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Milkmaid Braids and Pretty Collars

♥ Thrifted dress, We Love Colors knee socks, shoes from UrbanogRococo Nouveau “Madeline” Collarette, hair clip from Cutie Dynamite

When you are a Low Maintenance Girl That Looks High Maintenance like myself (more on that later) you have to try some new things once in awhile, even though they will annoyingly cause your beauty routine to require more time. I thought this outfit called for a hairstyle that was opposite of my usual cascading 70′s Cher locks (plus it was hot out and I didn’t want to put it in a lazy ponytail) so I decided to finally try what The Others call “Heidi braids” or “Milkmaid braids.” Of course I had my hesitations. Could I, Marie Madeline Lodi, with my natural Pocahontas-like weave pull off a hairstyle that is more  commonly seen adorning the crowns of delicate girltypes such as those found in the pages of Lula? I really wasn’t sold on the idea, but once I came across photos of my two favorites Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz wearing them, I felt I was given the green light. So I lit a candle, prepared my tresses and imagined Javier Bardem guiding my hands braid after braid. After a surprisingly quick effort, I reached SUCCESS!

I look so innocent and freckly here, don’t I? I’m going to practice so the hair tie is better hidden next time. The cute plaid clip is from Cutie Dynamite!

The amazing collar is from Rococo Nouveau, my friend Kristen’s line of collarettes! This one is called the “Madeline” so naturally I love it even more! Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming interview and giveaway from Rococo Nouveau!

I’m also wearing a new shade of red lipstick here! This one is Besame’s “Red Hot.” I usually only fux with MAC and Chanel but I want to branch out and experience some new reds. This one gets my TWO THUMBS UP.

Next time I will attempt to finally conquer Madonna’s Blonde Ambition ponytail. ARE YOU READY!?!? I’m going to have to prepare even more for that one, like soak my hair in virgin tears and play “Express Yourself” backwards.

June 30, 2011   15 Comments

Endless Possibilities

Vista Print is giving away free custom print tote bags today. You can pay a little bit more to upload your own design. CLEARLY I WILL BE TAKING ADVANTAGE. I have tons of these kinds of totes since they are great for grocery shopping, thrifting and going to the flea market, carrying your lunch, etc. So which one of these iconic photos will I slap on my new gym tote??? Let us peruse the designs I came up with so far, shall we…?

Sleeping beauty?

Daddy and baby?

Mariah’s best role?

Tears of a clown?

No words. I just love this photo. Might be better for a heart-shaped locket though.

A photo of the tip jar I’d use if I had my own cafe?

This is just the first batch. I’m going to be doing this all day I’m sure. Maybe you will see the winning design in a future post. Sidebar: I kind of want to do Agent Lover totes. Should I ? Is that stu? It would’t be a corny all over LV print that says AL or anything, I swears. Hmmm…I shall come up with something cute and marinate on it.

Will you get a tote? What will you put on it?

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AL Meets WL


Don’t worry, your ojos are not playing tricks on you. What you are seeing is not a mirage. Your favorite from the West Coast (DIS A-HOLE RIGHT HERE) and your favorite from the East Coast (WHITE LIGHTNING HERSELF!) finally met BANGS2BANGS!!!

This work of art you see here is a magical gif complete with supernatural floating trinkets made from a pic of Elizabeth and I shopping on Melrose. “We’re going to Melrose” (Amber from Clueless voice.) I think I’m going to be making more of these gifs so let me know if you have any requests. (Mariah, Staymoist, corn, etc. and etc.)

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Take Me Up Take Me Down

GREETINGS EVERYBUDDY. This is just a simple outfit post from last weekend when I met up with Aurora at the Fairfax flea! I wore my favorite oldie but goodie “by the pool dress” with a bolero jacket that belonged to my mom in the 70′s and my lemon Pollys. I need more things in this mint green color…it’s my FAVE. Belt is from I Heart Ronson and Cloven Hoof beetle wing earrings.

Aurora is wearing a thrifted Kimchi and Blue dress, boots from Buffalo Exchange and leftover flowers from her wedding in her hair!


