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    Lisa Turtle Steez

    ♥ vintage dress from Fairfax Flea Market, Betsey Johnson Pollys ♥ I love this dress because it reminds me of an 80’s watercolor painting that would be hanging on the wall of a Denny’s bathroom. OR, Lisa Turtle would be wearing to a date at The Max. Star and Kristen were in town shooting a …

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    Take Me To Manila

    ♥ old F21 coat, Postlapsaria dress, target kneesocks, Jeffrey Campbell shoes (I think I bought the last pair from Lulus), heart sunglasses courtesy of Fred Flare ♥ I bought this nautical-themed dress from Keiko Lynn’s line a long time ago and finally have an outfit post with it! Such a fun dress, especially since it’s …

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    Bad Girl Style Icons: Reform School Girls

    LADIES AND GENTS, let us talk about one of the campiest women-in-prison movies, 1986’s Reform School Girls. It has some similarities to the previously discussed Switchblade Sisters, particularly since our heroine is another fair-haired, good girl-gone bad who has to fend for herself amongst a group of merciless teenage cholitas. However, the characters are way …

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    Dreaming Of Putana Red Lace

    I haven’t worn this dress since Palm Springs last summer because the neckline is super low and wearing a bikini top underneath isn’t acceptable during non-vacay times. I forgot all about it until it peeked out from my closet and said LEMME COME OUT MAMA so I put this blouse underneath it and a belt …

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    Vidal Sassoon: The Movie

    Ohhhh my gawww you guys. I am super excited for the Vidal Sassoon documentary coming out next month! Vidal is responsible for SO many famous hairdos! He first became a legend in the swingin’ sixties with the haircuts he gave Nancy Kwan and Mary Quant (perfect bangs foreva). Then in ’63, he created his famous …

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    Punky Power

    ♥ thrifted sweater//I Heart Ronson skirt//Target tights//Jeffrey Campbell shoes//knit bow brooch and hairbow from Pygmy Hippo ♥ I bought this sweater during my thrift tour in Palm Springs last month because I never saw anything like it… a half sweatshirt/half knit (HALFBREED) mutant. I figured I could wear it with some leggings for casual days, …

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    Movies Style

    Saint Drew In Wishful Thinking

    At first, I was going to do a post about Mad Love but then remembered a different, lesser-known movie that better showcased Drew’s amazing style from back in those days. It was called Wishful Thinking. In the 90’s and early 00’s, if liked an actor I would watch their entire filmography like an obsesshia. It …