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Lisa Turtle Steez


♥ vintage dress from Fairfax Flea Market, Betsey Johnson Pollys ♥


I love this dress because it reminds me of an 80′s watercolor painting that would be hanging on the wall of a Denny’s bathroom. OR, Lisa Turtle would be wearing to a date at The Max.


Star and Kristen were in town shooting a music video for their band, This Can’t End Well, and we got to spend some QT together but it was obviously not enough!! I really need to take a ‘lil trip up to SF soon. MISS THEM BOOS


Also had to run to Pasadena for supplies and got lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. This tuna and hummus sangwich was SO GOOD

This is just a short post before a flurry of random posts that have been dancing in my head for awhile so consider yourself warned. Also, I’ve been posting on my Tumblr a lot lately which is weird since I previously hated Tumblr (sawre Tumbla) but I now shall consider it the B-sides and Extras to this blog. LAWT SO MUCH INTERNET

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PoptART Gallery Opening This Saturday


If you are in LA this weekend, you should check out the opening for the brand new PoptART Gallery by Lenora Claire and Phyliss Navidad. Their first exhibition is photographer Austin Young’s “Your Face Here,” where the audience participates by filling the walls with portraits Austin will be taking of them during the opening and throughout the show’s run. There will also be a performance by Killsonic, a 50 piece musical marching band and Purple Circle and Urban Decay will be doing mini-makeovers for the “models.” Such a cool concept!

With all the memories I have of Lenora’s past projects such as Golden Girls Gone Wild and Bettie Page: Heaven Bound, I’m extremely excited to see what my favorite redhead will be doing with PoptART in the months to come!


by Austin Young
January 29th – March 5th, 2011
opening reception: January 29th, 7-10p
closing reception: March 5th
Pop tART Gallery
3023 W. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90020

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Pendleton: The Portland Collection

Pendleton Portland Collection
Photos via Honey Kennedy

::A recent driving scene with me and My Style Council (similar to The Future Council in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure)::

Me: “So don’t hit me but I’m really into this Native-American, ‘scuse me, injun-inspired Portland Collection for Pendleton.”

My Style Council: “I don’t even know what that means. MARIE YOU BETTER NOT START WEARING FUCKING TURQUOISE JEWELRY!”

Me: “Hey what’s wrong with turquoise jewelry?! I like it! How about if I wear just ONE ring? GAWD”

Pendleton Portland Collection

I first started raising a sexy eyebrow to old skool brand, Pendleton, when I saw my friend Melissa carrying their Dopp bag during our trip to Palm Springs. My crush on her purse somehow resulted in me buying a red Mexican poncho bag which I’m currently head over heels for yet I still long for the small Navajo-print one. Then, as I was keeping a close winged-eye on Pendleton, I heard about the Portland Collection and found myself WTF’ing all over the place because my fashion boner felt so… OUT OF CHARACTER. Then again not really, you know I love variety in my clothes and in my men. WINK

Portland Collection for Pendleton

So out of this collection, the cardigans take the cake for me. I love them all!!!!

Pendleton Portland Collection

I feel like this particular one has a Winnie Cooper sort of vibe. Is it the colors? Does anyone else feel what I feel or am I just a craylarius von crayla as per yooj?

Portland Collection for Pendleton

Question. Would you chop wood in these red plaid outfits with your lover? I know I would be down. Who doesn’t want to roleplay Mr. and Mrs. Lumberjack on a nice Sunday afternoon?

Portland Collection for Pendleton

Question. Would you wear these giant ponchos with your lover? You know I would. I wanna curl up in these with my winter thugboo while we watch the new episode of Beyond Scared Straight. Actually, they remind me a little of an updated version of the cholo ponchos from eighth grade. Remember when those were in?

Portland Collection for Pendleton

IN CONCLUSION, this whole thing has reminded me that I still want some cute Minnetonka moccasins. But of course I want some bright red ones and all I can find is this dark menstrual color.

moccasins don't freak out

Is there any hope? If not I have these options:

moccasins don't freak out

The pink ones are particularly whispering to me but I’m not sure about that nursing school sole. They grey ones are really cute..but I also love the traditional tan. AHHH!!! Thoughts?

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Take Me To Manila




♥ old F21 coat, Postlapsaria dress, target kneesocks, Jeffrey Campbell shoes (I think I bought the last pair from Lulus), heart sunglasses courtesy of Fred Flare

I bought this nautical-themed dress from Keiko Lynn’s line a long time ago and finally have an outfit post with it! Such a fun dress, especially since it’s in my favorite color palette.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Also, I want to thank the Philippine Daily Inquirer for featuring me in their newspaper! OH MY GAW YOU GUYS!! My friends and I are ready to visit the Philippines! Salamat to Jewel for sending me a picture of it! You can read the article here.

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Obviously I Need This Dress

moschino cheap and chic

Moschino Cheap and Chic Pre- Fall 2011 OBV with that ode to Olive Oyl!!!

olive oyl

WAHHHHHHHHHHHH Love u Tia Rosella!!

That is all.

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Bad Girl Style Icons: Reform School Girls


LADIES AND GENTS, let us talk about one of the campiest women-in-prison movies, 1986′s Reform School Girls. It has some similarities to the previously discussed Switchblade Sisters, particularly since our heroine is another fair-haired, good girl-gone bad who has to fend for herself amongst a group of merciless teenage cholitas. However, the characters are way more over-the-top in an almost John Waters vibe and spout hilarious insults such as “You’re just a shit-stain on the panties of life!” How can you not be in love?

