My Amy Fisher Article On The Hairpin

The Hairpin posted an article I wrote on the THREE made-for-TV movies about the Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco scandal from the early nineties. Ple lurq it here. Maybe you can make a Long Island Lolita cocktail to drink while you read! It could basically be a Long Island Iced Tea but with a single cherry…

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1 Joseph { 04.06.11 at 8:04 pm }

A friend forwarded me this article. I wanted to stop by to thank you for bringing these films all back to my attention. I grew up in the Amy Fisher epicenter, Lawn Guyland, NY. My mother shared a 7-11 with Joey and my bank was located in Baw Hawbuh (as Alyssa Milano would say). Im glad someone recalls the mind bending awfulness of these three. Anyway, cheers to you.

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