Lisa Turtle Steez


♥ vintage dress from Fairfax Flea Market, Betsey Johnson Pollys ♥


I love this dress because it reminds me of an 80′s watercolor painting that would be hanging on the wall of a Denny’s bathroom. OR, Lisa Turtle would be wearing to a date at The Max.


Star and Kristen were in town shooting a music video for their band, This Can’t End Well, and we got to spend some QT together but it was obviously not enough!! I really need to take a ‘lil trip up to SF soon. MISS THEM BOOS


Also had to run to Pasadena for supplies and got lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. This tuna and hummus sangwich was SO GOOD

This is just a short post before a flurry of random posts that have been dancing in my head for awhile so consider yourself warned. Also, I’ve been posting on my Tumblr a lot lately which is weird since I previously hated Tumblr (sawre Tumbla) but I now shall consider it the B-sides and Extras to this blog. LAWT SO MUCH INTERNET


1 Robyn { 01.29.11 at 2:25 pm }

you are such a stunner

2 lbelle { 01.29.11 at 2:38 pm }

That dress looks great on you! That sandwich looks delicious and I’m so jealous that you guys look warm and golden!! The east coast sucks right now….brrrr

3 Jolene Frances { 01.29.11 at 5:19 pm }

You and Star are two of my most favourite blogging ladies ever! So awesome to see you two together <3

& I just followed your tumblr. I personally am addicted to tumblr.

4 vonnie { 01.29.11 at 6:42 pm }

that dress is way too cute for words!!! so nice…and yes, totally 80s and i love anything 80s :D want!

5 Fajr | Stylish Thought { 01.30.11 at 7:53 am }

Fantabulous, my little Monet vixen!

6 jesi { 01.31.11 at 1:53 pm }

oh man youre making everything all springtime!! sending away the doom and gloom.

7 Rachel { 01.31.11 at 8:47 pm }

YUM. (referring to the sandwich….and you)

8 marie { 02.01.11 at 4:30 pm }


9 marie { 02.01.11 at 4:33 pm }

That is my plan! To make the snow and cold weather go away!

10 marie { 02.01.11 at 4:33 pm }

Wait a minute, Monet like on Clueless? :( :( loljk

11 marie { 02.01.11 at 4:37 pm }

thank you bew! 80′s seriously never gets old!

12 marie { 02.01.11 at 4:39 pm }

aw thanks!! star is my wifeyboo!

13 marie { 02.01.11 at 4:40 pm }

Thank you!! ugh I heard about that snow! Seriously like a foreign notion to me, I’ve only seen snow once and it was manmade!!

14 marie { 02.01.11 at 4:40 pm }


15 Monique Catalina { 02.10.11 at 12:19 am }

I can’t believe I didn’t know you had a tumblr till just now! I’ve talked about you on mine before, I’ve loved you for so long now. See u gurl!

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