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

Good girl Jenny finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when her boyf decides to rob a bank while she is waiting for him in the car. She is then sentenced to a high-security ladies prison run by a dominatrix-like warden and her corrupt staff.

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

Pat Ast who was part of Warhol’s Factory crew in real life, plays the evil Edna who makes the best rubberfaces in the movie. After checking in Jenny and a couple of other nice girl convicts, she leads them right into an American Apparel ad.

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

Clearly this is the scene where we can admire the style of these bad girls. Lots of Vanity 6 lace, leather g-strings, stacked bracelets, big metal band hair, leopard print, cigarettes and combat boots.

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

Soon into her stay at Pridemore Juvenile Facility for Girls, Jenny goes head2head with the most feared of cholas: Charlie, played by “Queen of Punk” Wendy O. Williams (in true Andrea Zuckerman fashion as she was pushing 40 years old at the time.)

Reform School Girls

But Jenny ain’t gonna take shit from NOBODY and they start to ladyrumble.

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

At some point the ladies put their differences aside and band together to form a rebellion against the evil Edna.

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls

Wendy O. Williams in the scene Gaga emulates in any way she can. SHE WAS SO FUCKING BADASS.

Reform School Girls

Unfortunately the reality of female prisons do not include lingerie parades and punk rock hairdos. Continuing with the WIP theme I also watched Beyond Scared Straight, a show that brings troubled teens to maximum security prisons with the purpose of scaring them out of their juvenile delinquency.


There were two particular female prisoners named “Green Eyes” and “Diabla” in the prison that were so FUCKING SCARY, I know if I were one of these teenage hoodrats I’d never want to do anything bad ever again! Just watching that show even SCARED ME STRAIGHT! I also cried a million times during the episode especially when one of the girls saw her own freakin’ mom in there! Her mom was on her knees BEGGING her daughter not to turn out like her! OMG I am getting the teary-eyed chills just thinking about it again.


Even though I am scared shitless of them, I kind of want to meet Green Eyes and Diabla. NOT AS A PRISONER MYSELF of course. Maybe I will write them a letter. JUST KIDDING I’M TOO SCARED.

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Dreaming Of Putana Red Lace

outfit 1/16

I haven’t worn this dress since Palm Springs last summer because the neckline is super low and wearing a bikini top underneath isn’t acceptable during non-vacay times. I forgot all about it until it peeked out from my closet and said LEMME COME OUT MAMA so I put this blouse underneath it and a belt and it was resurrected!

outfit 1/16

outfit 1/16

I also want to talk about something that I have been forever on the hunt for (besides the perfect pair of red boots and replacement gold cowboy boots, etc.)  A red lace putana dress!!


Topshop was selling this one last year and I still regret never buying it!

Erdem Spring 2011

This one from Erdem’s Spring 2011 collection is pretty too.

UGH will I ever find you red lace putana dress of my wildest dreams? Or do I have to get this thing? I actually bought some sorta vintage red lace babydoll thing on Ebay ’cause it was cheap but it might be more Kelly Kapowski than I wanted. I will try to werq it though! WE SHALL SEE.

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Vidal Sassoon: The Movie

Vidal Sassoon

Ohhhh my gawww you guys. I am super excited for the Vidal Sassoon documentary coming out next month! Vidal is responsible for SO many famous hairdos! He first became a legend in the swingin’ sixties with the haircuts he gave Nancy Kwan and Mary Quant (perfect bangs foreva). Then in ’63, he created his famous “five point cut,” which was first modeled by Grace Coddington (!) and later worn by Peggy Moffitt. He ALSO cut Mia Farrow’s memorable pixie ‘do for Rosemary’s Baby. What famous locks weren’t touched by this mang!

Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon and Mary Quant

Vidal Sassoon

Watch the trailer below and nerd out with me.

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Inspirational Picture Of Today/1992

My Inspiration Folder 1992 Would Have This

Sharon Stone and Drew Barrymore at the premiere of Poison Ivy. No words necessary.

My Inspiration Folder 1992 Would Have This

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Punky Power


♥ thrifted sweater//I Heart Ronson skirt//Target tights//Jeffrey Campbell shoes//knit bow brooch and hairbow from Pygmy Hippo ♥

I bought this sweater during my thrift tour in Palm Springs last month because I never saw anything like it… a half sweatshirt/half knit (HALFBREED) mutant. I figured I could wear it with some leggings for casual days, until recently, when I threw it in my bag with some random things I figured MIGHT work in a weird way. What would it matter if I looked like a box of crayons come to life? But once I added the accessories I knew I was on some sort of legit Punky Brewster tip…then later realized I wasn’t just repping Punky…I was a full fledged CHICKLET!!!!!

The Chicklets

The Chicklets
lookit dat high heel earrin’

If you remember this very special episode from Punky Brewster, Punky and Cherie get jumped into a girl gang called The Chicklets and are pressured to do drugs!!! Luckily Punky and Cherie are smart cookies and JUST SAY NO to The Chicklets lace-gloved offerings of marijuana and assorted pills. The episode kicked off the show’s participation in a nationwide anti-drug campaign led by Nancy Reagan (who makes an excellent macaroni and cheese if you recall.)

The Chicklets

Punky Brewster was the best dressed character from my childhood. Perhaps even one of my first style icons! Her clothing consisted of bright colors, a vest, striped socks, assorted pins and a bandanna tied around her leg. Her style was Rainbow Brite meets The Warriors.


This episode was the creepiest one STILL scares me!!!

Does anyone also remember the Punky Brewster Saturday morning cartoon with the leprechaun GLOMER??

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