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    Beauty Style

    Milkmaid Braids and Pretty Collars

    ♥ Thrifted dress, We Love Colors knee socks, shoes from Urbanog,  Rococo Nouveau “Madeline” Collarette, hair clip from Cutie Dynamite ♥ When you are a Low Maintenance Girl That Looks High Maintenance like myself (more on that later) you have to try some new things once in awhile, even though they will annoyingly cause your …

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    Inspiration Folder Mi Vida Loca

    Endless Possibilities

    Vista Print is giving away free custom print tote bags today. You can pay a little bit more to upload your own design. CLEARLY I WILL BE TAKING ADVANTAGE. I have tons of these kinds of totes since they are great for grocery shopping, thrifting and going to the flea market, carrying your lunch, etc. …

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    Mi Vida Loca Style

    AL Meets WL

    Don’t worry, your ojos are not playing tricks on you. What you are seeing is not a mirage. Your favorite from the West Coast (DIS A-HOLE RIGHT HERE) and your favorite from the East Coast (WHITE LIGHTNING HERSELF!) finally met BANGS2BANGS!!! This work of art you see here is a magical gif complete with supernatural …

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    Dear Diary Mi Vida Loca Style

    Tie-Dyed And Mortified

    The lovely Petra sent me these amazing pink and black tie-dye tights from her Pebelle line. Since interviewing Petra last year, we’ve kept in touch and she’s even started a blog for Pebelle! Take a look at it here. I love these tights! They take my tiger dress to a whole new level. I wore …