♥ thrifted sweater//I Heart Ronson skirt//Target tights//Jeffrey Campbell shoes//knit bow brooch and hairbow from Pygmy Hippo ♥

I bought this sweater during my thrift tour in Palm Springs last month because I never saw anything like it… a half sweatshirt/half knit (HALFBREED) mutant. I figured I could wear it with some leggings for casual days, until recently, when I threw it in my bag with some random things I figured MIGHT work in a weird way. What would it matter if I looked like a box of crayons come to life? But once I added the accessories I knew I was on some sort of legit Punky Brewster tip…then later realized I wasn’t just repping Punky…I was a full fledged CHICKLET!!!!!

The Chicklets

The Chicklets
lookit dat high heel earrin’

If you remember this very special episode from Punky Brewster, Punky and Cherie get jumped into a girl gang called The Chicklets and are pressured to do drugs!!! Luckily Punky and Cherie are smart cookies and JUST SAY NO to The Chicklets lace-gloved offerings of marijuana and assorted pills. The episode kicked off the show’s participation in a nationwide anti-drug campaign led by Nancy Reagan (who makes an excellent macaroni and cheese if you recall.)

The Chicklets

Punky Brewster was the best dressed character from my childhood. Perhaps even one of my first style icons! Her clothing consisted of bright colors, a vest, striped socks, assorted pins and a bandanna tied around her leg. Her style was Rainbow Brite meets The Warriors.


This episode was the creepiest one ever..it STILL scares me!!!

Does anyone also remember the Punky Brewster Saturday morning cartoon with the leprechaun GLOMER??