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    I Love The Louniverse

    There’s been a lot of nice happenings in the Louniverse lately. Well, that’s pretty much all the time, but particularly lace bikinis and collars from outer space!!! Hearts shooting out of my ojos for you, Loulou!!! ALSO! She and Laetitia started a podcast called Babetime Radio where they talk about…BABES! LOVE IT! Listen here! And …

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    Let’s Talk Lavender

    When I saw this dress on Pixie Market my eyes bulged out of my head like a cartoon (be careful! I almost puked at that clip!) IT IS GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS. The kimono sleeves, the accordion pleats and of course the lilac color! Then I started thinking about how my closet needs more lavender love… …

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    Outfits Style

    I Am Becoming A Lady Now

    Do any of you have an item of clothing hanging in your closet that causes a twinkle in your eye every time you see it, even though you’ve had it for years? That’s how I feel about this mint “by the pool dress” that I’ve had since 2006. I like to wear it as much …

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    Obsess With Me Style

    So Addicted

    ♥ Levi’s jacket, vintage NKOTB shirt from Emi’s childhood, leopard mini skirt from Target, Kate Bush-themed tote from Fieldguided given to me by Melissa! There’s also a Wu-Tang pin on the jacket. This combo basically sums me up well IMHO. ♥ Well dudes & dudettes, two things. I’m obsessed with Spotify and the addiction to …