I saw this jacket from a distance and had to lurk it closer to puke. I can’t deal with anything made out of someone’s old jeans, YOU GUYS. I hate when people make tote bags and shit out of someone’s dirty old denim! WHYYYYY. NASTY. ::puh puh puh:: (that’s me spitting out of disgust)

My jaw dropped when I found out Aurora also painted this picture of YOURS TRULY! LIPS HAT AND EVERYTHING!! Thank you m’lady! Check out her blog and her work here. I love all the ladies she does!

P.S. SIDEBAR in case any of you missed Gala’s series on Body Pressure in Blogging, she asked bloggers and readers to contribute their thoughts and my two pesos can be read here! If you want to discuss more of that subject with me, feel free to in the comments! Perhaps I will write more about it later?


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Obsess With Me: Brunch Edition

Sistadudes, can we finally talk about this IMPORTANT SUBJECT already? Brunch aka “I am too lazy and hungover to make it to breakfast,” is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I know it’s just a corny term you use to eat a late breakfast with your crew (usually the people you hung out with a few hours prior.) This way, you can keep the party going and extend the previous night’s binge-drinking under the guise of “fancy mom drinks” like mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.  Don’t you need some of that el pelo del perro anyway?

(BRUNCHES I HAVE BRUNCHED UPON, clockwise from left: Eggs Florentine at The Parker, Signature Scramble at Grub, Healthy and Happy crepe at Jack N’ Jill’s, Eggs Italia at Cafe 222)

Here are some Serious Brunch Rules I have made up for us to abide by, then break later:

  1. Brunch starts at 11am and ends at 3pm. Anytime you eat prior to 11am is considered breakfast and reserved for early-risers like grampas and churchpeople. Anytime after 3pm should just be switched to “Thai takeout” because if you are starting your Sunday that late you might as well stay in and Netflix all day in your pajamas, Lazy. (Sounds awesome though)
  2. Brunch is always on a weekend, usually after a wild night out. It can also be scheduled as a date to meet with out-of-town pals. You can’t brunch on a weekday so don’t even try to ask.
  3. Brunch foods can be either breakfast or lunch items BUT they must be decadent and/or greasy with various carbs and types of cheese.  A side of fruit and oatmeal does not count as brunch, sorry.
  4. Brunch should ideally last at least two hours. Let’s be Epicurean for once and just eat, drink, and talk shit for a while. Life is too short to rush our special Brunchtimes with each other.
  5. There must be alcohol present at Brunch, obviously.
  6. Anytime you say you are “going to Brunch” you WILL sound like a big asshole. You might as well be taking tennis lessons at the country club afterwards with James Spader’s character from Pretty in Pink, Preppy (A.C. Slater voice.) But it’s okay because you’re going to Brunch so screw everyone else, right?

(Now please tell me your favorite places and foods to brunch at and upon so I can make a master Brunchbook that we will pass around underground like the assholes that we are.)

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On The Search For The Perfect Retro Bathing Suit: Part 4

So let’s get real for a mome. I usually have this annual post ready for you in April and it’s already almost July! Honestly, I lagged on it because I thought you guys didn’t need my help no mo’. Three years ago when I first wrote this, we didn’t have many options when it came to cute repros of vintage style bathing suits, but now we have so many! So I just figured all of you would just go to Modcloth and find something there. THEN I realized I can’t be doing you dirty like this! Breaking this tradition of hunting for the cutest swimsuits for my sisters whilst listening to my favorite Sean Kingston pool jams?? I DON’T THINK SO. Especially because he needs our support more than ever this year since his horrible jet-ski accident! So glad you’re doing OK, SEAN. WATA GWAN! Anyway, so here we are. Let’s kick this off by talking about this year’s icon, who is no other than the silver screen’s own bathing beauty, Esther Williams.

Esther Williams aka the Million Dollar Mermaid, was the queen of the aquamusical. Her elaborate swimming scenes have always mesmerized a shy little girl who never even learned how to doggy paddle due to multiple ear surgeries as a child. THAT’S RIGHT EVERYONE I’M TALKING ‘BOUT ME. If I can somehow get over this crippling fear of putting my head underwater, I WILL reenact a Busby Berkeley synchronized swimming scene. But it won’t be easy. We are probably going to have to get Dr. Drew on this one you guys. Does he hypnotize people btw? Those of you who can seamlessly wade through water like sea angels, please consider yourself lucky! (F U)

ALRIGHTY MY SWEET DOVES! Let’s talk about bathing suits! I know it’s a bit sacrilegious to have Esther as the style icon without even showing off her own namesake designs, but I figured we should switch things up since I’ve been featuring her suits on here for the past few years, as well as own two of them myself. Interestingly enough, Fables and Barrie is on this list a lot! You may remember them as the creators of the wood panel pornsuit I blogged about earlier this year. You know…I actually kinda dig the two piece version of that woodboner suit!

