Photo by ‘Shanty’ Cheryl Groff. From left: Paloma, Angela and Jerico

Bombón is not some average cute girl band with matching outfits and an adorable name (marshmallow in español.) This San Pedro-based ladytrio plays 60’s surf rock with the kind of energy and talent that would make Link Wray proud and have Annette Funicello shaking her hips. Their first LP, Las Chicas del Bombón, may invoke warm weather, the desire for days spent at the beach, and road trips with girlfriends. It can also be the official soundtrack to our daily winged-eyeliner application. Learn more about Angela, Paloma and Jerico below!

How did you ladies come together to form Bombón?

Jerico: Bombón was the brain child of Angela. She has a passion for 60’s surf and shared it with us. That girl is just the most amazing guitar player and she got us going on the genre by showing us her mad reverb-y stylesss haha. I had previously played guitar, but opted to learn some drums for the occasion and Paloma brought forth her funky bass styles. Ang showed us what she had and it just flowed out real easily from there. The three of us collaborate really well together and it all just sorta fell into place. A little more than a year in, we had a cassette done by Burger Records of Orange County, a mini-tour of Nor-Cal, followed by our self-released LP, Las Chicas Del Bombón on 45 RPM Records, and an epic tour, nay, journey! of the South under our belts. I might also add that we made LA Weekly’s “Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2011” list!! Yay!

What inspires your songs?

Angela: Family, friends, old westerns and horror films.
Paloma: Friends and bandmates
Jerico: I just like to make songs that i think will get peeps’ toes a’tappin’.

Photo by ‘Shanty’ Cheryl Groff.

What female musicians have inspired you personally?

A: There is a great span of female musicians that inspire me to play music such as Holly Golightly, Kira Roessler, ect… but the first that had initially inspired me would be Poison Ivy Rorschach.
P: Basically same as Angela. Definitely Holly Golightly and Kira Roessler taught me how to hold my bass and pluck a bass string with my fingers! Although she doesn’t approve of me playing a right-handed bass while being left handed. Kira rules!
J: My lady faves are Jenny Lewis, Zooey Deschanel and Kim Shattuck of The Muffs. They are all rock goddesses in my eyes.

Your current musical crushes?

A: Not quite sure if you can call it a crush, but The Pine Hill Haints I will love to death!
P: Thurston Moore
J: Totally have a girl crush on Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast right now, but my heart will always belong to George Harrison.

Are there any movies that speak the vibe of Bombón?

A:  I would like to hope for a Quentin film.
P: Yes Any Quentin-directed movie.
J: QT has it!

Photo by ‘Shanty’ Cheryl Groff.

You always rock the cutest outfits, how do you decide what to wear for shows?

A: Our decision is usually based on comfort.
P: Whatever is easiest but cute.
J: We like to shop together, we pick out things that are cute, but also functional, and we all throw our own unique twists on each outfit. Our schtick is based off of the nostalgic girl-group vibe , that’s why we go all matchy-matchy.

If you could describe your style as the combination of any two people or things, who or what would they be?

A: My grandparents and Barbara Eden,
P: I would like to think Zooey Deschanel with a mix of punk…well at least that’s the style I like.
J: I’d like to think of myself as Jenny Lewis meets Lucille Ball.

What are your wardrobe staples?

A: Boots, tangerine lipstick and black tights.
P: Black or grey worn out t-shirts.
J: You’ll pretty much always see me in a pair of high top chucks and anything red.


What are some of your current obsessions?

A: Currently… in search of Silvio Rodriguez albums and 1950’s sweater clips.
P: Mastering the art of 1960’s hairdo’s.
J: I’m kind of obsessed with Words with Friends right now, the Scrabble game for iPod where you play against your friends. Haha!

What’s next on the menu for Bombón?

A: Writing new songs!
P: More songs and hopefully more tours and records!
J: I wanna tour Japan!

For more Bombón, check out their Facebook for upcoming shows and don’t forget to purchase their LP here! The record comes with a free digital download and a cute insert too!