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Too Many Sweets


♥thrifted dress, We Love Colors knee socks, petal hair scarf from flea market, shoes from Urban OG


I wanted to get a pair of ugly brown wedges to balance out some of my more colorful outfits. ELLO GRANDMUTHA


Still not sure if this hair scarf works on the likes of me. Perhaps if I curled my long luscious Navajo locks the next time I wear this it will work better. I do like looking like a flower though.

SIDENOTE: Here’s an interview I did on Melina Bee’s blog! I talk about catty girls, the origin of my corn collecting, and my dreams of someday becoming a Motown aerobics instructor! It was one of my most favorite interviews to do because I got to talk and talk and talk about other subjects. Thanks so much Melina for letting me SPEW my thoughts all over your blog!

Finally, last week I was really obsessed with this Cults song  to the point where I made myself sick! You know I have a problem with song obsession. But please enjoy if you haven’t heard them yet. Usually with these low-fi, girl-fronted bands I get obsessed for a week or two, then I get SICK of them and have to take a long break. So next time, remind me to take these bands in small doses before I ruin everything. It’s like eating too much candy!

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The Agent Lover & Ashe Mischief Slumber Party:: Makeover Montage!

Being a girly girl (with some dude-like tendencies), the makeover montage has to be one of my favorite types of movie scenes. Usually consisting of a bespectacled bookworm turning into a hottie homecoming queen, the trick to success lies in the colorful sequence of makeup, hair and wardrobe chaos, as well as the perfect choice of song to accompany it. Now that you’re probably too scared to go to sleep due to Ashe’s list of scary movies, it’s time to sit back, relax and ease your mind with my Top Ten Makeover Movie Scenes! I’ll be right back though, gotta use the restroom. ::freezes all of your bras:::

Earth Girls Are Easy - I’ve talked about our favorite movie before, but this has one of the best beauty salon makeover scenes ever caught on film. The nails are did, the hair is bleached and and our favorite alien-loving, Olympic archer Geena Davis goes from Top Ramen mop top to California sunshine blonde. The makeover doesn’t last long, but the scene is a must watch!

Jawbreaker -  First of all, I know some of you have wondered “Why hasn’t Jawbreaker been meticulously examined on yet? Was it not one of the most important 90′s teen movies ever?” Sorry my dudettes, it’s really only because I have a stolen bootleg Blockbuster VHS and keep forgetting to Netflix it. FYI I didn’t steal this tape, I think…ANYWAY I’ll have the full film up soon. But right now, let’s talk about Fern Mayo aka one of the best nerd names I have ever heard. This makeover is particularly impressive because it’s not a simple “get contacts and brush her hair”-type of makeover. She goes through a total transformation!

She’s Out of Control - Tony Danza’s geeky daughter played by Ami Dolenz, ditches her bottlecap glasses for a walk on the wild side of teenage life. Her post-makeover reveal is unforgettable. She practically floats down the stairs in slow motion to Frankie Avalon’s “Venus,” which basically is what happens every time yours truly walks down a flight of stairs as well. (o)(o)

Never Been Kissed – Drew B. plays a journalist who gets a second chance at being a teenager when she goes undercover at a high school. Still tormented by her awkward adolescence, she enters a cafeteria scene wearing white feathers, white jeans and an overdone hairdo. This movie gives me total nerd chills which means Drew did a great job as a queen of dorks. She ultimately finds her confidence and ends up in the arms of MR. MICHAEL VAUGHN FROM ALIAS! That scene where he kisses her and The Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby” starts playing? I think we all want that moment to happen in our own lives.

She’s All That - There was a time when Rachael Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr. were the late 90′s versions of Molly Ringwald and John Cusack…just kidding! THEY WISH. Whatta jerk, Marie. It’s ok, because we still gots love for them and long for those days. Luckily we have movies like She’s All That to remind us of Usher’s roots when he was a high school DJ who leads us all into an embarrassing synchronized dance scene.  Rachael’s character had one of those ~easy makeovers~ because all she did was chop her long weave into a bob and get contacts and a pushup bra. That’s actually the same makeover I had in the early 00′s except I got contacts, a Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy pushup bra and grew my Velma bob out. Sidenote: Paul Walker is in this (yes that is my second Fast and the Furious mention this week) as well as none other than Lil’ Kim!

