In case some of you haven’t heard me shouting from the rooftops (via Twitter y Facebook), it’s my blog’s birthday/anniversary this week! We have been together for THREE WHOLE YEARS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I hope you are still crazy in love with me Beyonce style as much as I am with you. This week is pretty much teenage Marie-themed so I hope you’ve been enjoying the flashback to my past. BUT NOW…close your eyes and open your ears because I gotchu a present!!! It’s the sequel to the 90’s Chick Rock mix (that mix is back for download as well)! This time we have a fairly good amount of grrrl bands, songs you might recognize from your favorite movies and maybe even one that you fantasized making out to with your Jordan Catalano-esque crush. No Mazzy Star though, SAWRE! But there IS Ethyl Meatplow (anyone, anyone?)

Download: 90’s Chick Rock: THE SEQUEL

DISCLAIMER: The Primitives “Crash” actually came out in 1988 but it’s such a 90’s song memory to me we are leaving it in!!

GIRL POWER 2011!!!!