone 5 and will literally throw a party for the occasion. I have been holding off for so long!!!

♥ Some lil whole wheat naan pizzas I made (they look like pizza chanclas) and Mr. Shankly’s hungry eyes. Does he ever get full? His stomach is like a bottomless pit. ♥

So now let me tell you about my crush on Spotify. If you work in an office all day, a good music situation is vital to your sanity. Luckily I am not tortured by Muzak (does it even still exist??) or Kiss FM and get to listen to whatever I want. HOWEVER, this can backfire if you are not careful. For instance, if you have your iTunes set to shuffle and a clip of you singing E-40′s “U and Dat”  in autotune comes on it ain’t gonna be pretty. That happened to me three times in the past year. It’s like I keep pranking myself. :(

Anyway, I’ve ignored books, my Netflixing, my sleep, this blog, humans, food, the gym, all because I’ve been making playlists on Spotify and they are making me really emotional. But in a good, nostalgic, junior high sort of way. Some titles: “My Art Leboe Oldies Dedications” (romantic lowrider jams), Damn Girl (the ultimate late 90′s/00′s sistajams) I Was Born In The Wrong Era (Connie, Patsy, Brenda and the rest of the ladies who remind me there was a time when people actually knew how to sing) and then “I Love Every Version Of Sea of Love” which well, I’ve told you enough already.  Find me (agentlover) on there if you want to have a listen/cry/do the butterfly.

And before I leave you, Let us gaze at this screenshot from the best video ever made, (second only to the mariachi beluga serenade) the Stamos Cuddling video! So many people sent this to me. I love that so much, you guys. Of course I had to SAY SOMETHING TO MY BELOVED but alas, IGNORED AGAIN. Someday, someday…

August 11, 2011   8 Comments