The Devil Wears Prada - At first, I was going to include The Princess Diaries in this list but instead decided Anne Hathaway’s later, plain-Jane-to-pretty-lady movie was better since it’s all about FASH-UN. Anne’s character had an easy makeover as well. She just brushed her hair and was given a closet full of designer threads by Stanley Tucci’s character. HATECHU! Hmm..didn’t he essentially play the same role in Burlesque btw?

Mean Girls - Ah yes, Lohan’s swan song.  Her character was home-schooled in Africa then enters…public high school! Quelle Horror! She makes friends with the popular girls known as The Plastics and adopts their dress code which includes rules such as “Wear pink on Wednesdays and colored shoes on Mondays.” Imagine if people really had dress codes like that…convincing people to wear nothing but dresses, red lipstick, winged eyeliner and bangs…HOW RUDE.

Pretty Woman – Remember when thigh-high boots were the jam a year or two ago? Even Madonna and The Real Housewives wore them, but back in the days of Pretty Woman, those shoes would have never been caught near Rodeo Drive! Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) goes from wayward hooker to classy lady with the help of Hector Elizondo and Richard Gere’s wallet. This has the best shopping revenge scene. Snobby store clerks are the worst! Don’t forget…”I say who, I say when, I say HOW MUCH!”

The House Bunny – I wasn’t sure if this was the right movie for me until I saw that scene where Anna Faris does that scary demon voice and said “LEMME WATCH DAT.” Shelley (Faris) gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion so she becomes a sorority den mother in order to have a place to crash. But the sorority is FILLED WITH NERDS!! To help them attract more pledges, Shelley gives all the girls in the house a Playboy bunny makeover. I especially like Rumer Willis’ bedazzled body brace. Sidenote: Colin Hanks plays Shelley’s love interest. Roswell! Tapatio!

Clueless – Last but not least..we have the crème de la crème of makeover movies: CLUELESS! “Cher’s main thrill in life is a makeover , it gives her a sense of control in a world full of chaos.” With that manifesto, we can only expect a flawless makeover montage. Tai (RIP Brittany) goes from grunge to gorge when she is inducted into Cher and Dionne’s fashion-centric teenage world. I have so much to say about this movie. After all, I was fifteen when it came out! But we will go into deep discussion at a more appropriate time, mi amigas.

If you were in your own makeover montage, what would it look like? What song would be playing?

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The Slumber Party Continues: Reveal Your Crushes

Now that we’ve ~loosened up~ with a little drinking game at Ashe’s blog, it’s time to grab our pillows and gather ’round to talk about our favorite topic in life…OUR CRUSHES!

Dylan McKay, Joey “WHOA” Lawrence, the whole cast of The Lost Boys, Jonathan Brandis (R.I.P.), Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez…we really could go on forever about the Tiger Beat cover boys who stole our hearts.  You always had to “call dibs” on your favorite Corey, Brat Pack member or New Kid because it was taboo to have the same celebrity crush as your best friend. Don’t worry, when you become an “adult,” it’s totally fine to fawn over Javier Bardem with your bff but HANDS OFF John Staymoist. OK. Anyway, from time to time, I enjoy doing a little Goog’ to find out what happened to my favorite movie star crush. I usually regret it instantly because most of the time they turned out to be something scary like a tanorexic guido. OH WELL.

My dream mangwich has always consisted of the COOLEST DUDES EVER:

FERRIS BUELLER AND PARKER LEWIS HALLOW FANTASY THREESOME. So obvious for me no? Do they make these guys in real life? Sidebar: this post took me way too long to write because I got caught up in this amazing gallery of Parker Lewis’ funky shirt collection! Thank you Corin Nemec for displaying this so nicely on your website. And pardon me while I add Parker Lewis Can’t Lose Seasons 1 & 2 on my Netflix to reunite with right after my Fast and the Furious marathon (that’s a story for another time.)

