Love Letters To My Outfits From The Past Few Weeks

Melissa and Mike's Bday

Dear Pizza-Lovin’ Flower Child: Some men may react to this look with renaissance fair jokes, but who cares when there’s PIZZA!!!

♥ failed Legend of Billie Jean viewing/ pizza party outfit: Loulou Loves Lou flower headband, pink lace dress from Le Monde, Rodarte for Target tights, JCPenney boots ♥

SF March 2011

Dear Red Hat Society Reject: You might have left your heart (and Star) in San Francisco but you still have two on your feet so make sure nobody steps on your toes!

♥ SF trip outfit: red jacket – gift, vintage dress, $5 sunnies, AMAZING black tights courtesy of We Love Colors (more on them soon!), old flats that I dazzled up with some SEQUIN HEARTS WACHOW NOW ♥ ♥

Emi's Birthday Party

Dear Red Shoe Diaries: Ahh…I see another pair of red shoes to add to your Hans Christan Andersen obsession. On the Shoe Pyramid/Triangle, these would be pretty high up, but please, be careful…this is definitely Spice Girl ankle twisting territory you are in.

♥ Celebrating my bff’s b-day partytime outfit: Cutie Dynamite heart clip, old lace top, the AMAZING black tights c/o We Love Colors again, floral dress from another chola shop, old heart belt! shoes from aka my new obsession ♥


Dear Princess Of Prints: Ever since someone once told you “Only you could get away with that outfit” when you decided wearing giant raver jeans and a patent leather backless halter top (DON’T BE SCARED EVERYONE) was a good idea in 1999, that sentence has remained in your mind to this day…so of course you wouldn’t think twice about mixing a little floral with a little polka dot. And didn’t you say this was your casual rainy day outfit?

♥ My rainy day-slumber party-M.A.S.H. playing-outfit: Levi’s jacket, thrifted dress, lace top from local cholita store, lavender polka dot tights c/o We Love Colors, boots from TJ Maxx. ♥


1 melina bee { 03.28.11 at 3:55 pm }

you’re so cute! is that your house in the first picture? if so, when will we see the pictures from your diana? I’m still congratulating you on falling love!

2 Karlito { 03.28.11 at 8:46 pm }

You need to write a book, seriously bro. I’d buy ahundred and place them in muffin baskets as gifts!

3 Eli { 03.29.11 at 4:33 pm }

Love it! theres red in every outfit!!

Also digging the Brady Bunchness of the first photo

4 marie { 03.29.11 at 10:53 pm }

nope that’s not mine! I don’t have a Diana but I have a holgaroid and a few lomos and toooons of polaroids. I really should get back into them esp since I have so much film! (hoarded during the polaroid apocalypse)

5 marie { 03.29.11 at 10:55 pm }

I am working on it!! My dream is to have one sitting on the shelf 30% off next to Lauren Conrad’s and Snooki’s at Target…

6 marie { 03.29.11 at 10:55 pm }

Thank you! Well you know I LUVS THA RED! I know me too! I wish they could be in all of my outfit photos :)

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