I’m really into this Puttin’ on the Ritz tuxedo-style suit. Bernie Dexter is modeling two different styles from Fables by Barrie and What Katy Did. How cute are these? Would you wear a top hat in the pool? You know I would.

As always, I love finding a turquoise suit. These two are both from Get Go Retro, here and here. Not too crazy on the side cutouts for this style, but I really love gingham in this color!

And of course, nautical is ALWAYS on the top of my list. Fables by Barrie did both of these suits and have tons of cute red and blue pieces that you can mix and match, so make sure you lurk their site thoroughly. My favorite combo on the left is SO Christina Aguilera “Candyman”-era which was the best Christina era, I think we can all agree.

I love these two even though I think they are more for hanging out by the pool with a cocktail than swimming a few laps. From left: Get Go Retro and Vintage Suits by Mary.

AND HERE IS THE WINNER! The Ashley swimsuit by Fables and Barrie. We have not seen a suit like this before! Is it even a bathing suit? Because I want to do a lot of things while wearing it, LIKE:

So versatile! Have you guys found any other vintage style suits that you like?

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Tie-Dyed And Mortified

Mary in LA!

The lovely Petra sent me these amazing pink and black tie-dye tights from her Pebelle line. Since interviewing Petra last year, we’ve kept in touch and she’s even started a blog for Pebelle! Take a look at it here. I love these tights! They take my tiger dress to a whole new level. I wore this ‘lil number when I met up with my sister from another mister, Mary Van Note, while she was in town last month performing some shows.

Mary in LA!

Working the boulevard with Mary and Emi. WACHOW

Mary in Heart Tart!


Mary in Heart Tart!

Mary in LA!

I can’t wait for Mary and Ben to come back to LA!! Serenading you guys Janet Jackson-style right now.

Mary in LA!

One of the shows that Mary performed at while in LA was called Mortified, where people read embarrassing excerpts from their old diaries.  At the one we went to, one of the dudes read letters that he wrote to none other than Mr. Belvedere! The kid who played Wesley was also a special guest! My bro and I were huge fans of Mr. Bellybutton so that was a REAL TREAT. That above is Mary’s diary, which she read from after unlocking with a special key. Naturally the whole thing got me thinking about the old Dear Diary feature I had on here when I first started this blog. I have been meaning to start that up again, although my junior high-era Pochacco diary might be too embarrassing to share on here since it’s all about how boy crazy I was. With my luck, I would post an excerpt from it which is basically a logbook of obsessively-detailed crushes and the one boy who kicked my legs under my desk because “they were hairier than his” will most likely find it and send me a penus pic or something. WHICH, btw, is suuuch a 2007 move, Anthony Weiner (YOU AMATEUR)

It also got me thinking about one of my favorite games I like to play called “What Were Marie and Emi Doing At This Age?” where we basically compare the vast differences in our childhoods (i.e., me being raised Catholic versus she being raised atheist; me catching butterflies and playing Skip-It while she was hobknobbin’ with CHRISTIAN SLATER and chasing DURAN DURAN AROUND TOWN! TWEEN JEALOUSY STILL EXISTS FU EMI). This game also includes the comparison of our Sanrio diaries. When we first read some of the entries side by side, we were dead on the floor because it’s like “Yep, we are still pretty much the same as we were back then.”

My diary is the blue Hello Kitty one. (GOODY TWO SHOEZ) and hers is the Keroppi one below it.

I want JUSTICE!!

vera is a bitch

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You Guys Better Be Watching

Coco (and Ice) Appreciation

Ice-T and Coco are going to teach us all how to believe in love again. I JUST KNOW IT. I will be posting many inspiring photos of Coco on my Tumblr today like good luck charms for us all.

Coco (and Ice) Appreciation

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