Now I’m sure most of the hunks I’ve mentioned were scotch-taped to your lockers, but what about the ones that you were too embarrassed to talk about because they were… “too weird”? And maybe you didn’t realize HOW WEIRD they were until you got older, woke up one day and asked yourself, “Why the f did I daydream so romantically about Egon from the cartoon version of Ghostbusters?!” YES I SAID CARTOON

Another weird one of mine was Doc Brown in Back to the Future. Okay. OBVIOUSLY I have a thing for geniuses, you guys. I did like Steve Martin too…is it the silver foxiness? I must say, none of my oddball crushes can match the one Shaun confessed to me long ago…

That’s right. This mutha told me he was attracted to the DEVIL from Legend. SCARY!!! Because, in his words: “HELLO He has a hot body! Mmm delicious…”

I wish I still had the old Myspace page I had created in the mid 2000′s exclusively for our STRANGE CRUSHES. Everyone had confessed their secret loves! Sadly it is gone. So let’s make new memories of our old memories everyone! Tell me your favorite old school crushes and please include your strange, sick, humiliating ones. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. How can a girl who had schoolgirl affections for none other than Rick Moranis ever throw a sideeye at chu? Nothing but love here on ol’, nothing but love….

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Little Red Riding Hoodrat

lil red riding hoodrat

♥red and black capelet from, AA skirt, cheapo sunglasses, JC Penney boots♥

This is what I wore to the flea market the other weekend. Hey you guys? When fall comes around again can you PLEASE remind me to be on the lurq for a solid red capelet? Because I realized that’s the type of garment I need in life to pay homage to Wendy the Good Little Witch without having to wear a scary floor length red cloak.

Wendy the Witch

I did happen to score a Wendy tumbler at the flea! FINALLY! I’d always see them at the antique shop and tell myself I was going to start collecting but never did…UNTIL NOW. I also got a yellow petal head scarf that I may have the perfect dress to pair it with.

Let’s just end this brief post with my new (to me) favorite Doll-E song. Whenever I hear this song I imagine myself slow-dancing with the A.C. Slater-dimpled cholo who makes my breakfast burritos. DON’T BE JEALOUS!

Let’s just take another one to go. OMG I LOVE DOLL-E GIRL!!

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The Agent Lover And Ashe Mischief Slumber Party: Getcha Nails Did

WELCOME EVERYBODY! It’s time to unveil my first post for the Ashe Mischief and Agent Lover Virtual Slumber Party! This week we will be covering all slumber party-related topics such as beauty, boys, and booze! And to any dudes who are reading this, it’s pretty much like that episode of Saved by the Bell when Zack and Screech bug the girls’ slumber party with a tape recorder to find out who Kelly wants to take to prom. Or you can pretend this is an old-fashioned panty raid. AS YOU WISH, but be careful because you might get hoodwinked and accidentally leave with THESE. Anyway first up is my beauty post dedicated to a classic slumber party activity: GETTING YOUR NAILS DID!

When my girlfriends and I get together, we’ll gather all of our nail polish arsenals for a full-on night of ridiculous manicures. This is a serious thing, complete with heavy toolboxes filled with every manicure tool imaginable as well as refrigerators stocked with more nail polish than food. Obviously there ain’t no playin’ around these parts. Look at this erotic pose we did to show off our sexy talons during a recent ladies night in:

sexy nails

Now, I shall share with you my current choices for suitable slumber party nail polish!

Bright, girly colors are my favorite, so the Anchors Away collection from China Glaze is perfect! And nautical-themed nails would be great to try using the red and blue shades. All you need is a good white polish, like China Glaze’s White on White. I’d love to do something like this tutorial I found on I Love Nail Polish soon!

I am LOVING Urban Decay’s Rollergirl collection. Look at those purples and pinks!! GIVE IT TO ME!

And there’s also Katy Perry’s recent line for O.P.I. I love the multi-glitter but it’s very similar to the Burlesque one I have already. The blue glitter is gorge though! Has anyone tried that Shatter stuff on the right? I haven’t tried anything like that since my teen years.

As always, it’s important to have a variety of decals to add a fun little touch to your manicure. Sephora came out with these Hello Kitty decals not too long ago.

Sally carries SO much nail stuff nowadays! You can easily pick up some lil’ fruits for your fingers!

Do any of you ladies have any favorite nailsdid tips you’d like to share? Or are there any specific nail color collections coming out that we should know about? PLE TELL ME EVERYTHANG! Make sure to head over to Ashe’s blog for her post on cute pajammy-jams! And stay tuned for more Slumber Party posts from the both of us all week!

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