If you’re still trying to find cute gifts for your crushes and comrades, make sure you check out Fred Flare! I put together a list of my picks for this year’s Chrismukkwanza.

1. Your favorite fashion blogger would adore this beautiful Anna Sui book. 2. Get this Toddland UFO sweater for your boyfriend and devise a scheme to slowly steal it from him. 3. Tell your best friend to throw a 70’s mob-themed party for New Year’s Eve. She can roll around on top of a stack of money wearing this gold lil’ number. 4. Heart-shaped glasses will always be a great gift because they are instant mood-lifters…and if you know a boy who can pull off the black ones, get him a pair too. 5. & 6. make perfect girly stocking stuffers because they both turn something mundane into a lot of fun. 7. For the ladytraveler who is more likely to be in the air than on the ground, a sleep mask is one of the best inventions ever made. 8. & 9. are perfect for my fellow Boston/Frenchton lovers! ( I got the mug for my mom…shhh, don’t tell her!) 10. I see girls who ride bikes and go to the library carrying this cute little purse. I don’t do either but I’d carry it too. 11. And finally, any Peg Bundy-worshiping gal pal would adore this bag!

If you order by Friday, 1pm EST, you’ll be able to get it ground shipping by Xmas!