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Hiiiiiiiiiii. I know I haven’t blogged in one million and twenty-five years and how AUDACIOUS of me to come moonwalking in here like I own the place. You have every right to be mad at me. Roll your eyes, toss your hair, turn your nose up at me!!! It’s fine. Just know that I am looking at you with my Precious Moments eyes and am TRULY SORRY YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND AM FOREVER YOUR GIRL PAULA ABDUL STYLE PLEASE FORGIVE!!!

Anyway, let’s kiss and makeup already because during those million years (see last month) my favorite ginger-headed goddess from across the pond, Loulou, came to visit! We got to spend quality time together AND with my magical HOROSCOPE COMPUTER. This weird contraption, that yes, computes your fortune according to your star sign, was made all the way back in 1979. The first time I saw it was at the flea market but the lady wanted $40 bones so forget chu and ‘ello, Ebay!


This thing is craylarious. First, you can only choose dates that are before 1988 so obviously none of our horoscopes are ‘accurate’ since we all up in 2011. But it makes up for that with a charmingly nerdy 80’s computer-type of sound that emits while calculating the fortune. I will definitely have to record a video of it in action so you can experience this with me. I was doing fortunes via Twitter a while back but perhaps we can do a call-in psychic hotline and I can be Miss Cleo for a day!

Look at this gorge lady!

Scorpio & Libra power

Methinks I should have purchased this portrait of myself…

thats me

Remember when I wanted to write about how much I loved BRUNCH but thought no one would care? But maybe I still will just to spite you ALLLLL! ::Roseanne cackle::


And finally let me leave you with this,

Spicy Biebz

topped off with a little of this…